October 31, 2004

Gina's Grove

5:50 pm - It was halloween and almost completely dark by the time we arrived, but I wanted to get this one in on our trip to Monterey because of the rave reviews in the logs.

We found it pretty quickly. We left "spooky", a creation by Anne and took the Geowomyn item. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 05:50 PM

Veteran's Cache

5:11 pm - We searched for this one on the way to Coast Guard Peer. We looked for quite a while, but came up empty, convinced it was gone.

Later on we ran into coonhunters who gave us a hint, so we headed back to make things right. It still took us some time to find it. Anne finally saved us. There was a beautiful pink sky this evening, almost making up for the fact that it was getting darker an hour earlier. :-( Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 05:11 PM

Extra Credit

4:49 pm - Thanks for the extra credit! I think we deserved it after all those stairs. We wandered around for a bit until I found it. TNLNSL. Then it was time to head back down which wasn't nearly as painful. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:49 PM

I'll Be Your Huckleberry

4:36 pm - Hey, only .23 miles, how hard can it be? Uh, yeah, just a few stairs. Almost passed out on the way up! Just as we found the cache we heard some people approaching. Who could possibly decide to forge off the path into here? Well, it turned out to be coon hunters. We had a nice chat and they gave us a a hint on a cache we couldn't find nearby. We left the Take a Hike TB which they promptly grabbed. Thanks for the exercise!

Posted by jeff at 04:36 PM

Coast Guard Peer

3:51 pm - We walked here from Veterans Park and took the "safe" way to the cache. Once in the canyon I lost GPS reception. We followed the description to where the cache was, but I couldn't find it.

My strategy then changed to getting a GPSr signal back, so I stood around until I got some signals. Just when I got a coordinate reading, Anne took matters into her own hands and found the cache. Oh well. We took a golf ball and left a postcard. TFTC!

Posted by jeff at 03:51 PM

Mail Call of the Wild

2:42 pm - We were thoroughly confused until the very end of this one. Part of that was trying to understand the poetry on the small screen of my Palm.

We really liked the sea lions. They were close enough to pet, though they didn't really like that. We couldn't find the sign, so we used the hint.

We continued on the second stage the next day. It was a Sunday, but no one seemed to think that this place would be closed; person after person walked up, tried to open the locked door, and turned away confusedly. I found almost all the answers, enough to get us to the last stage.

We weren't quite sure of our coordinate though and the GPSr wasn't sure of where it was either, adding to the challenge. Anne finally spotted the object in the description and I gingerly waded through a field of poison oak to grab the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks for the interesting tour!

Posted by jeff at 02:42 PM


1:20 pm - Whoah, $8 to get in? We parked outside and walked in. It turned out to be a great place for a hike and worth $8. We walked almost around the whole thing.

Just as we arrived at the cache, a guy from New Hampshire (my home state) started a conversation with us. We had a nice chat then got on with our business of the cache. We found it OK and TLNLSL. I could see a lot more caches being placed here. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 01:20 PM

Goodbye Hollywood

12:30 pm - This is Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel, California. It was a popular set for movie locations until the 1960's. Classics such as "Rebecca" and "A Summer Place" were shot here. A sign in the museum lists them all. It's quite a beautiful place!
Posted by jeff at 12:30 PM

The Carmel Multicache

11:10 am - We enjoyed the tour of Carmel for this one. We never did find the micro for the first stage, so we used the alternate instructions. We were a little confused about them and ended up near the 3rd stage when we were on the 2nd. We did see the Batmobile parked on the street though, maybe he lives in Carmel!

We ended up driving back to the final stage, though we missed the right trail and had to backtrack. We TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 11:10 AM


9:31 am - These were some beautiful trails that we didn't know were here. It was an easy find. We took a golf ball and left some food thermometers. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 09:31 AM

Secret Trailhead #5 - Carmel

9:22 am - We walked to this one from our hotel in the morning. These trails were pretty neat. We noticed the fresh logbook, apparently replaced by geobrowns. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:22 AM

October 30, 2004

Sunset Rocks

6:24 pm - It was just about to get dark, so I made this a quick one. I ran out out into the chilly evening, made a note of the name and ran back into the warmth of the car. Thanks for the cache and scenery!
Posted by jeff at 06:24 PM

Waves and Change Too!

6:19 pm - My, this is one popular cache. The log sheets went on and on. I had to wait to grab it until some sunset-watching muggles got distracted. I took a 2004 dime and left a 1999 penny. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 06:19 PM

Here It Is, Deer!

6:08 pm - I didn't quite get the title until I had found and replaced the cache. We saw several deer in the back and then had to wait for a buck to mosey his way across the road befor we could leave. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 06:08 PM

Shady Cache #1483

5:58 pm - I got really lucky on this one and walked right up to it. It was very well hidden. TNLNSL. TFTC!
Posted by jeff at 05:58 PM

Secret Point #1

5:47 pm - We took a walk from "Love is in the air" to find this one. It was approaching sunset and it was a great time to explore the coast. At the spot we saw some birds, a bench, and it was quite brackish. On they way back we were lapped by some speedwalkers. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 05:47 PM

Love is in the air

5:35 pm - This was quite a beautiful spot. It took some thorough searching to spot the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks for bringing us here.
Posted by jeff at 05:35 PM

Historic Buildings of Monterey

4:54 pm - This was a nice tour of Monterey up the hill, down the hill and back up. We got to listen to a wedding band as we walked. The coordinates put us across the street from the cache, but I looked in a likely spot and found it. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:54 PM

Piers Peer

4:23 pm - I spotted this one quickly and made the grab relatively quickly, but it took a LONG time for the coast to be clear so I could replace it. It didn't help that I was paranoid about dropping it. One of the magnets is missing, but it seems to be staying OK. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:23 PM

Stupid Cache

3:25 pm - This was a nice way to tour through downtown Monterey. We did feel pretty stupid a few times, especially at the end. There was a creepy guy in a white suit who was talking funny there. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 03:25 PM

Pole Position (Trekkies)

3:06 pm - Yahoo is my friend :-) Got the answers and beamed myself to the coordinates. I found the cache while a woman was showing off some huge dogs nearby. TNLNSL.

And there's nothing wrong with finding a cache "during" placement assuming you have exactly the same information as you would get from the cache page. That means you're a ways away (and not looking :-)) when the cache is hidden and you're given the coordinates and a description to find it. Of course, claiming a FTF is poor form but I've never seen anybody do that.

Posted by jeff at 03:06 PM

Pole Position (Notaries)

2:18 pm - I made a note of the coordinates and found the cache on a weekend away in Monterey. There was an interesting collection of poles nearby representing those who have died in Iraq.

I saw a guy checking out the fence suspiciously and I thought he might be a cacher, but he didn't have a GPSr and he left shortly after.

I found the cache, but it wasn't even close to where the hint indicated. TNLNSL.

