April 27, 2003

Van Damme Fern

This was the last cache of our weekend Mendocino trip. We seemed to be having all kinds of problems today, so that was probably a good thing. We couldn't get a GPS signal until 1 mile up the trail. Oops, we passed it. Underneath those 3 bridges would be great places for caches. Then we realized we forgot the cache info back at the car! We had the coords in the GPS already, so we hoped we could find it without a description or clue. The rain wasn't helping much either. But the signal stayed steady on the way back and the rain let up for a little while. With a little luck we found it. The contents were pretty wet. We signed the logbook, took a smiley ball and left the green M&M character. Thanks!
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Russian Gulch

This was the start of a frustrating caching day. After the day before's successes, we were all gung ho, but nature toyed with us. The GPS had trouble in the canyon and it started to rain. Then we realized we forgot the clue. Couldn't find the cache, so we went up the falls and back. At that point, we split up and one of us went back to the car for the clue while the other one looked. Still no luck after getting the clue. Now after looking through the logs, it appears we were looking in the wrong direction from the trail. Doh! We'll get this one next time.
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April 26, 2003

Magnetic Madness-Mendocino

We too weren't paying attention and had to go back for this one after doing the 7 benches. We were a little apprehensive about this structure. It seemed to give quite a bit. The log was wet, but then again just about everything was wet as it was the first day in a week that it hadn't rained. Signed it and we were off. Thanks.
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Cafe Cache-West

Stopped by here after a long day of hiking and caching. We got a lemonade and a coffee and sat down for a break. This was our first indoor cache. Guess there's no worry about the weather here! Took a caribiner and left a panda pin. Thanks.
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The Seven Benches of Mendocino

We had a great time exploring Medocino with this cache. Stopped by at the chocolate shop and had some great raspberry bark. It turned out to be a really nice day, despite raining all week. Send the answers to roadcow, but haven't heard back yet.
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Have a Seat

We had a nice walk to the lighthouse and found this one on the way out. Barely anyone around. Thanks for pointing this one out.
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Lighthouse Too

Had a great time walking around here. Nice view, nice weather (amazingly) and some nice patches of flowers. Stopped inside the lighthouse for a bit and also in the little marine center. A great spot!
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The Kid Within

found it after wandering around the bluff for a while. A great view on a great sunny day. Took a red rubber ball and left something I can't remember anymore. Thanks.
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April 20, 2003

The Charleston Shuffle

Yet another park I never would have known existed. Seems like it's almost exclusive to SGI employees. It was immaculate. Loved the waterfall. Meant to TNLN, but after we put everything back in the cache and replaced it, we found one shiny marble thingly left on the sidewalk, so we left with that.
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Cache

OK, I cheated. I searched the web for companies on the closeby streets according to the map and I found the only one that made any sense. Found the cache, I guess that means I got it right. Boy it was a biggie. I was a little concerned about lifting it. Forgot to bring books though, maybe next time. Great idea for a cache. TNLN. Ran into 3BBoys as they were leaving. We did stop by the company from the original coordinates on the way back home though just to say we did it.
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End of the Road

Wasn't quite sure how to get to this cache, but we did eventually get there on our bikes. We were pretty happy that it hadn't rained recently though the ruts in the road made things a little challenging. Took a large bouncy ball and left a pen.
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Alviso Slow

This was our first stop on a day of over 25 miles of bike-based geocaching. The flowers were in full bloom which were pretty and they also made it smell better. ;-) Found the cache without difficulty. With the wind at our backs on the return we sped back to the parking lot. Nearly ran over a sizable snake crossing the levee. Stopped to watch him continue crossing for a minute.
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The Dump

This was our last cache of the day which was a good thing because my bike started making some weird noises after our 25 miles of cache hunting. We weren't quite sure which way to go around to get this one, but it turns out either way would have worked.

It wasn't at all what we expected. Where was the art? I guess those hills is what used to be the dump? We were also looking for some logical hiding spot, but there it was, practically in the open. TNLN. Completed the loop on the way back. Thanks!

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April 19, 2003

In the Shade

Home Depot is evil. We went there today for 1 stupid extension cord and left with an extension cord, an edger, blower and a garden rake for a grand total of $68.52. Evil!

Anyway, on our way to Home Depot, we thought we would try this cache for the fourth and probably last time. I was convinced that it must have been in the clever spots we found last time and we just didn't look hard enough. Thankfully there weren't many people around. We looked carefully at the clever spots again and still didn't find it. Spent 20 minutes looking for other places it could be. We were about to give up again on this one when I decided to use my fingers instead of my eyes in the clever spot, despite all the nasty things in there. Ta da! I redeemed myself. Thanks!

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Fairchild Superfund

Actually did this one a few weeks ago, got the company names, and got confirmation back that the names were correct. However, when I went to log it, I realized I misread the clue and there was actually something to see, not just figuring out what the companies were. So went back today and checked the things out. Weird. Glad I don't work next to one of those things.
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Paramount Importance

We were a little worried that this cache wouldn't be there anymore considering the recent construction here. But we got lucky and found it almost immediately. Thanks.
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April 13, 2003

Rock Rimmon

Figured I had to do this one since it's about .2 miles from the house where I grew up. Brought my mom along too. I once had a Boy Scout project to clean this place up, but that was a long time ago and there's lots of glass there now. Took a little while to find the first waypoint. Lots of vertical space to search! Found the second waypoint after some searching too. Cache was pretty easy to find. The shanty is still there and a little scary. The cache does have a big crack in it and is not an ammo cannister as it says in the description. The contents were wet, so it probably should be replaced. Took a superball and left an American Flag. Thanks.
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April 06, 2003

Slick 151

The second cache of the day with my friend Rob from RI. Finished it just in time to go to the airport and head home to CA!
Took Nothing, Left Nothing
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Old Oak Cache

Found this cache while on a weekend trip to San Antonio to meet up with friends from RI. It was my friend Rob's first geocaching adventure! TN LN.
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