What to do, what to do?

I think I spent half of my free time (when Anne is busy) deciding what to do with my free time. Usually it’s an hour or two at home at night or a half-hour in the morning. The possibilities are usually:

1. Log my Geocaching finds
2. Write some code for a website (usually Geocaching-related)
3. Solve some Geocaching puzzles
4. Think about balancing my bank accounts (I never actually do it)
5. Read a book/magazine
6. Play my PSP
7. Watch TV or a Movie
8. Fix something broken in the house
9. Fold and put away laundry
10. Play with cats (and shut them up for a few minutes)

These are the things I could do, most of which, when done, I could claim some kind of accomplishment. Instead, it’s almost always:

11. Read email/blogs/websites followed by random web surfing/searching for something stupid.

I suppose it’s one way to keep in touch with the world and keep abreast of culture/technology, but I feel like there’s so much more I could be getting done. Mostly I think it’s inertia. I sit on the couch, grab the laptop and check my email. After that I can wander aimlessly online for hours.

Perhaps I just enjoy being lazy more than getting things done.


  1. Sounds very familiar. Being on vacation for the past 2 weeks underscored the fact that I spend too much time on the computer, because I saw just how much can get done in a day when I don’t have the Web to distract me.

    I may have to check out a new Greasemonkey user script that I saw mentioned at 43folders. It basically interrupts you every 5 minutes or so and asks you if you really should be surfing the Web.

  2. You like Puzzles? Great!! Help us out with this one. PLEASE!!!!!

    N 41° 50.300 W 079° 09.500


    41 QR STU
    79 VW XYZ

    Q = G-2
    R = D-9
    S = A-6
    T = J-8
    U = B-7
    V = H-7
    W = E
    X = L-8
    Y = K-4
    Z = F-6

  3. Someone passed the the following puzzle on the me as well
    41 QR STU 79 VW XYZ.
    No further instructions or clues were provided. I have no idea if its an address, a value, a sentence, blahhhhhhhh.
    You have any idea what the solution might be or what the puzzle might be looking for?
    Thank you very much

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