October 04, 2004


6:54 pm - By the time I reached this cache, I was pretty dizzy. I forgot my palm at home, so I had to print out the cache information at work. Of course I forgot to pick up the paper at the printer as I left, so I drove around the parking lot, parked again, and ran up to get the description.

On the drive over, I couldn't find any pens. I finally found one in my car console. Then I realized that I would need a flashlight later, and that wasn't where it was supposed to be either. I found one of those in the backseat and loaded some batteries while I drove.

I nearly missed the turn to the cache and when I arrived I was pretty dizzy and frantic. Of course getting up to the cache just made me even more dizzy. And then looking down made me dizzier still.

I was so dizzy I forgot to look at my GPSr once I was up there, but the description and the hint and some meticulous searching were about all I needed.

I've crossed this bridge a few times before. If you start out at the park from my John W. Christian Greenbelt cache and head directly East on the Greenbelt, you'll cross this bridge.

Thanks for the dizzying experience! Posted by jeff at October 4, 2004 06:54 PM