And You Think I’m Crazy

I first met Dinesh and his wife Joy at the highest point of the PG&E trail in Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. We were exhaused after climbing the steep trail on a warm day. They were resting at the top of the hill. I was trying to discretely search for a cache there while they sat nearby until they figured out what I was doing and said they were geocachers too.

We started chatting and it turned out that they had pushed up these large, heavy carts they had made up the mountain as training for some hiking they had planned in Death Valley. Nuts. I’ve run into them a few other times as well, usually in the middle of nowhere on some crazy hike.

I just noticed that Dinesh has a website where he lists all the quirky long-distance hikes he’s done. It’s entertaining stuff and proof positive that there are people out there that are crazier than me.

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