Problems with Wall-E

I definitely haven’t seen many movies recently, but I managed to catch up on one this weekend, Pixar’s Wall-E.

Before I watched it, I thought “A Pixar movie about robots in space? What could be cooler than that? This should be great!”. I was disappointed.

Usually Pixar movies are so mind-blowingly creative that I don’t care if the plot doesn’t quite make sense. I own almost all of them. While Wall-E had some cute parts, it was dull in others and I couldn’t overlook all the holes in the plot.

  • If the Axiom had been in space 700 years, how could they have been throwing out huge blocks of garbage? Where did they get the material to replace it?
  • The captain made the comment that they never had a probe come back positive before. If they had been sending probes to earth for 700 years, wouldn’t Wall-E have seen these all the time?
  • What was the point of building skyscrapers of trash? Who was going to pick them up?
  • What happened to all the other Wall-E units? If he was the only one, then how could he have possibly cleaned earth up enough to make it livable again?
  • There weren’t nearly enough captains on the wall to cover 700 years.
  • If EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator)’s mission was to find plants, why the heck did she need a huge gun to blow stuff up?
  • They made a big deal of the couple who met and went in the pool, like people didn’t interact at all. But there was a whole nursery of babies and the human race had survived 700 years, so clearly not everyone was anti-social.
  • There’s no way people who’ve been laying down their whole lives would suddenly get up and start walking around.
  • When the ship tips over, everyone slides to one side. That only makes sense is gravity is directly below them, but there’s no gravity in space.
  • The plant would have died instantly (exploded and frozen, really) when exposed to space.
  • Why was the BnL CEO live action whereas everyone else a cartoon?
  • What did the movie that Wall-E watched over and over again have to do with anything?
  • How were people going to live on Earth with those dust storms and no water and still trash everywhere?

As far I was concerned, Pixar was 8 for 8 in their previous films. Wall-E was a disappointment. Hopefully things are back to par with Up next year.


  1. I’ve not seen Wall-E but re: “When the ship tips over, everyone slides to one side. That only makes sense is gravity is directly below them, but there‚Äôs no gravity in space”

    It sounds as if they were standing on the ground to begin with there, isn’t that a problem too? You’re more likely to be knocked to one side of a turning body in microgravity than you are to stick to the floor of a stable one.

    • The people who first left earth on the ship, including the captain were all live action. As the condition of humans changed so did the likeness to the live action/real human dimensions. I thought it was quite well done.

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