Posted by jeff at 02:18 PM

Sculpture Habitat

1:42 pm - This was a neat place; we never would have noticed this place. I got a call when we got there, so Anne did most of the searching. Across the street they were having some go-cart races. Cool! Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 01:42 PM


1:22 pm - We made this one a drive-up! Found it right away. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 01:22 PM


1:17 pm - There were lots of people around, so I had to be stealthy. However, it was a quick search because the cache was out in the open. I tried to put it in a place where I expected it would be placed and where it would stay.
Posted by jeff at 01:17 PM


1:04 pm - Kool! This was the first time I've seen a can of kidney beans in a cache. :-) Took Knothing, Left Knothing, Signed Log. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:04 PM

Johnny Cache

12:57 pm - The clues here were straightforward and we took the short walk to find the cache. I hope that "ring of tire" doesn't roll away someday! TNLNSL. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 12:57 PM

Close To Home

12:44 pm - It was a quick walk to this one and we found it easily. But it was covered with ants! And soon so was I. We got out of there quickly with a minimal number of critters. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:44 PM

Old Pole New Pole

12:36 pm - We drove almost all the way to this one, which was fun. It took a while to find, but finally found it when Anne resorted to the "kicking" method.

We took two golf valls and left a refrigerator thermometer. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 12:36 PM

"Shipwreck" Kelly

12:18 pm - This one confused us quite a bit. We spotted the decoy quickly, and then found the real one. We also found a black widow hanging out next to the cache. Luckily I saw it before I reached for the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:18 PM

Central Coast Seedbank (RELOADED! 8/15)

12:00 pm - We walked over to this one from Griffin's Lair. We had to backtrack a bit as we missed the turnoff. It was quite a nice day out to enjoy this area. TNLNSL. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 12:00 PM

Griffin's Lair

11:49 am - It was neat to stroll around this old fort. Once we found a place to park, we found this one easily. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:49 AM

The World's Largest Artichoke

11:26 am - Yeah, that was big vegetable. Hoo wee! We stopped for a minute and headed on down the coast. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:26 AM

October 25, 2004

Stroll into the Past

8:57 pm - This was pretty neat. I wasn't sure what to do at first, but then it became obvious. I still had to check them all three times before I got them all.

It was a nice night for a walk. I found the cache OK once I turned off my malfunctioning compass. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 08:57 PM

Once Upon a Hang Out 1

8:10 pm - This one took a while. There were lots of no parking signs, but there was a car parked right in front of one, so I parked right behind him.

I checked a few spots, then had to wait as the security guard came out, talked on his cell phone in the street, then left.

I continued my search, looking in all kinds of spots before the security guard returned. He didn't stay long though and went back down the hill in his truck. I had an opportunity to read all the logs and I was now convinced of where it was - I just needed to spot it. I started my search again and then felt a sharp pain as my eye as I ran right into a pine needle. Ow. My eye started watering profusely, but I continued my search and spotted it soon after with my good eye. My eye still hurts, but I think I'll live. :-)

Nice views up here. I'll have to return when I have my full vision back. :-) Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 08:10 PM

Murphy's Law Cache

7:41 pm - I've heard about problems accessing this cache because of the proximity to the playground, so I thought coming in the dark would make it easy. Not so. I was heading right to the cache when I saw some people sitting at a nearby bench.

I decided to survey the situation and headed to a other bench. I quickly determined that they were some kids and they were making out with nasty loud slurping noises. I hoped they would leave knowing they had an audience, but they didn't seem to care. I got impatient and concluded that they couldn't care less that I was there, so I went for the cache.

My GPSr was acting wonky so I wandered around a bit before finally spotting it. TNLNSL. I turned back as I left and the kids were still there, unfazed by my wandering around with a flashlight. Ah, to be young.

Posted by jeff at 07:41 PM


7:21 pm - It was a quick search for this one. There were some spotlights scanning the sky nearby and I was tempted to see where they were coming from, but there more caches to find, so I headed off in the other direction. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 07:21 PM

How Dry I am

7:09 pm - It was quite dark when I arrived, so I was skeptical that I would find it. Once again, my patented Stick(TM) did the trick and I found the cache. It could have been a long hunt, but it didn't take me too long. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:09 PM

The Legends of Milpitas

6:54 pm - This was a neat spot. The questions were straightforward and I found the cache without incident! TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:54 PM

Big Gate

6:43 pm - I didn't have the coordinates for this one in my GPSr as it was too new. Luckily I remembered it was here from the map and looked it up.

After my previous failures, I had low hopes for this one. I surprised myself by finding it! The curse is broken! TNLNSL. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 06:43 PM

Discover Water

6:36 pm - My fourth consecutive DNF. This must be what it feels like to be Kablooey.

I searched up, down, and on each end. All I found was a cat who was apparently hanging out with some food someone had left for it.

Posted by jeff at 06:36 PM

The Little Shop of Horrors

Yeah, I think I'll make it. I'll bring a camera so I can reference any evil camo for subsequent cache hides. :-)
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

October 24, 2004

Romantic Rendezvous 5 - NEM

4:16 pm - Third of three consecutive DNFs this afternoon.

I've definitely been here before, but the immense play structure is definitely new. I gave the subject area a thorough search, but finally decided to give up, given some of the comments in the logs about it being susceptible to wind.

All's well that ends in ice cream though, so we stopped for some on the way home and I quickly forgot about my unsuccessful afternoon.

Posted by jeff at 04:16 PM


3:54 pm - Second of three consecutive DNFs for the day. The logs for this one are quite entertaining.

My first dumb mistake was to delete the waypoint from my GPSr. I saw the object referenced in the title, so it must be right there, right? Wrong. After I searched for a while, I read the description and then reentered the coordinates. I was searching about 70 feet off.

I searched for 10 minutes and then decided to call a lifeline. That helped narrow it down a bit, but still left quite a few possibilities with the cache moving around as it has been.

Then I turned around to find someone looking at me. Then she asked what I was looking for. I told her I was looking for a geocache. She didn't know what that was, but told me if I was looking for a white cat, there was one down the trail. Uh, thanks.

I found some cat food and later did see the white cache, but no cache.

Posted by jeff at 03:54 PM

Priest Rock Hopper

2:32 pm - We gave this thing a very thorough look. I finally found it where the OLD hint suggested, so the new hint should be removed. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:32 PM

Priest Rock

1:48 pm - Annes caching mojo was full-on today. She made a bee-line to the cache and found it while I was still getting my bearings. We TNLNSL just as the sun was finally coming out. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 01:48 PM

Limekiln Cache

1:36 pm - We were in a good hiking groove coming up the Limekiln trail, so we blew by this one on the way to Above the Gorge. We hit it on the way back. It's not often that you see the cloth handles on these anymore. We took the Take a Hike TB. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:36 PM

Above the Gorge

1:16 pm - We huffed and puffed our way to this cache. We were happy when we got here that the hard part was over.

It wasn't raining anymore, but all the trees and bushes were still very wet, so I got pretty wet getting to the final spot. I wandered around without finding it, then Anne used her laser-sharp eyesight to spot it. I took a Nursedave pin because it made me laugh.

On the way out we walked right into some Poison Oak. I hope we don't get it (again). Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 01:16 PM

The Penultimate Puzzle Cache (#99999)

12:27 pm - Genius! Absolutely genius! I am in awe. How did you get him to write it that way?

I followed the geotrail to find the cache easily. TNLNSL.

Posted by jeff at 12:27 PM

Limekiln Trailhead

12:02 pm - This was a nice warmup for hike up the Limekiln trail. Found it quickly and we were off up the muddy trail. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:02 PM

The Hobbit

10:12 am - Like the book, there was no fellowship assembled for this journey, so I tackled it alone.

