April 19, 2003

In the Shade

Home Depot is evil. We went there today for 1 stupid extension cord and left with an extension cord, an edger, blower and a garden rake for a grand total of $68.52. Evil!

Anyway, on our way to Home Depot, we thought we would try this cache for the fourth and probably last time. I was convinced that it must have been in the clever spots we found last time and we just didn't look hard enough. Thankfully there weren't many people around. We looked carefully at the clever spots again and still didn't find it. Spent 20 minutes looking for other places it could be. We were about to give up again on this one when I decided to use my fingers instead of my eyes in the clever spot, despite all the nasty things in there. Ta da! I redeemed myself. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at April 19, 2003 01:00 PM