Samsung ML-1740 Printer Drivers for Macs

12/2011 Update: I can confirm that the Splix drivers work great!

Dear GoogleBot, Yahoo! Slurp, MSNBot, Ask Jeeves/Teoma, etc.,

Yesterday I purchased a really cheap laser printer, the Samsung ML-1740. There were conflicting reports of whether or not the printer would work with my Mac. Apparently Samsung had a driver, but then pulled it. After a lot of searching, I finally found a link to the drivers which were not pulled from the Australian version of the Samsung website.

I’m replacing my Epson Stylus 777 printer (in iMac blue) which prints nice photos, but I don’t print photos often or realy print often at all. That was actually the problem. The ink cartridges would clog up and I’d always have to clean them before I could print anything legible. The printer was slow, noisy (it freaked out the cat) and produced soggy paper.

The new printer is quiet and prints pages quickly in one fast pass. Back in college I remember first using the $1,000 Apple Laserwriters and wishing I could have one of my very own. Now the same quality is available at less than $100. Amazing.

Anyway, please consider this blog for your index when people search for “Samsung ML-1740 Mac Drivers”. It would have really helped me out.


Jeff Boulter
Search Engine User

Update: It worked! I’m #2 on Yahoo. Still waiting for that “other” search engine to return some quality results though.


  1. Hi! I cannot find and really, really NEED a MAC printer driver for my Samsung ML1740.

    I read all the replies I think and tried the links. Could someone please email it to me? I have a mac mini OS X of 10.5.8 NON-intel
    Patty Nash

  2. This link: worked for me!!!!

    I saw that the blog posts were pretty old and that it hadnt been tried with the newest mac and OSX, took a gamble and it worked!

    Samsung ML-1740 (7-8 years old laser printer-works awesome)
    2013 Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (i think)

    Recognized downloaded driver, works awesome! When the laser toner runs out, I’ll get a new printer capable of airprint, but this is great to have right now! Thanks Jeff

  3. Jeff, thanks for archiving your discovery about this print driver way back in 2005, and taking the time to update as the required solution changed. I just tried to plug my old ML-1740 into a new Macbook and was getting nowhere.

    A quick search, download of Splix, and I’m printing. I love keeping old stuff operational. Thanks man!

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