Today I decided to take the trek up to Lonely Mountain - all alone.

I've been here before and thought I remembered that a certain trail dead-ended, but I took it anyway. It still dead-ends. :-)

I backtracked and took the next logical trail. I followed that one too long and found myself heading away from the cache. Not wanting to go back again, I took a series of fire breaks and deer trails up to the summit. It rained pretty well yesterday and the trail was muddy, collecting on the bottom of my shoes to make the very heavy. Maybe that's what it feels like to have Hobbit feet.

The cache was not difficult to find and all was well. Hooray! Thanks for yet another finely crafted cache.

Posted by jeff at 10:12 AM

Cali Mill Plaza

9:14 am - I've been watching this place get built, and I was surprised to arrive to see it finally completed. Swanky. The good news is that the new Le Boulanger cafe is doing pretty well for being so new. The bad news is I had quite an audience while trying to find the cache.

I alsmost gave up and then I saw it in a spot positioned a little differently than I expected. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 09:14 AM

De Anza Park

8:42 am - Walked right up to this one and found it in the first place I touched. Thanks for the quickie.
Posted by jeff at 08:42 AM

Rusty Spoons

8:34 am - Yikes, I hope my tetanus shots are up to date! Found it quickly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:34 AM

October 23, 2004

Stevenson Surprise

3:15 pm - we were running some errands and decided to stop by this one. I was looking at my GPSr and my palm, but not in the right places. Anne saw it right away. TNLNSL. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 03:15 PM

October 21, 2004

Pure Corn

6:53 pm - I came here for a second try just after 6. The stand was open, but there were only a few customers inside, so I would have felt suspicious going over there. Instead, I parked little distance away. I was hoping they'd close soon, so I passed the time by cleaning out my car and trying to find a pen in the process.

After ten minutes, I had cleaned lots of nasty stuff out of my car, but found no pen. Desperately, I tried to sharpen an unsharpened pencil using a plastic knife. I would have been there a long time. But then I found an address label with my name on it, so I ripped out just my last name for placement in the log.

A while later, I got bored and went over to park over near the stand and see if I could look while people were not staring at me. Some customers and the owners(?) were engaged in some chit-chat, so I wandered around pretending to talk on my cell phone while searching. I tried all the places I looked last time, but no luck.

I went back to my car, waited for a bit, and then they closed the stand. Some people were still chatting in the parking lot for a while. They finally left and I was about to go search in another spot when a Jeep pulled up. I wasn't sure if that was a cacher or not, but they didn't stay long. Once they left I went to check on a few places I hadn't checked before and found it in the last possibility. I affixed my sticker and got out of there.

I wasn't a big fan of the hide as it required you to go where customers definitely wouldn't be hanging around. If someone saw you there, they would think you were up to something. It's definitely a cool place though and I'll have to come back when I have a hankerin' for some fresh produce. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 06:53 PM

Pure Corn

Forgot to mention that my GPSr was pointing me to the other side of the stand, from where you can also see the corn. IMO, that side would feel a lot less conspicous.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Stellar Reasoning

Only joking! These puzzles are always educational and fun. I'm just amazed that there are still more shapes left!
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Stellar Reasoning

Coming soon: Inter-spacial dodecahedral reasoning. In this puzzle, you must calculate the coordinates of a grain of rice flying through space at 89,000,000 furlongs per picosecond as it passes through through overlapping alternate universes, all of infinite dimensions. Now if I can only work out the laws of math in these other universes...
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

October 17, 2004

Pure Corn

6:32 pm - Despite the big sign that said "OPEN", this place was definitely closed, so I was able to search freely. I searched all the likely places and then went back for a flashlight. After removing some stuff, I saw a film can way in there. I used a tool to pull it out and open it. It was empty! And it turned out not to be a film can, but a very old presciption bottle of some type. Well, it'll be a cache someday. :-) It was raning and muddy, so I cut my losses and headed home. Might be time for check on this one.
Posted by jeff at 06:32 PM

Spend Money Here

6:00 pm - It was raining pretty hard by now, so I made use of the hint to make a b-line to the cache. I think I stepped in TeamJiffy's poop. :-)

TNLNSL. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 06:00 PM

GeoJack's Park

5:52 pm - DNF #2 for this one. I had a hint from a previous finder and checked all the spots that seemed to match between passings of dog walkers. I couldn't find it and the plants are getting pretty beat up. It started to rain pretty hard, so I punted on this one again.
Posted by jeff at 05:52 PM

Secret walkway #7 - The Ivy Cache

5:35 pm - I brought by patented Stick(TM) to help get through this one. There was some metal wire hanging down from the pole, and onto the ground so I avoided that, even though it didn't look like it went all the way up to the power lines.

I poked around with the Stick it but found nothing. I was about to call the physics police to report a violation; there's no way an ammo box could be hidden here.

Finally I spotted this little bugger. I'll blame my failure on blindness to possibilities. I was going to disagree with part of the description, but reading it again, everything is accurate. Nice job.

Posted by jeff at 05:35 PM

Gettin' Drilled

5:08 pm - I almost needed to break out my drill to recover the log. It didn't want to come out! Quick find in the rain. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 05:08 PM

Walkway to Deep Cliff

4:56 pm - Oh, this was very evil. I was standing there in the rain about to DNF this one for a second time. I had some help from the owner at the event and my lifeline from last time. I tried calling another lifeline but got no response. My cell phone battery was about dead anyway, so I couldn't try any more.

As a last resort I tried checking some spots more thoroughly and came across the evil cache. I'm sure I checked there before, but assumed something different given the owner's other hides. Evil, evil, evil, but thanks.

Posted by jeff at 04:56 PM

Grant Park

4:34 pm - I've definitely been here before. I tried the wrong side first, then corrected my mistake. Pretty easy find. And thanks for the reminder that I'm not like "most"! (Though it looks like you just modified the hint. Whimp.)
Posted by jeff at 04:34 PM

Walkway to Loyola

4:20 pm - Nice hide on this one. It took me a while to spot it. Didn't notice any chickens. :-)
Posted by jeff at 04:20 PM

Stacey's walkway

4:09 pm - So this is what Geocaching has become, huh? We've claimed all the parks and now we're looking for all the walkways. What will be next? Traffic islands? :-)

This was an easy enough find with the hint. Thanks for the primer on opening it too!

Posted by jeff at 04:09 PM

POP #7

3:55 pm - A rarity for me - a WeBeDnD puzzle that seemed straightforward.

At the location, I spotted a likely place, but there was no cache. It looked like there was evidence of a cache being stuck there, so I thought it was lost. But then I checked another closeby spot and found it. Whew!

7 is enough, right? :-)

Posted by jeff at 03:55 PM

One More

3:44 pm - I had to run by the grocery store, so I parked at the nearby one and walked from there.

Just looking at the title, I assumed I was looking for a walkway and got confused. I tried a couple more adventurous spots before I found the cache. By now there was a pretty good downpour out so I had to hurry. On the way out I finally got the other meaning of the title. Nice job!

Posted by jeff at 03:44 PM

Welcome To Redwood City

1:08 pm - I got one cache as a reward for bringing my wife out for an errand and this was the closest. OK, not really.

