October 03, 2004


9:28 am - I found a nice parking spot between waypoints 1 and 6 to start off my walk. These painted boxes are definitely new since I was last down here. I found all the boxes easily and answered the questions the best I could. At the end I sat down to do all the calculations and came up with numbers that made no sense and it didn't match the checksum.

I thought about the boxes some more and tried a few alternative interpretations, but nothing that really fixed the coordinates.

Then I read the logs and saw what digitalfish had done. That worked.

I liked the tour, but I thought some of the questions were a bit more complicated than they needed to be to "prove" that someone visited each station. I will email my answers to the owner to see where I went wrong. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at October 3, 2004 09:28 AM