October 25, 2004

Once Upon a Hang Out 1

8:10 pm - This one took a while. There were lots of no parking signs, but there was a car parked right in front of one, so I parked right behind him.

I checked a few spots, then had to wait as the security guard came out, talked on his cell phone in the street, then left.

I continued my search, looking in all kinds of spots before the security guard returned. He didn't stay long though and went back down the hill in his truck. I had an opportunity to read all the logs and I was now convinced of where it was - I just needed to spot it. I started my search again and then felt a sharp pain as my eye as I ran right into a pine needle. Ow. My eye started watering profusely, but I continued my search and spotted it soon after with my good eye. My eye still hurts, but I think I'll live. :-)

Nice views up here. I'll have to return when I have my full vision back. :-) Thanks! Posted by jeff at October 25, 2004 08:10 PM