I looked in this spot 3 times before I saw it. Lots of angles to consider. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 01:08 PM

"It was a secret to me" Trailhead #1

I revisted the cache today and replaced the film can with a small margarine container. I also got a pretty good reading on the coords, so try the updates ones.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Woodside Store

12:10 pm - The "store" was open when we arrived, but we just toured the outside before finding the cache. We found it ok. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 12:10 PM

The Purloined Letter

11:23 am - I've been wanting to go here for a long time. We finally remembered one rainy Sunday morning and headed out.

Neat place. I made a lap around to see if I could find it while we waited to be seated, but didn't see it. After 20 minutes we were seated and it was right next to us! We casually read the logs as we ate our pancake stacks and TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 11:23 AM

October 16, 2004

KANZ Sticker Exchange

4:29 pm - We saw some suspicous folks loitering around when we arrived, so I asked the GPS-bearing man for some ID. He laughed.

We assisted Butano and Hazeleyes in finding the cache. I looked in the right place first and spotted some evidence of cachers, but didn't spot the cache. I was just on my way back to the car to fetch a flashlight when nostrada saw it.

TNLNSL. Thanks for the fun.

Posted by jeff at 04:29 PM

Lake View

3:53 pm - We did the long drive around to get to this one from BART view. I've been thinking about creating a series of caches like this one called "You Can't Get There From Here".

Anyway, we quickly walked to the site and waved to the other side where we just were.

I was searching around when I looked up at Nostrada, standing there with a goofy look on his face. He had found it and was waiting for me to realize it. I looked down near his feet and there was the cache. I pushed him out of the way to grab the cache and he was suprised. He hadn't seen it after all! We had a good laugh. Ah, more good times.

TNLNSL. Thanks for the cache.

Posted by jeff at 03:53 PM


3:30 pm - What's a Model Mariner? I want to be one, because it apparently allows you to make this cache a drive-up. We had to dodge some cars on the trail. It took a bit of searching to find the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:30 PM


2:05 pm - So what's with all the string in this park? We found string on the ground all over the place. Nostrada even started a collection.

And what did they do with all the cows? Lots of evidence of cows, but none to be seen. Are they vacationing?

I kinda missed this one the way up, so we caught it on the way back down. We took a steep and slippery slope trying to get there and then again getting back to the road. Thanks for the cache.

Posted by jeff at 02:05 PM

High Road to Simba Rock

1:47 pm - It was a nice and cool day up here. When we weren't hiking, it was even a bit chilly.

I found the first cache after a bit of excavation. Nostrada found the second before we got there. I don't think I've ever done a multi with more than one full-sized cache. TNLNSL x 2. Thanks for the caches!

Posted by jeff at 01:47 PM

NOT on the way to United 615

1:27 pm - I gazed at this one when I did United 615 a few months ago, but decided against going down and back up here on a hot day.

It took some looking, but Anne finally found the cache. Nice spot. TNLNSL. Now it was time to double back and hit two caches we passed on the way up. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 01:27 PM

"04 Spring Break

I think the owner wants this one archived.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Ready! for caching!

12:54 pm - My it's been a long time since this one was found. Probably a good idea though since it gets mighty hot up here. Today was actually quite nice and not too hot. There sure were some steep spots on the way up though.

The cache is still in good shape. TNLNSL. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 12:54 PM


12:10 pm - We tried to start in the main parking lot for this one, but were turned around by a big cross country meet. We parked at the Tamarack entrance instead and took the high road in. At one point we had to wait for a steady stream of runners to go by.

We had to go back down due to my questionable navigational skills, but found the cache. There was a nice twig of poison oak resting on the cache. TNLNSL, then crawled under the barbed wire to get the next cache. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 12:10 PM

October 15, 2004

Zeno's Paradox

9 am - I searched and searched, then finally called a lifeline because I had to get to work. He confirmed that I was looking in the right place. So either I've gone blind (completely possible, too many puzzles) or this one is missing.
Posted by jeff at 09:00 AM

Historic Palo Alto 3 - RAFAEL’S RANCHO

8:45 am - Only third to find? What's wrong with this cache?? Nothing! Come and get it folks, it's a quick multi.

I got the plaque ok, but tree cover made the find a bit tricky. Finally I looked in the right place and saw it. Thanks for the history lesson.

Posted by jeff at 08:45 AM

October 13, 2004

Whatawaste Plaza

What, there's a piece of concrete missing?
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

October 10, 2004


7:37 pm - This was the end of a long day of caching in Pleasanton/Dublin. This was cache #29. It was a quick find too, even with a flashlight. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:37 PM

Arroyo Mocho

7:24 pm - I definitely shouldn't be parking here at this hour with this darkness, but I did anyway. The cache was a quick walk away and I found it immediately. Use the pen outside the cache at your own peril though - it leaked all over my hands. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:24 PM

Fuzzy Friends #3

7:17 pm - Even in the dark, this was a quick one. Nicely done. At this hour there weren't even any canines to avoid. TFTC.
Posted by jeff at 07:17 PM

There's gold in that creek!

7:06 pm - It was way too dark to be out caching by now, but I just had to get a few more in Pleasanton while I was out here.

I briskly walked to the cache, took out my flashlight, and found it in a few minutes. TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 07:06 PM

Going to Dizzying Lengths

6:53 pm - These puzzles sure did make me dizzy, but I've finally done the whole series.

At the cache location I was just about to whip out the hint when I spotted it. Thanks for the cache.

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6:42 pm - I solved this one a while ago with a lot of intensive research. When I arrived at the location, I knew I had found the right solution.

I found the rock, but wasn't sure if that was an indication or not until I read the hint. I litte more digging produced the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 06:42 PM


6:40 pm - This was a cool old cemetary. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 06:40 PM

TNLN, I Don't Think So #1

6:12 pm - I prepared for this one by collecting a complete set of coins from years 2002 through 1978 or so.

They weren't so useful since I couldn't find the cache. :(

I tried high and low and higher even, but no luck. I'll try again some other day.

Posted by jeff at 06:12 PM

Auto Swap

5:39 pm - I drove around and around trying to figure out how to get to this one. Finally spotted a trailhead and set out, hoping that I didn't start on the wrong side. Got lucky. Easy find. The parking lot is full! Kept my old japoly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 05:39 PM

Historic Crossroads Murals

5:20 pm - I couldn't find some of the clues, but I guess that was about all I needed. Neat murals. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 05:20 PM

The Three Monkeys

4:59 pm - Even at 5 pm on a Sunday there were employees wandering around here. I searched high and low until I found it. I attribute it to pretty much dumb luck and trusting nothing. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:59 PM

Somewhere In Time

4:40 pm - I was walking into the Dublin, CA library when I noticed a plaque on the ground. A time capsule - cool! I didn't think I had my camera with me, but I fished around in my bag and found it. Looks like this one will be dug up in 2052.
Posted by jeff at 04:40 PM

Libraries Rule #2

4:35 pm - I rushed over to this one aniticipating the library's closure at 5. It turned out to be a very quick one. These library caches are fun. Some fancy book house you've got here. TFTC.
Posted by jeff at 04:35 PM

Comp I/O

4:32 pm - This was another cache that I solved long ago, but forgot to put the coordinates in my GPSr. MotorBug and I wandered around in the wrong spot first, then I looked up my solved coordinates and saw they were completed different.

