October 21, 2004

Pure Corn

6:53 pm - I came here for a second try just after 6. The stand was open, but there were only a few customers inside, so I would have felt suspicious going over there. Instead, I parked little distance away. I was hoping they'd close soon, so I passed the time by cleaning out my car and trying to find a pen in the process.

After ten minutes, I had cleaned lots of nasty stuff out of my car, but found no pen. Desperately, I tried to sharpen an unsharpened pencil using a plastic knife. I would have been there a long time. But then I found an address label with my name on it, so I ripped out just my last name for placement in the log.

A while later, I got bored and went over to park over near the stand and see if I could look while people were not staring at me. Some customers and the owners(?) were engaged in some chit-chat, so I wandered around pretending to talk on my cell phone while searching. I tried all the places I looked last time, but no luck.

I went back to my car, waited for a bit, and then they closed the stand. Some people were still chatting in the parking lot for a while. They finally left and I was about to go search in another spot when a Jeep pulled up. I wasn't sure if that was a cacher or not, but they didn't stay long. Once they left I went to check on a few places I hadn't checked before and found it in the last possibility. I affixed my sticker and got out of there.

I wasn't a big fan of the hide as it required you to go where customers definitely wouldn't be hanging around. If someone saw you there, they would think you were up to something. It's definitely a cool place though and I'll have to come back when I have a hankerin' for some fresh produce. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at October 21, 2004 06:53 PM