March 30, 2007

The British Colonial

4:39 pm - Looked quickly, but could not find this one.
Posted by jeff at 04:39 PM

Governor's Mansion

4:31 pm - Holy moly, traffic! Found it while pretending to look at a rather uninteresting building. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:31 PM

The Water Tower

4:07 pm - Second stop on a caching tour of the area. A market was just closing up here. Thanks for the view and cache.
Posted by jeff at 04:07 PM

Parliament Square

3:55 pm - It was a nice afternoon for a walk and we made this our first stop. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:55 PM

March 28, 2007

Green Key

2:11 pm - This was one hell of an adventure. We only had a few hours left before our cruise ship left and this looked like a fun cache to do. Our plan was to use our snorkeling equipment to swim out to the island, run over to the cache, swim back, return the rental car and get back on the ship.

We put all out stuff in a backpack and triple bagged the camera, GPS and cell phone. Also in the bag were shoes for walking on the island. These were a very good idea as the rocks on the island were sharp!

The swim went ok with flippers and we made it on the island in about 30 minutes. Our electronics were dry. It then took us another 40 minutes or so to walk across the Key to the cache to get the picture and get back.

When we returned to the beach to put our snorkeling equipment back on, some other people had come over on a boat; they looked at us like we were crazy. Off we went and we were back on the island proper in another 35 minutes. We quickly got our stuff together and raced back to dock.

I took a wrong turn and we got stuck in some nasty traffic, making it a bit more stressful for us. When returning the car, we couldn't find one set of flippers. Crap, I left them on the roof of the car back at the beach. There was no time to go back for them, so we finished the paperwork and rushed back to the ship. It seems that a lot of other people were late too, so we made it ok, but it sure was exciting!

Thanks for the adventure!

Posted by jeff at 02:11 PM

Sunset Cache

8:53 am - We're not sure how you're supposed to get to this one legally. We wandered through the condos next door that were being built and found access to the beach. Then we walked up the path to the cache. The gate at the top was locked, so we had to go around again through the condos. Good thing we left the gate from the condos open! Thanks for the cache.
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March 27, 2007

Dock Sider

4:56 pm - Yeah, I don't think you could get closer to the dock. Looks like we weren't the only geocachers on the ship! Thanks.
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4:50 pm - Well, we thought this one was on the road side of the fence, so we went all the way around. Nope, no cache up there! Down the hill we went and found it in a much more reasonable spot on our way back to the ship. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:50 PM

Sea Princess 4 Cache

2:09 pm - We had a fun walk out to this spot. Anne grabbed the cache. I didn't make it out without getting my shoes soaked, but I guess that's what fun is all about, right? Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:09 PM

Jake's Seat

12:52 pm - My god, this place was crazy busy - cars honking, people running across the street, nearly getting run over. Good hide for the cache and a nice spot to check out the view - when there aren't so many frickin' people! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:52 PM

Hull Bay Hide

12:32 pm - I looked around the boat ramp first, then wandered into the right spot. Funny placement. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:32 PM

March 26, 2007

La Rogativa

8:08 pm - Based on the description, I expected this one to be closer to the statue. I found the cache on my second check in this spot. It was a little worrysome to stick my hand in there especially at night, but I came out ok. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 08:08 PM

March 23, 2007

Watch Over Wetlands (WOW #2)

7:07 pm - There was a wedding on the beach today, which was neat to watch. As for the cache, I was waiting for a gator to jump out any second as I was trying to find the cache. Got out unscathed, fortunately. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 07:07 PM

Hop To It Cache

6:47 pm - This cache was a good excuse to find the beach. We wandered around a bit and enjoyed the ocean. TNLN. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 06:47 PM

EZ Street

6:17 pm - Nice neighborhood for a cache. Left the car running as we grabbed it. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:17 PM

Walk On Water (WOW #1)

6:02 pm - Neat spot to take a break! I don't know how, but we all missed this cache on our first pass, but we did. Embarrassing! TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:02 PM

March 22, 2007

Cache of a Lifetime!

11:26 am - We looked for a while in reference to the hint, but that lead us nowhere.

Eventually I found it in the first place we looked. Well-hidden cache. TNLN. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 11:26 AM

Mangrove Momma

11:01 am - The coordinates were all bouncy here, but I eventually found it. Interesting camo! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:01 AM

Sweet Jasmine

10:37 am - Hey, this was a nice spot to park and check out the beach. Quick cache, too! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 10:37 AM

March 18, 2007

Shred it, Dude!

11:33 am - There was a long wait at Stacks' for breakfast, so Rob and I went for a walk. Found it OK and made it back in time for them to call our name and get some yummy pancakes. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:33 AM

March 10, 2007

Dislocater, Jr.

6:18 pm - The instructions for this one had me cracking up. Thanks for the yuks.
Posted by jeff at 06:18 PM


5:53 pm - We walked all the way out here from the marina and by this type, we knew we were definitely not going to make it back before dark. Oh well, it was a nice walk. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:53 PM


5:45 pm - MotorBug is definitely not a plant guy, but I don't hold that against him.
Posted by jeff at 05:45 PM

Somewhere in the Baylands

5:16 pm - It took me longer to figure out how to get it out than to find it! Well done. TFTC.
Posted by jeff at 05:16 PM

March 05, 2007

I Just Had to Sit Down

4:37 pm - Made another quick stop here on our walk through this new trail. Thanks for the visit.
Posted by jeff at 04:37 PM

March 04, 2007

Juan Slept Here

3:57 pm - Neat spot! I didn't know about this area and the plaque. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:57 PM

Lone Dinosaur Park

3:42 pm - We drove by here and the park was swarming with people. We drove through the neighborhood and when we came by again, it was deserted. Weird.
Posted by jeff at 03:42 PM

Bay Area Calibration Point #1

3:22 pm - Man these caches are a lot of work. :-)

1. N37 19.884 W122 04.990
2. Garmin 60cs
3. 426
4. 8
5. 8
6. 14
7. 4
8. 131
9. 3/4
10. N


Posted by jeff at 03:22 PM

Somewhere in Rancho San Antonio Park

3:06 pm - I spent a long time focusing on the wrong area for this one. Once I looked in the right spot it popped right up. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:06 PM

Old Water Tank Site

2:42 pm - I always wondered what was up in this area of the park. Now I know. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:42 PM

Virus Bravo Eight

1:56 pm - As we were heading towards this one, I saw a really good hiding spot, but my map showed this cache was on the PG&E trail. My map was wrong. Went back down to this spot and found it right where it should be. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:56 PM

View of 7 poles

1:36 pm - Yup, lots of great views in this park. Thanks for another!
Posted by jeff at 01:36 PM

Bambi, Turkeys, and Snow

1:22 pm - I wandered into some PO looking for this one, which was completely unnecessary. Grabbed in during a break in traffic. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:22 PM

My Favorite Park

12:57 pm - There was a good amount of traffic on this less popular trail today. Found it without too much trouble though. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:57 PM

Somewhere in Rancho

12:48 pm - Hooray, an easy "Somewhere" one. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:48 PM