The title did make more sense when we got there and parked about 2 feet away and grabbed it, even though MotorBug claimed he saw it first. :-)

Thanks for the puzzle.

Posted by jeff at 04:32 PM

DT21 & FW @3K

4:00 pm - MotorBug and I looked all around until I read the hint and suggested he give one spot a more through look. He made up for it by doing the dirty work. TNLNSL and congrats! Maybe I'll be at 3K next year!
Posted by jeff at 04:00 PM

Entre Nous

3:43 pm - Tricky puzzle, perfect location and a great hide. MotorBug and I were trying to figure out how the camo was done so well, and we're still not sure. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:43 PM

Dog Years

2:30 pm - Multis can sometimes be tedious and we were skeptical at first, but once we found the first stage, we realized this one was going to be a treat.

My strategy of focusing on multis first worked out well too as the stages brought us right to some other caches in the area we needed to pick up.

Some of those hides were pretty tricky, but we found them all. It wasn't until the final stage that I noticed there were hints for each stage! The theme was executed and a lot of fun. I'm a cat person, so I TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 02:30 PM

Some caches we haven't seen

2:11 pm - This is one those puzzles where I had tried to use the solution for a different puzzle, so I thought of the solution quickly.

MotorBug 60cs and my 60cs were arguing about the way to get to this location, and suggestion opposite directions to turn. Mine turned out to be right, but only because I entered the wrong coordinates into his. :-)

MotorBug readily dropped to the ground to grab the cache and crawled back with it. He's one dedicated guy. We took a few pictures with the camera and TNLNSL. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 02:11 PM

Tired of Micros?

2:03 pm - Let's see... eenie, meenie, miney, moe... that one. Nope, try again. That one? Nope? Ah, this must be it. Yup.

That was easy compared to getting the cache open. It was rusted shut. MotorBug made the assist, we signed and were on our way. TFTC.

Posted by jeff at 02:03 PM

For The Rest Of Us

1:43 pm - I embarassingly got a lot of these questions wrong. Maybe that just means I'm part of the other group. The hint set me straight though.

MotorBug and I attacked the area and I found it eventually. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 01:43 PM

Hidden Meadow

1:27 pm - What, no puzzle? After a string of Pleasanton puzzle caches, I was expecting another. It was an easy find as well. The log very full.

Are you sure there's no puzzle? Let me try anagramming the title... ahh... "I, nomad weed"... that must be a clue. I'll keep working at it.

Posted by jeff at 01:27 PM

A Rag Man

1:09 pm - This was a fun cache. It inspired me a write a new tool which ended up working well.

MotorBug and I had a nice walk, following the clues and MotorBug found it on intuition while I was just starting to do the projection. TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 01:09 PM

Vital Signs

12:52 pm - Tough puzzle. Considering the neighborhood, this was not where I expected it to be, but we found it OK and it made sense in another way. Thanks for the cache!
Posted by jeff at 12:52 PM

Pick a Card

12:09 pm - I "solved" the puzzle a few weeks ago and did it twice just to make sure fizzymagic wasn't cheating. :-)

I went to find this one, but ended up in a hospital parking lot. That didn't seem to match the logs, so I checked my coordinates and discovered I never put in the corrected ones.

Fixing that, I drove over and didn't see a spot that made sense, so I gave up on it for bit to meet up with MotorBug.

We went to do some other caches, then found ourselves very close to this one. He didn't want me to find it before he got the coordinates in his GPSr, so I pretended not to see it. :-)

Thanks for the trick!

Posted by jeff at 12:09 PM

For the good of the game

11:08 am - Wouldn't you know it, when I arrived there was a kid leaning on the plaque. He was pretty active though and I managed to read it behind him. Meanwhile there was a guy rolling around in a Segway on the soccer field.

I finally got all the information and headed out. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 11:08 AM

Beneath, Between, & Behind

11:00 am - This was a tough one - both the puzzle and the hide were challenging and I had help on both. I was very close to the hide at first, but just didn't look in the right place. It was worth it though. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:00 AM

Just Your Average (Puzzle) Cache

10:22 am - Somehow my solution for this one was a bit off, but a through search of likely locations nearby produced the cache. Interesting puzzle. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 10:22 AM

Western Scrub Jay

10:00 am - I had a lot of trouble with this one for some reason. I dug around in the bushes, but couldn't find anything, so I checked out the hint. I found something that matched, and searched close by, but still couldn't find it.

Desperate, I wandered around a bit and found another object that mached the hint, 40 feet away. A minute of searching near there produced the hint.

I signed the very full log, put things back together and left. When I got back to my car, I realized I was missing my pen. Back to the cache to get my pen and then I was on my way again. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 10:00 AM

No Hints Cache

9:43 am - Hey, you might want to consider providing a hint for this cache - it might make it easier. :-)

I had suspected one spot at first and checked it out only to conclude there was nothing there. I wandered about a bit, then checked that spot again and upon closer inspection found it. Nicely done. I was all muddy afterwards, but that's par for the course. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 09:43 AM

Pony Express

9:24 am - This one was a quick walk and a nice way to start a long day of caching in Pleasanton. It was pretty chilly at this time, but it warmed up soon enough. The cache was an easy find and I TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:24 AM

October 09, 2004

Secret Trailhead #17 - Skyline Gateway

5:31 pm - I found myself in a very thorny situation coming at this one from the back. Gingerly I grabbed the cache, TNLN and headed back the easy way. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 05:31 PM

Secret Trailhead #18 - Skyline Trail

5:25 pm - This cache needs more traffic. It was an easy find and there's lots of good stuff in there. I didn't need anything, so I TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 05:25 PM

Indian Rock

5:10 pm - Oh my God, those ant hills were huge! I carefully stepped past them as I hunted for a GPS signal and the cache. I think I found the latter first. There were a few ants hanging around the cache site, but not enough to deter me from my goal. After I put the cache away and picked up my GPSr, I found a couple big ones on my GPSr. Arrrgghhh!
Posted by jeff at 05:10 PM

Indian Rock Trailhead

4:55 pm - Boy, the signals sure are tough to come by up here. I walked right past it, then doubled back. I searched for a while until I found it. Of course then the signal was great and right on. Oh well. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 04:55 PM

Gimme Shelter

4:21 pm - Well, I somehow missed the turnoff from Goat Rock to get to this one and found myself almost all the way back to the parking lot when I realized I missed this one. I thought about it for a bit and decided to run back to grab it. I had some trouble getting to the cache, but I was a smart monkey and used a stick. Not wanting to go back down then up again, I exited the goat and headed back to the car. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:21 PM

WalruZ Rock

3:53 pm - WalruZ does have a patent on these, right? I recognized it right away, though this one was smaller than I'm used to. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 03:53 PM

Goat Rock Overlook

3:40 pm - On our way to this one I had my first ever rattlesnake encounter. He was a fierce one, all of about 6 inches long. His rattle didn't seem to be working yet. He didn't seem too happy though when I poked him with a stick to try to get him off the trail. He grudgingly slithered away.

The sides of the trail were closed for plant restoration, but there was a fallen tree over the path, so we had to cross it anyway. Nice view from up here. I found it OK and TNLNSL. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 03:40 PM

No Bungee Jumping Allowed

2:13 pm - Neat spot. I looked a little more throughly for this one than I needed considering the size. I found it sticking out a bit.

