4 things I can’t stand about MLB.com

1. Popup ads. I’m paying $15 a month. Why should I be subjected to
pop-up ads? They seem to be specifically designed to work around popup

2. The same Tom Petty ad over and over again during commercial breaks.
It’s driving me crazy to hear the same clip 20 times per game.

3. Video that plays automatically on certain pages. It’s not considered
nice to play video with sound when someone’s not expecting it,
especially when they may be using it an office environment.

4. The MLB player is absolutely huge, without offering much
functionality. How about adding who’s up at bat, strikes and outs
instead of just the scoreboard? I can close the scoreboard and news
ticker, but I don’t see the point of doing so.

Not that I’ll be using it for much longer. Schilling and Papelbon are now injured too. Clearly, God is a Yankees fan.

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