October 31, 2004

Mail Call of the Wild

2:42 pm - We were thoroughly confused until the very end of this one. Part of that was trying to understand the poetry on the small screen of my Palm.

We really liked the sea lions. They were close enough to pet, though they didn't really like that. We couldn't find the sign, so we used the hint.

We continued on the second stage the next day. It was a Sunday, but no one seemed to think that this place would be closed; person after person walked up, tried to open the locked door, and turned away confusedly. I found almost all the answers, enough to get us to the last stage.

We weren't quite sure of our coordinate though and the GPSr wasn't sure of where it was either, adding to the challenge. Anne finally spotted the object in the description and I gingerly waded through a field of poison oak to grab the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks for the interesting tour! Posted by jeff at October 31, 2004 02:42 PM