I struggled with the pen a bit, but gave up after I couldn't figure out how to get it open. Thanks for the cache.

Posted by jeff at 02:13 PM

Exiting the Goat

1:39 pm - I went after the cache while the others waited in the car. I tried to get in and out of there quickly to avoid any stray bullets.

Later, I missed Gimme Shelter while doing the loop and ran back, then came out this way. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 01:39 PM

Rock Top Hollow

1:20 pm - This was a cool rock. I did the short scramble and found it easily. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:20 PM

Tall Trees

12:45 pm - All those tall trees made for some pretty poor GPS reception. I found it after a few minutes through process of elimination. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:45 PM

October 07, 2004

Behead Me

6:30 pm - After my fiasco yesterday, I was even more motivated to get this one taken care of. Fortunately today was far less adventuresome. I found a faster way to drive there, I parked closer and I didn't lose the cache. It still wouldn't be difficult to lose it though, especially for people of my stature. I left $1 for reparations. Thanks for putting it back in commission so quickly.
Posted by jeff at 06:30 PM

As Time Rolls On

8:40 am - I found this cool ball clock this morning by accident in downtown Sunnyvale, California in the new city park plaza. It wasn't running this morning, but I'll be sure to come back and watch it go!
Posted by jeff at 08:40 AM

Midst the Hustle & Bustle

8:22 am - I needed to put some gas in my car, so of course why not go 3 miles in the wrong direction to get to the gas station and pick up a cache along the way?

I parked and found the cache quickly, then went across the street for gas. $2.25 for regular today! Maybe I should stop taking 6 mile detours. :-) TFTC.

Posted by jeff at 08:22 AM

October 06, 2004

Behead Me

7:20 pm - This cache popped up right as my closest so it had to go. No cryptography - great, but 5-stars... hmm.

I looked at it for a bit, but had no ideas off the bat. Of course 'Rat' seemed to work perfectly for the last word of both. :-)

Next I used some tools I had to generate better lists and pored over them with another cacher. I stared at them for many hours, but nothing worked. Then the cache difficulty was lowered and I felt even more stupid. Gotta figure this one out!

Finally, I found the answer to the second riddle and confirmed I was on the right track.

The first riddle, however was much harder. It took some hints from another cacher to narrow down the possibilities. At last, we came up with an answer that seemed to make sense. I asked for confirmation from another cacher and was told I was wrong, but only by one letter. It didn't actually make much of a difference in the final coordinates.

It was only a matter of physically grabbing the cache and signing the log...

I drove over to the cache site this evening looking for a legitimate place to park with access to the target area. After driving around for 10 minutes I setted for one with only the latter about a block away.

I avoided some local kids as I made my way to the cache site and spotted the obvious location. I reached in to grab the cache and felt something slide. Uh oh. I reached in again and felt nothing. Crap. I paniced and tried to think of a way to recover the cache. I know - a stick! I scrambled around, found one and poked at the cache to try to get it back. I think I only succeded in making it worse. What could I do? I know! A bigger stick! No, that didn't work either...

Then I remembered I had a ready-to-go replacement cache in my car that I had picked up from WalruZ's Magnetic Therapy cache. I had planned on placing a cache after this doing this one, but I though I could make things right by just replacing this one.

I walked all the way back to the car and returned to the cache location. I carefully placed the replacement and felt it grip. I took my hand off the cache and it immediately dissapeared, probably making the original cache even more hopeless. It was now dark and I was out of sticks, replacement caches and ideas.

Then it was only a matter of typing up the log and conveying the bad news... Of course I screwed that up too, deleting the whole thing when I had already written most of it. I suppose my penance is to retype it all.

Sorry about whole fiasco. I'm afraid to learn what the penalty is for destroying this cache... uh oh, I think I already know!

Posted by jeff at 07:20 PM

October 04, 2004

Yet Another Walkway

7:33 pm - I walked up to this one, turned on my hot shorting-out flashlight to read the description, grabbed in the first place I saw, and came up with the cache.

As I turned I saw a shadowy figure walking towards me. He had a device in his hand. I knew right away who it was - batecher. I run into this guy all over this place. It's almost creepy.

He helped me juggle my belongings so I could sign the cache. He also informed me that I was signing the wrong date on all my logs today. It was the 4th, not the 5th. Oops.

We chatted a bit, vowed to stop meeting this way and headed off for our respective dinners. Thanks for Yet Another Meeting with batcher!

Posted by jeff at 07:33 PM

Paced Hunter

7:24 pm - I was on my way to this cache when I noticed that my shirt pocket felt a little warm. I pulled my flashlight out and it was not just a little warm, but burning hot! The batteries were shorting out inside. Unfortunately it was the only flashlight I had and it still worked, so I played hot potato with it over to the cache.

I checked one spot first then I spotted the cache in a different spot. I've seen this hide many times before, but probably not this well constructed. TNLNSL. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 07:24 PM

Hoss & Little Joe's Geeky Tiki

7:13 pm - I have nightmares about this park. There's another cache here that I DNF'd about 12 times before I finally found it.

I was much luckier on this hide as I heard it rattle as I rustled around and nabbed it quickly. I was surprised to see people barbequing in the park at this hour. Thanks for the cache.

Posted by jeff at 07:13 PM


6:54 pm - By the time I reached this cache, I was pretty dizzy. I forgot my palm at home, so I had to print out the cache information at work. Of course I forgot to pick up the paper at the printer as I left, so I drove around the parking lot, parked again, and ran up to get the description.

On the drive over, I couldn't find any pens. I finally found one in my car console. Then I realized that I would need a flashlight later, and that wasn't where it was supposed to be either. I found one of those in the backseat and loaded some batteries while I drove.

I nearly missed the turn to the cache and when I arrived I was pretty dizzy and frantic. Of course getting up to the cache just made me even more dizzy. And then looking down made me dizzier still.

I was so dizzy I forgot to look at my GPSr once I was up there, but the description and the hint and some meticulous searching were about all I needed.

I've crossed this bridge a few times before. If you start out at the park from my John W. Christian Greenbelt cache and head directly East on the Greenbelt, you'll cross this bridge.

Thanks for the dizzying experience!

Posted by jeff at 06:54 PM

October 03, 2004

Feeding Frenzy

3:53 pm - This was our final cache of the event even though we could see people finding it from our site through the day. I guess we were too busy feeding ourselves to go after it.

We approached with Mauison and some others. I found it quickly and was amazed that there was over 40 signatures on the log sheet and the container had apparently been replaced already!

Workerofwood showed up for his first cache of the event, since he was busy making sure everything was going well at the site, which of course it was.

Thanks for the yummy cache.

Posted by jeff at 03:53 PM

Baylands Grove

3:36 pm - Our caching mob ran into another caching mob at this spot to become one huge suspicious mob. The first mob already had it, so I was spared the frustration on this one. I had to wait in line to sign the cache. Afterwards with it was replaced, I inspected the hide. Nicely done!
Posted by jeff at 03:36 PM

Baylands Cache & Carry

3:27 pm - I guess I've seen this one before. This location sure is a lot more convenient than the previous! There was much digging going and eventually someone who wasn't me produced the cache. Thanks! Again!
Posted by jeff at 03:27 PM


3:14 pm - dgreno and me were leading the pack towards this one. We knew where it had to be so he went one way and I went the other. I had a 50/50 shot finding it and I got lucky. We had the signing ceremony and then MotorBug led us back a very strange way along the road. Thanks for the walk.
Posted by jeff at 03:14 PM

Home Run!

