October 03, 2004

BADGES Picnic #1

12:30 pm - We were a little late as we ran out of time running errands beforehand. That's ok, the party was just getting started.

Ya know, I've never seen anybody say they had a bad time at an event cache before. Let's give that a try.

Boy those geoocachers are smelly. You have to bring your own drinks? What's up with that? DavidT21's hot dogs were slightly overcooked. There was at least one other spot where another cache could have been placed for the event. And I didn't win any prizes!

OK, so I don't have anything real to complain about. It was a lot of fun as usual and I enjoyed meeting with all kinds of people and doing some mob-caching. Thanks for all the effort that went into the event and especially the mini-cupcakes I got to take home! Posted by jeff at October 3, 2004 12:30 PM