March 28, 2007

Green Key

2:11 pm - This was one hell of an adventure. We only had a few hours left before our cruise ship left and this looked like a fun cache to do. Our plan was to use our snorkeling equipment to swim out to the island, run over to the cache, swim back, return the rental car and get back on the ship.

We put all out stuff in a backpack and triple bagged the camera, GPS and cell phone. Also in the bag were shoes for walking on the island. These were a very good idea as the rocks on the island were sharp!

The swim went ok with flippers and we made it on the island in about 30 minutes. Our electronics were dry. It then took us another 40 minutes or so to walk across the Key to the cache to get the picture and get back.

When we returned to the beach to put our snorkeling equipment back on, some other people had come over on a boat; they looked at us like we were crazy. Off we went and we were back on the island proper in another 35 minutes. We quickly got our stuff together and raced back to dock.

I took a wrong turn and we got stuck in some nasty traffic, making it a bit more stressful for us. When returning the car, we couldn't find one set of flippers. Crap, I left them on the roof of the car back at the beach. There was no time to go back for them, so we finished the paperwork and rushed back to the ship. It seems that a lot of other people were late too, so we made it ok, but it sure was exciting!

Thanks for the adventure!

Posted by jeff at March 28, 2007 02:11 PM