October 01, 2004

Anna Graham

8:14 pm - The first sentence of the description for this one cracked me up.

I solved the puzzle a while ago, but I'm behind on my local caches, so I didn't have the time to get out here until tonight. Nostrada helped me find the right access point.

Once I found the cache, I made a correction, which suprisingly put me tied for #1. But now there's Behead Me. Ugh.

My favorite was probably K3 Gang mostly because I spent so many hours on it, and it was amazing when it all came together. That puzzle was so intricately constructed. My least favorite was probably Big Liar, since I also put in many hours trying to figure it out. I had pages and pages of calculations. Oy.

So what kind of statemwnt are we making with this list, anyway? :-) And who wrote over mmp's name?

TNLNSL. Thanks for this and your many other high-quality caches, Rat.
Posted by jeff at October 1, 2004 08:14 PM