The Best Worst Day Ever

Today was a horrible day. It was also the greatest day I’ve had in a long time.

The first thing I did when I got into work is start writing a post-mortem report for a outage yesterday – always a great way to start a day. While I was writing it, a different outage occurred. The next few hours were spent following up on yesterday’s outage and gathering info on today’s outage. Lunch was consumed during an informative technical presentation while I checked my email. Then it was back to dealing with today’s outage and writing the post-mortem report for that. Two in one day is a record for me.

Then my day turned around completely. A guy I’ve been trying to hire for a critical position accepted. A solution for a important problem that I have been pestered about constantly and we’ve been working on for weeks suddenly appeared. I got some great tickets for a Giants game. Then I had a quick meeting that turned out to be something amazing and unexpected.

Then it was back to an interview, trying to get other people to help us meet our deadlines, post-mortem followups and general running around. I went home more exhausted than usual.

Still, it was the best worst day ever.

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