Celebrity Spotting in Silicon Valley

In LA, if you want to watch for celebrities, you go hang out in Hollywood, Burbank or Rodeo Drive. Apparently in Silicon Valley you hang out in Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve.

On Saturday, I put on my headphones and went on a solo 13-mile, 12-geocache hike of most of the trails in the park. Near the end I saw some people I recognized.

The first was Udi Manber, former Yahoo! and current CEO of A9.com. Or at least I’m pretty sure it was him. He was running and I’m not used to seeing him in running shorts and no shirt.

Later on, I saw Michael Toy, Manager for the Netscape Browser back in its heyday. I probably wouldn’t have recognized him if he hadn’t been wearing a big blue shirt with “Zarro Boogs” on the front.

What, you’ve never heard of these people? Well, they’re celebrities in my tech-centric world.

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