3:07 pm - There was already a pack of caches swarming down around the cache, so I stayed up top for a bit. After a few minutes, no one had found the cache, so I went down to lend a hand. Team Nazgul found it shortly after. While we were waiting to all sign the log, Geowomyn showed up and we chatted for a bit. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:07 PM

Aw, Nuts!

2:53 pm - WeBeDnD definitely went a bit nutty with the description on this one and I told him so as we approached. He made no excuses.

By the time I arrived all the dirty work had been done, so I just signed the log and took a cool Mauison signature item which was still hot. This is the way to cache! Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 02:53 PM

San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail: End of the trail

2:23 pm - I didn't know this one was so close to home, but it was fun to do in a group anyway.

Someone mentioned something about tools as we were searching and I retorted that they were all MY tools. It was funnier then for some reason. I spotted this one after WeBeDnD as well and passed around the log. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 02:23 PM

Baylands Bike & Bridge

2:13 pm - I volunteered to go grab this one, though it turned out I could've done it from the top. Of course, I didn't have a pen. I asked for one and suddenly I had several pointing me in the face. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 02:13 PM

BADGES Picnic #1

bug drop
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

BADGES Picnic #1

12:30 pm - We were a little late as we ran out of time running errands beforehand. That's ok, the party was just getting started.

Ya know, I've never seen anybody say they had a bad time at an event cache before. Let's give that a try.

Boy those geoocachers are smelly. You have to bring your own drinks? What's up with that? DavidT21's hot dogs were slightly overcooked. There was at least one other spot where another cache could have been placed for the event. And I didn't win any prizes!

OK, so I don't have anything real to complain about. It was a lot of fun as usual and I enjoyed meeting with all kinds of people and doing some mob-caching. Thanks for all the effort that went into the event and especially the mini-cupcakes I got to take home!

Posted by jeff at 12:30 PM

Walkway to Deep Cliff

10:30 am - I searched for a half-hour and then decided I must be missing something. I called a lifeline to MotorBug who described precisely where I should be looking and I didn't see it there.
Posted by jeff at 10:30 AM

Pete's Castle

9:46 am - Wow, really interesting history. I found the caches between passings of runners and cyclists. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:46 AM


9:28 am - I found a nice parking spot between waypoints 1 and 6 to start off my walk. These painted boxes are definitely new since I was last down here. I found all the boxes easily and answered the questions the best I could. At the end I sat down to do all the calculations and came up with numbers that made no sense and it didn't match the checksum.

I thought about the boxes some more and tried a few alternative interpretations, but nothing that really fixed the coordinates.

Then I read the logs and saw what digitalfish had done. That worked.

I liked the tour, but I thought some of the questions were a bit more complicated than they needed to be to "prove" that someone visited each station. I will email my answers to the owner to see where I went wrong. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 09:28 AM

From small acorns...

8:44 am - The park was empty at this hour, but that didn't make it any easier for me to find the cache. I looked in all kinds of places for about a half-hour. Then I finally gave up and called a lifeline. That helped a lot and I found in a place which I wouldn't have expected to find it hidden and only checked breifly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:44 AM

Homage to Silence

8:15 am - As I came into the parking lot here, I assumed this cache would be at the library. I guess not. I've always been interested in checking out this art that you see driving by. Thanks for the opportunity. I also wandered into the courtyard of the art center where they have some other cool stuff. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:15 AM

root of my root

8:08 am - Lots of tree cover made this one iffy. I finally followed a geotrail and found it as the hint described. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:08 AM

Evil Empire

7:51 am - I remember this one from way back before it was archived. It's nice to see it back.

I used to work for the Empire myself, up at the mothership. Every once in a while the implant blinks on again and I feel the urge to kick over lemonade stands and write bloated software. Just kidding. Thanks for the well-constructed cache.

Posted by jeff at 07:51 AM

October 02, 2004

Inspiration Point Poetry

4:46 pm - A day in the city, for lame caches we had no pity.
This was a cool spot, so we complain not.
Thanks for the cache,
we hope to see you at the next BADGES bash!
Posted by jeff at 04:46 PM

Bovine Inspiration

4:39 pm - We were about to get out of the car to go after this one, but the A's-Angels game was in the bottom of the 9th with the A's down by one, so we waited in the car for a few minutes to see if they could pull it out and possibily make it to the playoffs. Oh well, maybe next year.

We weren't sure where we were going to find a cow, but suddenly there she was! The rest of the photos were not hard to find, even looking at them on my Palm.

We ended up at the final picture and started looking around, but couldn't find it. We searched every likely location, but it was nowhere to find. Then we decided to head back to the spot of the last picture and there it was! We walked right by it.

I was pretty impressed as the last cache I tried to do like this (The Little Pictures in San Jose) took several trips and I never did find all of them.

We TNLNSL and headed off in the direction of home. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 04:39 PM

Camp Merritt

3:52 pm - We stopped quickly here to find the plaque. As I was taking notes, some people who live in the building were chatting and started talking about the plaque. They were saying that they didn't even know that it was here until they noticed people staring up at it strangely. Thanks for the history lesson.
Posted by jeff at 03:52 PM

Doug's Addiction

3:41 pm - It took me a while to find this one while Anne waited in the car. Finally I spotted it, having fallen out of it's hiding spot. I signed the log, added a cap of sorts to keep out the water and tried to place it more firmly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:41 PM

What's Up Doc?

3:21 pm - This cache was the most difficult place to find parking during our trip to the city. We had to circle the block a few times before we finally found a spot on a side street.

Finding the cache was also a challenge. I tried one side, and the the other, finally resorting to the hint. Even then it was tough to spot. I TNLNSL. Hey, that BABJeeper guy signed this one. Cool!

We returned to our car and left with someone already waiting to vulture our spot. Yikes! Thanks for the cache.

Posted by jeff at 03:21 PM

Who's Lyon?

2:59 pm - This was quite a nice neighborhood. Once we arrived in the target area, I guessed what we had to do. We found the plaque and calculated the coordinates. Yup, I expected a much. We could have driven, but went for the walk anyway, ducking through some people taking wedding photos.

There was some nice views up there on a surprisingly clear day in the city. The cache was easily found and we took the long hike back down. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 02:59 PM

Sounds of the Bay

2:26 pm - This cache is legendary in the Bay Area, so we made sure we headed towards in on our day in San Francisco. It was indeed a very cool spot. It took a few minutes for us to figure out how it works. I found the cache quickly and signed the log sheet. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 02:26 PM

YABA Treasure Hunt Hint #2

1:07 pm - This was a cool place for a cache. We walked around for a bit before we realized we had to go in. I took the cache memory signature item.

On the way out we took advantage of the SF Library Book Sale in Fort Mason. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 01:07 PM

WPArt: Hilaire's Cache

12:32 pm - This was a really neat place that we'd never been to before on the regular tourist route. We found the missing starfish on the way in and then explored the museum. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:32 PM

Women of Courage

12:09 pm - I found this plaque recognizing Ina Donna Coolbrith on Russian Hill in San Francisco, CA.

