April 27, 2003

Van Damme Fern

This was the last cache of our weekend Mendocino trip. We seemed to be having all kinds of problems today, so that was probably a good thing. We couldn't get a GPS signal until 1 mile up the trail. Oops, we passed it. Underneath those 3 bridges would be great places for caches. Then we realized we forgot the cache info back at the car! We had the coords in the GPS already, so we hoped we could find it without a description or clue. The rain wasn't helping much either. But the signal stayed steady on the way back and the rain let up for a little while. With a little luck we found it. The contents were pretty wet. We signed the logbook, took a smiley ball and left the green M&M character. Thanks! Posted by jeff at April 27, 2003 01:00 PM