From Mr. SF.com: (visit link)

"California's first Poet Laureate and the first woman member of the Bohemian Club, Ina Donna Coolbrith is not only a pioneer in literature, she's also a Pioneer. Coolbrith came to California on the back of a horse at the age of ten after her widowed mother denounced the Mormons and headed West with a new husband. Led by mountain guide James P. Beckwith, the family arrived in California from Illinois in September, 1852. Raised in Los Angeles, a young Coolbrith became a published poet. After a bad marriage, she reinvented herself and moved to San Francisco at the age 20. Her life here is marked by her distinguished career as a librarian and, with Charles Warren Stoddard and Bret Harte, as a member of "the Golden Gate Trinity," the editors of the Overland Monthly. Coolbrith was a friend and mentor to three generations of writers including Mark Twain, Isadora Duncan, and Jack London. Though she achieved world acclaim, Coolbrith is perhaps equally famous for something she didn't write. When the fire of 1906 burned her flat at 1406 Taylor Street, all of her notes were destroyed. Coolbrith's lost history of literary California is akin to a record of the Italian Renaissance were it not to include the The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini. Among her accomplishments, Coolbrith was the first librarian of the Oakland Public Library. Born Josephine Donna Smith, her name is a composite of her birth name, a nom de plume, and her mother's maiden name."

Posted by jeff at 12:09 PM

Poet's Peak

12:09 pm - Great view from up here! Quite a few people were taking pictures in the middle of the street. We acted casual until the right moment and I grabbed it. The cache was a bit cracked and had some bugs in it, but was still dry. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:09 PM

House of Peace and Grace

11:54 am - This was a very cool place. Anne even got to show off her city parallel parking skills by scoring a tiny spot right in front. We stayed for a minute to admire the view and then took off for more city caches. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:54 AM

Ex Libris: A LooneyTunes Puzzle Cache

11:34 am - We've been trying to cache our way up the penninsula, but we've only cleared out the caches to about San Bruno so far. We wanted to check out some San Francisco caches, so we headed up for a day. We weren't dissapointed.

I never have problems dragging Anne to one of these places and it was a nice one. We've never been here before. We wandered a bit and Anne found the cache. Very well done. I wondered how long a cache would last here, but it seems to be doing pretty well so far! Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 11:34 AM

October 01, 2004

World's Worst Parking

9:37 pm - Worst parking? Nah, this was the best. As a matter of fact we didn't really park at all. This was my first ever true drive-up. Neither nostrada nor I had to get out of the car!

The place was empty tonight as all the students were out cruising El Camino rather than practicing parallel parking. I do remember the last time I came here searching for Nostrada's puzzle cache here, having to avoid all the bad drivers. Definitely dangerous. TNLNSL. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 09:37 PM

Romantic Rendezvous 3 – NEM

9:32 pm - I found the cache quickly while Nostrada was on the lookout. Signed it and returned it.

Nostrada, what was it you said about a 'cheap date'? :-)

Posted by jeff at 09:32 PM

I Think That I Shall Never See...

9:24 pm - Nostrada was asleep at the wheel, so we had to walk a few hundred more feet than necessary to find this one. On the way to the cache, we passed a young hombre just chillin' next to his car, blashing mexican folk music. Nostrada said he was going to come back with some german folk music and see who's cooler.

Onto the cache, I got lucky and found it in the first place I stuck my hand. A softball game was in full swing under the lights, but far enough away that it didn't encumber our search. Thanks for the cache.

Posted by jeff at 09:24 PM

Creekside Park Walkway

8:43 pm - The lights were out in Cupertino, but for some reason the lamps along this pathway were burning brightly. I found it quickly while my chauffeur Nostrada kept the engine running. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:43 PM

POP #6

8:32 pm - I caught a lot of static on this one, so it took me a while to make the connection. Actually I had to call on another cacher to really figure it out.

Boy, this hide looks really familiar! Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 08:32 PM

Or take... ah...

8:32 pm - I haven't been to this park in a long time. The last was during on of the stages of a Sunny Day in the Park. We didn't have good maps then and we got really frustrated trying to get here.

Tonight the miracle of auto-routing brought us right to it. It was a quick find here, despite the guy signing to himself 50 feet away. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 08:32 PM

Anna Graham

8:14 pm - The first sentence of the description for this one cracked me up.

I solved the puzzle a while ago, but I'm behind on my local caches, so I didn't have the time to get out here until tonight. Nostrada helped me find the right access point.

Once I found the cache, I made a correction, which suprisingly put me tied for #1. But now there's Behead Me. Ugh.

My favorite was probably K3 Gang mostly because I spent so many hours on it, and it was amazing when it all came together. That puzzle was so intricately constructed. My least favorite was probably Big Liar, since I also put in many hours trying to figure it out. I had pages and pages of calculations. Oy.

So what kind of statemwnt are we making with this list, anyway? :-) And who wrote over mmp's name?

TNLNSL. Thanks for this and your many other high-quality caches, Rat.

Posted by jeff at 08:14 PM

Park it in the Park

7:59 pm - It took a long time for Nostrasa to remember that he had been here before. We parked it (briefly), walked right by another cache, and headed on to the next. Thanks for the fun.
Posted by jeff at 07:59 PM

Cupertino Foothill Walkway

7:44 pm - Yup, we were about 100 feet from big hole that the PG&E crews were digging, supposedly to fix the power problem. We had to be waved around all their equipment and then we parked in an alley where they had a portable generator set up. The cache was easy to find though, even in the darker than usual dark. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:44 PM

Cupertino Power Walk

7:34 pm - Well, since the power was out, we didn't feel the least bit suspicous running around with flashlights. Our coordinates wandered a bit, but MotorBug's were a bit better and I found it after some searching. It was very strange to see all the dark houses around. Thanks for the well-themed cache! :-)
Posted by jeff at 07:34 PM

Los Altos Hills Pathways 2: 280 Exercise

7:01 pm - I solved the puzzle (or at least I was pretty sure I did), but we were coming down the path anyway so we got some exercise too. We even saw a whole family of deer including a buck. I'm sure the way we came over the fields wasn't correct, but we got there. I was waiting for someone to shoo us off their property.

We found the cache in the second place we looked. I was going to take the film can, but then I looked inside to find actual film. How strange? Who would think of using a film can for that?

TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 07:01 PM

Los Altos Hills Pathways: Mary Stutz Path

6:50 pm - While I was looking in the right place for the cache, Nostrada was looking in the wrong place, but he did come out with two golf balls, so were both successful. I was very glad that I didn't have to go through the poison oak. I don't think I've ever seen so much before. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 06:50 PM

Middle of the Street

6:26 pm - My first question is about the parking. Why are there parking spots here and why are they limited to 20 minutes. Also, why is there a pay phone here?

We found the sidewalk OK and took the short cut. This is a drive by, except you're not the one driving!

Nostrada found the cache, we signed and were off for more. I'm glad we decided to do this one first, when it was still light out. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 06:26 PM

Santa Teresa Station

Well, I've been there and looked when it was missing. I've already found the final cache and there's no requirement to write to the owner, so can I just log this as a find?
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM