September 24, 2006


5:12 pm - After doing the sister cache to this one, it was very quick. The other one is much easier since there's far less people hanging around. Found the cache and headed for ferry. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:12 PM

Start or End Here

5:06 pm - We choose: End Here. We still had a few minutes before the ferry left and I found this one lickety split. No time to trade, so TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:06 PM

don't miss the boat

5:03 pm - Yes, yes, yes, my wife is already reminding me every few seconds that we don't want to miss the last ferry. We've got 17 minutes left and there's only a few caches left. What's the rush? OK, even I was getting a bit nervous. I found the cache quickly once I got to the right side of the road. That seemed to happen a lot today. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:03 PM

Stuffed Bike Cache

4:58 pm - Reading the story, the name now makes sense, though I hope you picked up the bike as not to pollute the island. Found the cache with the hint and headed determinedly towards our date with the ferry in 20 minutes. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:58 PM

Support Your Troops

4:53 pm - I'm not sure if I read too much into the title or it was intentional, but I found this one pretty quick. Unfortunately I realized when I went to sign the log that I was missing my favorite pen and my GPS lanyard that it was attached to. Now I need to track down new ones. TNLN. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 04:53 PM

Raccoon Strait

4:48 pm - We took the CORRECT path up to this one from Pt. Stuart, even though we had to walk our bikes for some of the steep parts. This trail was fun on a bike though. I searched for quite a while until I realized I had walked right by it. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:48 PM

Pt Stewart Angel Island

4:38 pm - This was my biggest navigational snafu of the day. We went down when we should have gone up. The penalty was having to drag our bikes up a short but steep hill to the road. It was a nice ride after that and it didn't take too long to find the cache and enjoy the view at the same time. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:38 PM

its the water

4:20 pm - No muggles here, but lots of nosy deer around. Once I saw the spot, it all made sense. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:20 PM

Battery not included

4:09 pm - We lugged our bikes up the wrong trail for this one, only to find a very sensible road at the top. Oh well. The battery was interesting. While I contemplated the various meanings of the hint, Anne pointed to a logical spot that I hadn't seen before and there it was. Nice hide. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:09 PM

Battery with a view

3:53 pm - We looked around without reading anything for a while and obviously didn't find it. Anne did manage to drop her new sunglasses in the narrow gap between two sections of concrete though. I manged to fish them out with a stick, but there was poison oak down there so I didn't let her wear them for the rest of the day.

Once we read what we had to do, I got to the right spot and poked around, getting pretty dirty in the process. In lieu of a flashlight, I turned up the brightness on my cell phone and spotted it without a problem. Thanks for the interesting hide!

Posted by jeff at 03:53 PM

Perles Beach Approach

3:42 pm - Hmm, we probably should have ready the description more closely to find the alternate route the cache since we only saw the closed road. No matter - we barely made it back to the boat doing the other caches on the island. It's hard to complain about having to come back to this place. Thanks, anyway.
Posted by jeff at 03:42 PM

Rock Crusher

3:38 pm - This place looked pretty intimidating for finding a cache. Many, many places to look. I was thankful for the reasonable placement and lack of camo. Thanks for the interesting spot!
Posted by jeff at 03:38 PM

peace pipe

3:34 pm - Quick find and thankfully so as I was getting exhausted after 4 hours of caching. Signed log. Find nearest cache location. Find cache. Repeat x 33. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:34 PM

Picnic Photo Opp

3:27 pm - This was mean, mean and evil. After finding some suspicious spots empty of caches, I called the owner to ask if I was OK to replace it. He gave me an additional hint and I found it. Mean, mean, mean!
Posted by jeff at 03:27 PM

Mount Caroline Livermore

2:52 pm - I wish I had read who placed this cache - it would have made the hunt a lot shorter. There were four people hanging around the cache area when we arrived, so we weren't sure that we would be able to grab it. We "took in the view" from several angles before I spotted it and signed the log with only a bush inbetween us. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:52 PM

lunch stump

2:29 pm - This was the first cache of our second mini-hike of the day, taking a break from our bikes. Quick find. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:29 PM

hole in one

2:15 pm - I can note this one as my first drive by on a bike. I didn't even have to get off. I've also never seen this container used before. I'll have to start saving them. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:15 PM

it's hip to be caching

2:07 pm - This was the only frustrating cache of the day for us. We spend a long time looking and couldn't find anything except hundreds of pine cones.
Posted by jeff at 02:07 PM

Seaside View

1:50 pm - The island sure was crowded today. Just as we arrived here a large group of young Indians started hanging around near the cache and taking pictures. They even asked me to take one. I did, hoping they would go away soon. Eventually I spotted in while they were still there and was able to grab it while they were still in the vicinity. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:50 PM

wacky rocks

1:33 pm - Found this one pretty quickly after pretending to admire the view for some passing muggles. They apparently thought it was a good idea too and stopped their bikes a little ahead of us. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:33 PM

what do you got?

1:18 pm - As we passed a trailhead, we took our first opportunity of the day to get off our bikes and take a short hike. It was also a great time to consume those PB&Js that had now been thoroughly smooshed in our backpack. With muggles in all directions my search was difficult and the camo was good so it took a while. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:18 PM


1:02 pm - My search for this one was pretty pathetic. I looked all over the place until Anne arrived and said she saw it. I looked up and there it was - right above my head. I'll use the visor of my bike helmet as an excuse, despite the lack of any camo on this container. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:02 PM

just give me a sign!

12:50 pm - There were a lot of people hanging around this trail intersection, so we did a lot of waiting before we searched. I looked on the wrong side of the trail, then Anne pointed me to the right side (which was on my left. Wha?) Nice camo. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:50 PM

Nights of the Roundtable

12:41 pm - FTF? I'm not sure. When we looked at the log, someone else had signed in earlier in the day. They were camping above and stumbled across it. Since they're not geocachers, I don't know if that counts as a FTF or not. Anyway, interesting spot and we TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:41 PM

Yes, Fire Works

12:33 pm - Wow, impressive work on this one. Found it right away since it was in the obvious spot. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:33 PM

Crack Me Up

12:25 pm - I worked on this one alone for a while, then Anne yelled the description at me from 200 feet away. That helped and I found it soon after without any need for endangering my life further today. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 12:25 PM

TA@10K #0001: Bishops Gambit (AKA: Gun Jumper)

12:10 pm - As I was heading down to this one, I thought for sure I would find a better and saner way back up. Nope. The cache was easily found once I was in the right spot though and I noted the info for this series, though I'd be surprised if I ever make it to all 11. TNLN. Thanks for the exercise!
Posted by jeff at 12:10 PM

Stuart Overlook(a.k.a. "Angel Island Central")

11:54 am - We appreciated the forced stop after biking up that hill. When I was here a few years ago, I claimed the Nike Missle site right across the road as a locationless. That was quite a find since there aren't a lot of them around. Found the cache OK then sat down for a snack for continuing on to what seemed like the infinite caches on this island. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:54 AM

Post Exchange

11:49 am - We had to do a lot of waiting out of the muggles here. Once there was finally a clearing I found it hanging out where I didn't expect it at first. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:49 AM

Troop 333; Angels in White

11:30 am - It's good that this one was well-covered because it has negative camo! Found it quickly in this quiet area of the park. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:30 AM

Bowling and Dollars

11:26 am - I headed down the hill the hard way for this one. Finally spotted it under the trees. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:26 AM

three wise men

11:16 am - Almost DNF'd this one. I looked for a while until I figured out the interesting hiding technique. I found it mostly through clumsiness. Thanks anyway!
Posted by jeff at 11:16 AM

keep your guard up

11:05 am - I wandered around for a while until I found it where it made the most sense. Four caches in 15 minutes - that's some serious cache density for an uninhabited island! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:05 AM

Point Campbell

11:00 am - Nice view for #3 on the day. Quick find, TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:00 AM


10:57 am - As I arrived, two cachers were pondering a bush on the side of the road. I helped GeorgiaPNUT and Pot_O_Mus poke around a bit, then headed for the other side of the road. Suddenly the title made sense and we started looking in earnest until GeorgiaPNUT came up with it. I offered my tiny lanyard pen (which I lost later in the day, *sob*) so we could all sign in. I expected to run into them again later on the trail, but we never did as we were on bikes and they were walking. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 10:57 AM

love shack

10:51 am - This was the first of our 34 caches on the island today. And to think we already did 20 here a while back! This was pretty quick, which was good thing since we had many more to do. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 10:51 AM

September 23, 2006

Somewhere in Cupertino?

2 pm - Got a hint since my last visit. Found it. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:00 PM

September 20, 2006

The End is Near

The End has come for this cache. Actually the End is a little further down the road at the trailhead cache anyway.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

September 17, 2006

Heil Kaiser!

5:17 pm - It's not often that MotorBug helps *me* with a puzzle, but I'll gladly take the returned favor.

After a long day of caching in the South County we finished up a few downtown. Interesting spot. We were glad to find it before we got too dusty. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 05:17 PM

Parade of Floats

5:09 pm - These were neat. I took the hint a little too lterally and searched the wrong spot. It was an easy grab today. I've never seen City Hall before either, and it's quite nice. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:09 PM

SJGP: Turn 4

5:01 pm - Hey, why'ja archive all of these? Some of these were pretty good hides! Anyway, thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:01 PM

SJGP: Kerblammo

4:58 pm - Quick find on this attempt. Thanks for the cache!
Posted by jeff at 04:58 PM

Let’s Go Surfing

4:30 pm - Oh, that's evil. I saw it quickly and breathed in deeply before I grabbed it. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:30 PM

Did you know?

4:20 pm - Hey, this was the same Murphy guy that gave the original name to what is now known as Sunnyvale. MotorBug made the quick find here. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:20 PM

Temple of Doom

4:14 pm - Wow, this place really does look like the temple of doom! Interesting multi, thanks for the story.
Posted by jeff at 04:14 PM

By 101 without an exit

4:03 pm - I liked the release device on this one. After a quick stop, we were off to the next one. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:03 PM

By the tracks

3:59 pm - The caches are coming quickly today. This one was especially quick. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:59 PM

By 101 without an exit #2

3:55 pm - MotorBug and I spent a loooong time at this one. The guy at the garden store came over at one point to see if we had found it yet. He asked what kind of container it was and I said I had no idea! While MotorBug was getting a lifeline, I read Nazgul's log and it helped me determine what I was looking for. I put my hand on it with a sigh of relief. Not nice at all!
Posted by jeff at 03:55 PM

By 101 without an exit # 3

3:27 pm - Ha, very cool container. Definitely a first for me. MotorBug had it quickly and we felt the next cache calling. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:27 PM

Country Caboose

3:23 pm - What's up with "Uno No Name" Road??

MotorBug has this one wicked fast. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 03:23 PM

Saint Louise/Gilroy

3:16 pm - Nice craftsmanship on this one. Found it quickly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:16 PM

Saint Louise/Gilroy

3:16 pm - Nice craftsmanship on this one. Found it quickly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:16 PM

Premium Outlets #1

3:10 pm - MotorBug was nice enough to hang out here with me while I did this cache he did a few days ago. I made the quick fine and headed off. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:10 PM

The BEST Cache ? ?

3:01 pm - I was glad MotorBug was with me for this one as I didn't want spend any more time than I needed to poking around amongst the thousands of wasps here. I spotted the cache right away. It was in good shape and I placed it back right where I found it. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:01 PM

Gilroy Volcano

2:57 pm - Oh man, this on was completely covered with ants. Now I'm covered with ants. Closed this one up and ran back as soon as I could. TNLN. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:57 PM

Danger Zone

2:44 pm - Yup, quick one. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:44 PM

Wally World

2:07 pm - I had to wait out a truck ready to make a delivery at first. Dropped digitalfish #4677 and took digialfish #4678. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:07 PM

The End is near!

2:05 pm - Picked up DigitalFish 4677 and returned it to MotorBug who had dropped it here 6 days ago. He was not amused.
Posted by jeff at 02:05 PM

Artsy Craftsy

1:56 pm - No need to even turn off the car for this one! Quick sign and return. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:56 PM

Heart on Target

1:53 pm - Nice cache, except for the the cigarette inside. I'm not sure why someone would leave one of those in something a kid is likely to find. Removed that. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:53 PM

Auto Isle

1:47 pm - Ugggh, this was a painful place to look. I tried to hide between the trucks, but the salesmen were staring at me from all sides. After a while, one of them came over to ask if I had found it yet.

Thankfully MotorBug came back, found it, and I didn't even wait around for him to put back. I went and hid in the car.

Posted by jeff at 01:47 PM

Egg Roll Square

1:28 pm - MotorBug and I debated whether this meant Easter or Chinese. It turned out to be the latter. We wandered a bit, but I found it in not too long. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:28 PM

Secret Cemetery

1:20 pm - Got lucky and parked within about 3 feet! It fit in well though. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:20 PM

Renz Park

1:15 pm - Neat container. Found it quickly. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:15 PM

Oak Commons

1:09 pm - Nice construction on this one. We checked a few places before I found it. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:09 PM

Yule Log at Christmas Hill Park

1:00 pm - Like many others, we tried to get to this one from the wrong side. Once we relocated ourselves, we found the well-camo'd cache, complete with authentic bugs crawling all over it. Yum! TNLN. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Gilroy Garlic

12:50 pm - Nope, couldn't find this one.
Posted by jeff at 12:50 PM

Christmas Tree Lights

12:36 pm - I was on a roll finding the caches today, but I let MotorBug sign this one after he wandered back from wherever he was looking. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:36 PM

Uvas Creek Stroll

12:22 pm - Well, we should have checked the obvious spot first, but looked in the hard places instead and considered trying to make our way down to the creek. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:22 PM

A Twisted End for a Cache

12:13 pm - MotorBug and I had a short walk to this place and I picked up the cache quickly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:13 PM

Babbs Creek Bridge

12:07 pm - MotorBug and I searched for a while on this one, but no luck.
Posted by jeff at 12:07 PM

Walk This Way

11:56 am - 1st cache of the day with MotorBug. A quick one this one was. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:56 AM

Caching in a Parallel Universe

11:00 am - I figured this out alright, but didn't notice the extra bit that would have made the hide a bit easier. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:00 AM

POP #8

10:59 am - I got a bit of a hint on this one to finish it up, but most of it made sense. A bit more reasonable than some others in the series. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 10:59 AM

September 16, 2006

HBJ, the sequel

7:17 pm - Well that's an unusual placement for this kind of hide. I managed to spot it though and had to walk a bit from where I parked. Thanks for the fun.
Posted by jeff at 07:17 PM

Sequoia Sempervirus

6:56 pm - I was able to spot the inconsistency right away. That isn't usually the case. Thanks for the cache!
Posted by jeff at 06:56 PM

Doerr n't complain about this!

6:53 pm - Yeah, the last place was a little too close to private property. I was thankful to have remembered the container. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:53 PM

Behind 24

6:45 pm - I looked around a bit and then noticed something worth investigation. Bingo. Unfortunately the retrievement mechanism broke when I pulled it out. I reattached it, but it's probably not as well secured as it should be. I took out the blue wrist band because I couldn't fit it back in. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 06:45 PM

Little Cache of Horrors III

6:31 pm - While I'm driving around caching today, I'm listening to The Two Towers audiobook. I found the creative cache then got back into the car just to hear one part where they keep saying Nazgul over and over again. An omen? Thanks for the cache!
Posted by jeff at 06:31 PM

Chemistry: Chapter 22.5

6:28 pm - DNF #3? I thought I had fixed my coordinates for this long ago, but apparently I forgot to take the owner's last advice. Next time, I swear I'll get it!
Posted by jeff at 06:28 PM

UB: Guerilla Warfare - Arms Cache

5:16 pm - I found it! I found it! I definitely wasn't coming back here for a 5th time, so I'm glad I did. I think I've tried find it in each of its 3 incarnations too. The hint was very precise and straightforward once I figured out my compass directions. Phew!
Posted by jeff at 05:16 PM

McAbee Trailhead

4:47 pm - I'm done hiking for the day and I'm heading down the trail when I see a bobcat in the wild for the first time crossing the road. Pretty cool.

It was amazing to see all the houses being built near here. The last time I was here it was still the old farm.

Amazingly I spent more time waiting out muggles than looking for the cache. I was happy to get out of there and away from the annoying flies anyway. Thanks the bit of evil.

Posted by jeff at 04:47 PM

Above Almaden Valley

4:07 pm - This one wasn't bad to get to. I just followed the road on my topo map that no longer existed. Nice views indeed from up here. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:07 PM

Communication Lines

3:51 pm - I can't believe shadow101 would get within 150 feet of a cache and not go for it. I'd crawl through 150 feet of hot barbed wire if there was a cache that close!

Wow, it's definitely been a while since I've been back to this area of the park - this cache has been here for almost 2 years. TNLN. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 03:51 PM

Cone of Serenity

3:43 pm - Excellent placement for a bench! I poked around and found the cache. I trashed out the Nutter Butter inside and replaced it with a pair of headphones. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:43 PM

Conjuction Junction

3:32 pm - I came by here on my loop a bit earlier in the day, but there was a guy talking on a cell phone on the bench. I thought you came out here to get away from technology? (Says the guy with the GPSr and Treo.) It was easy once I didn't have an audience. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:32 PM

WOW! Look what I found.

3:22 pm - I definitely took the wrong trail to this one. I had to delicately walk down the hillside to the correct trail, trying (but definitely failing) to avoid the poison oak. By the time I got to the cache, I had stickers all over and flies swarming around me. Needless to say, I signed the log and got out of there ASAP! Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:22 PM

Hey We Did It!

3:01 pm - Nice job on the trail. Actually I have one complaint - couldn't you make it less steep? No? Alright. Thanks anyway!
Posted by jeff at 03:01 PM

Magellan Be There GPS Adventure 21

2:45 pm - That's a cool story. Somehow I missed most of that contest.

Speaking of missing things, I really missed the trail on this one. I bushwhacked over and through the bushes to the cache. It was a tough climb. After finding the cache, I thought taking the trail down would be easy. Not so much. I lost the trail and ended up scrambling around until I finally resigned myself to heading back down in the opposite direction that I wanted to go. Eventually I made it to the road, so I guess it came out ok. TNLN. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 02:45 PM

Vote for Senator

2:26 pm - Well, I went to the old calulated coordinates first and didn't find anything. It might be good to put this right in the calculations. I found it OK in the real spot. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:26 PM

A Highly Repulsive cache

2:14 pm - On most caches, not reading the description (as I'm likely not to do) makes the cache easier. For this one, I think it helped not to know what was going on. Found the final quickly. Phew! TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:14 PM

Go to the Head of the Cache

2:07 pm - Found this one without much trouble. A good start to a nice hike!
Posted by jeff at 02:07 PM

September 10, 2006

Houseboat Hangout

3:22 pm - We arrived way ahead of gametime today, so we found some free parking far away and did a few caches on the way in. This one was interesting. Boy you sure love those multis! TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:22 PM

Where are the fish?

2:39 pm - DNF. Lots of people around, but that didn't hinder me much. I thought I understood the hint (which seems seasonal), but couldn't locate the cache.
Posted by jeff at 02:39 PM

A Nice View of the Docks

2:26 pm - It took us a little while to locate the cam. TeamAlamo saw us on the camera before we knew where we had to go. Complaints about the lack of zoom in the picture should be directed to the world's #1 cacher.

Posted by jeff at 02:26 PM

CalTrain - 22nd. St.

2:12 pm - I tried this one a long time ago, but it was dark and scary out so we left quickly. Today it was a bright and sunny day, making the cache easy to find. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:12 PM

Heron's Head Park

1:47 pm - Apparently the local bikers meet here on Sunday afternoons. The parking lot was full of them when we arrived and we could barely get out when we left. As we drove off there were groups of bikes all converging in the lot. It was loud and crazy, but they were nice.

As for the cache, we had a nice walk out to the cache and almost all the way to the point. TNLN. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 01:47 PM

Passage to India

1:35 pm - Quick find. Thanks for the view!
Posted by jeff at 01:35 PM

A Rose is a Rose

1:29 pm - Huh, I guess I learned a word from the hint. Of course it didn't make any sense when I was there. Found it OK anyway. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:29 PM

Hey, Abbott! Where's Marie?

11:44 am - Spent a few dirty minutes looking around and then I saw it clearly. Hint: no need to poke around inside. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:44 AM

in the morning shadow of the great mall????

11:13 am - Searched around for a bit until I unearthed the container. I left some clip on sunglasses that may have been dropped by a cacher. Perhaps they will return to pick them up. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:13 AM

The King And Queen Are Sleeping

10:55 am - I can confirm that there is parking very close to this cache. I can also confirm that I did not find it. I hiked in the long way, but at least I got on the right side of the creek. I turned right too soon and ended up right next to a homeless camp. I was going to give up and try the other side of the creek another day when I decided to walk a bit further down for the heck of it. There was clear trail and direct shot to the cache. Found it alright once I got there. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 10:55 AM


10:26 am - The puzzle wasn't too bad and the camo was unique. I've always wondered how to get over here. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 10:26 AM

Agnews Water

10:19 am - I was searching around for this one when I noticed something itchy on my legs. They were covered with what looked like fleas. Yikes! I was plucking them off myself for hours afterwards. Glad I got this one before it went bye-bye. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 10:19 AM

Meneely Bell Company

10:10 am - I did a short tour of Cisco before I found the correct entrance to this place. It was pretty quiet here today. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 10:10 AM

My noontime walking route.... #2

9:59 am - What a strange contraption of a container. While I was putting it back, I noticed someone walking across the street that looked a whole lot like a guy I used to work with 10 years ago. Later I emailed him and I was right. Even more bizarre was that I ran into someone else from that company the day before in Palo Alto. I guess this is the place to be. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:59 AM

September 09, 2006

They Call This Art? -

4:02 pm - I had attempted this one once before but there were too many people around. Today I got lucky and was able to grab it. I remember the cache that used to be here... TNLN. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:02 PM

Don't Stop Here!

2:47 pm - We biked our way up here and watched the cars down below. Found it in short order after a few muggle crossings. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:47 PM

Jdsinger’s Fairoaks Park

2:37 pm - DNF. Lots of dust and nasty things in there, so we didn't look too long.
Posted by jeff at 02:37 PM

Sunnyvale's Trash

2 pm - Interesting little plaque here. This was a quick one after a long bike ride doing Baylands Teamwork. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 02:00 PM

Baylands Teamwork

1:46 pm - This was a really fun and interesting multi. While we had two people and two bikes and two cell phones, we wanted to do it together so we ended up going around the loop 1.5 times. One of the stages was completely surrounded by spiderwebs and I my legs were complete covered with sticky webs and bug carcasses. We got lucky at one point and found an intermediate by accident. I think it actually just made things more confusing as we then had more waypoints to keep track of.

Near the end we had the longitude, but not the latitude, so we checked a few spots along the way. All we found was a lot of old friskies cans. The final was nice and not too far out of the way. TNLN. Thanks for the fun adventure out there!

Posted by jeff at 01:46 PM

West Pond

1:26 pm - While looking for this one I found something else that looked very interesting. Look for it soon in a cache near you! The hint was helpful and we found this one our our tour to claim Baylands Teamwork. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:26 PM

East Pond

12:29 pm - I don't think I've ever seen so many ducks in my life. There were thousands of them out here. Nice day for a bike ride. Found it no problem, TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:29 PM

September 04, 2006

in R.P.

6:40 pm - The first time I was here, ground zero was occupied by vagrants. I tried to wait them out with a visit into Radio Shack. They were still there.

I came back later and it the place was empty and the cache was still there. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 06:40 PM

Deer View

6:23 pm - Well, I didn't see any deer this evening, but I did follow their trails, mostly into people's backyards. I eventually got back onto the trail and followed it right to the cache. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:23 PM

Big Pappa

6:01 pm - This was a nice cache to end the day's hiking with. The Cachoid TB was cool! TNLN. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 06:01 PM

Upper Water Dog Trailhead

5:51 pm - I was planning to hit this one on the way back, but I saw something suspicious on the way down. Hoping it was a puzzle cache, I checked it out and realized it was this cache. Oh well. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 05:51 PM

Upper Middle Trailhead - Belmont OS

5:44 pm - I found this one on my way out. Quick one. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:44 PM

Hillside Maze

5:39 pm - This is a maze indeed! I headed for this one from the trailhead and ended up on the berry trail. At least I knew which trail NOT to take to get here when I backtracked. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:39 PM

Berry Trail

5:28 pm - Like some others, I passed over the cache at first. The second time I looked more closely and found it. Tough one. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:28 PM

Hallmark Park

5:09 pm - After a month with no finds, I'm pleased to report that the cache is still there. I TNLN and CITO'd a beer can. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:09 PM

Upper Sheep Camp Trail

5:01 pm - Nice hidden trail up here. I'd like to to follow it further down some day. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:01 PM

Top Of Ralston

4:50 pm - Nice view from up here! Found it quickly and TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:50 PM

Hidden Canyon Hideaway

4:25 pm - I find it amazing that there are mountain lions wandering around in this valley surrounded by houses. Thankfully I didn't run into any today. Found the cache easily. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:25 PM

"Paper or Plastic ?"

4:12 pm - Busy place. Left a small treasure chest I couldn't fit back into another cache. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:12 PM

College View Cache

3:56 pm - This was a quiet and friendly neighborhood, perhaps more so before the geocachers found it. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:56 PM

Patricia Wharton Park #2

3:47 pm - I've seen this type of camo many times, but this one was pretty believable. I checked it "just in case". Nicely done. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 03:47 PM

Pizza: NOT on the Menu

3:39 pm - I expected the cache to be at a pizza place, not a pancake place. Therefore, how about a strawberry waffle pizza with maple syrup. It actually doesn't sound that bad... Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 03:39 PM

"Lick it"

3:29 pm - I just couldn't resist. After I found the cache, I had to stop in for a cone. And it was good. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:29 PM

"open 24hrs"

3:09 pm - Missed it on my first pass, got it on my second. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:09 PM

"belly up"

3:00 pm - I'm glad this place was closed when I arrived and that made it a quick grab. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:00 PM

Hillcrest Circle Park

2:45 pm - The good news is that this cache survived the recent block party held in the park. I remember the previous cache in this park. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:45 PM

Carlos Theater

2:33 pm - Getting some consistent coordinates was the hardest part of this one. Thanks for the history.
Posted by jeff at 02:33 PM


2:22 pm - This place was.. ummm... scenic? Pretty quick find though. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:22 PM

RWC Dome

2 pm - When I arrived, there was a guy working on tearing apart the sidewalk. He was working right next to the cache, so I came back later when he was working in a different area. Heavy! Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 02:00 PM


1:58 pm - DNF.Waaay too many muggles here today. I started looking but decided to abort when people approached their car next to the cache. Perhaps another time.
Posted by jeff at 01:58 PM

The Easter Bunny's Favorite Cache

1:47 pm - Uh oh, got caught. I was preoccupied with the couple in the car parked close by that I completely didn't see the 3 homeless people having a picnic across the stream from the cache. When I looked up, one of them was looking right at me and was very interested in what I was doing. He told his friends what he saw and they started looking at me too.

I was pretty sure the location was compromised, so I took the cache and rehid it a few hundred feet away at the above coordinates. Sorry about that, I didn't want to see a good cache get taken!

Posted by jeff at 01:47 PM

Happy Valentine's Day

1:37 pm - My GPSr's compass was doing strange things and eventually pointed me exactly in the opposite direction of the cache. I guess it's time to calibrate again. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:37 PM

Y Palm Park

1:28 pm - There were two homeless in the park, but the kids running around were more of a problem. This one seems like it will be hard to stick around for a long time as it's quite obvious to any kid who ends up back here. TNLN. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:28 PM

The D.P.C.

1:01 pm - This one was a bit odd, but it was easy once I consulted the logs. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:01 PM

This Sucks Too!

Since your caches are obviously so original and interesting I thought my comment would be taken as so absurd that I could only be joking. Or was I?
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM


12:48 pm - It took me a minute to remember the acronym and then I found it quickly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:48 PM

Port Of Redwood City Redux

12:44 pm - I really wasn't sure about sticking my hand in there, but I did and ended up with a cache. Cool beans. TNLN. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:44 PM

Secret Shoreline

12:32 pm - I don't know what was going on here today, but the place was packed! I could barely find a parking spot. Nice camo on this one. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:32 PM

Pacific Shores Zoo

12:22 pm - Checked a few places and found the nice hide. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:22 PM

September 03, 2006


7:45 pm - An alarm was going off outside the building next door, so I questioned whether or not I should be snooping around in the bushes. It didn't take long for me to find it though. TNLN. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:45 PM

Coffee Anyone #3

7:45 pm - Last one on a long day of caching. Thanks for the cache close to home.
Posted by jeff at 07:45 PM

Hard and Brown

7:33 pm - I tried a few different hard and brown things before I found it. I removed the treasure chest because it made the container even harder to get out. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:33 PM

...with a twist

7:19 pm - Even if the neighbors are in on this, I wasn't comfortable searching with two people painting a fence right next to the cache. Another time.
Posted by jeff at 07:19 PM

Bert the Turtle

7:07 pm - The sun was low and blinding today, making people drive very slowly. Thankfully that didn't affect my ability to find the cache. The barking dog was annoying though. TNLN. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:07 PM

De Anza Bonanza

6:57 pm - I seem to remember a cache at the air raid siren here at one point. This one turned out to be pretty easy for me. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:57 PM

This Sucks Too!

6:23 pm - Well, there's something to be said for the consistency in your caches.
Posted by jeff at 06:23 PM

Lilie & Lois's

4:36 pm - First to solve, 16th to find, a year and a few months later. MotorBug helped me find this even though he had forgotten where he found it. Glad to finally get this one done! Thanks for the interesting puzzle.
Posted by jeff at 04:36 PM

Happy 50th Birthday, Fremont!

4:22 pm - That's quite a tour. Thanks for the history lesson! TNLN.
Posted by jeff at 04:22 PM

In Stitches

4:11 pm - MotorBug told me there was a bit of a controversy about this one. Glad to see it's still there. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:11 PM

Alameda Creek #1

3:56 pm - MotorBug grabbed a Slurpee while I went over to grab this one. Nice hide. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:56 PM

Seven Hills Speedway, Union City

3:35 pm - As we were gathering the info for this, some people came up to us and asked us if we were here to "fix the park." Sadly, no, but it is a pretty cool park. No problem finding the final either. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:35 PM

Bart: Union City Station

3:15 pm - MotorBug was nice enough to make a return trip to this one so I could make the quick grab. A quick one it was. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:15 PM

Volunteer Recognition Cache

2:58 pm - DNF with MotorBug. I hope to see it replaced soon while I go figure out something to volunteer on!
Posted by jeff at 02:58 PM

Quarry Lakes Riparian Restoration

2:45 pm - We looked pretty hard for this one, even with MotorBug having found it before. No luck.
Posted by jeff at 02:45 PM

Centerville Depot Solo

1:58 pm - Lots of options for cameras here and lots of options for capturing my image. I settled on grabbing it from my Treo. Cool webcam!
Posted by jeff at 01:58 PM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #37

1:45 pm - It's funny to see the legend of JoeSpaz live beyond his caching lifetime. I managed to grab it right away. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:45 PM

Just Hangin' Around

1:12 pm - We were looking for something evil, then I was surprised to find it easily visible. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:12 PM

Long Distance

1:04 pm - It's great to find a nice and easy puzzle cache every once in a while. MotorBug saw the appropriate location right away. 50 cents now? Geez, what ever happened to a dime? Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:04 PM

A Test

This one flummoxed me a bit and I even made up another cache based on a solution that didn't quite fit. MotorBug and I made the grab. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Blanston's Stinker

12:53 pm - On Oct 23, 2005, MotorBug posted this in his log for this cache: "I love finding the ones that Boulter has a DNF on. Okay, I'll probably get some grief about this!"

Oh yes you will MotorBug. Your penance is coming back with me and helping me find it. Today the bushes were a bit thinner and it was a pretty quick find. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 12:53 PM

E.B.S.B #2 Cache Cloning

12:39 pm - This area has been turned into a public toilet unfortunately. We carefully avoided the nastiness and searched carefully. After a few minutes I spotted it and slapped my forehead for missing such a cache. We had a good laugh when we opened it. Thankfully MotorBug was quick to find the log. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:39 PM

We Bad!

12:29 pm - This was an interesting hide. I never had to take my watch off in order to grab a cache. It's still barely accessible while the construction is going on. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:29 PM


12:20 pm - MotorBug and me approached the cache location and as luck would have it, two families were loading their cars. To kill some time, we went inside and grabbed some lunch. I love their churros. As we ate I grabbed the cache and signed the log. Nice container. When I tried to clean trash out of the cache, MotorBug accused me of throwing out "DirtBag's sig item." Funny guy. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:20 PM

September 02, 2006

Lonely Bench

7:32 pm - Wow, that hillside was slippery. If that fence wasn't there, I surely would have ended up in the water. Found the cache OK and then called it a day. Thanks for the capper.
Posted by jeff at 07:32 PM

Northern CA Solar System Model: Luna

6:42 pm - I got lucky on this one and saw something shiny within seconds of starting to look. As I signed the log, all I could think of was "it's only a flesh wound!" Thanks for the fun.
Posted by jeff at 06:42 PM

Wine Cache

6:26 pm - Now that's a funny place for a winery. Where do they grow all the grapes? Anyway, interesting spot, found the the cache OK. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:26 PM

Beneath Me

6:18 pm - Not only did I find this one on my first pass, but while still moving as a family of muggles were right behind me. I signed the log in a safer place then put it back on my way back to the car. Thanks for the interesting spot!
Posted by jeff at 06:18 PM

No Swings?

6:03 pm - I remember this park from the last cache that was here. Thankfully it was empty today. Nice paint job on this though I worry about things getting wet. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:03 PM

Roast Beeef

5:54 pm - With the title in my mind, I somehow convinced myself that this place smelled like roast beef. Mmmmmm. Perhaps I was just hungry. Anyway, found it without trouble and TNLN. Thanks for the nice thoughts of juicy meat.
Posted by jeff at 05:54 PM

High Water

5:42 pm - The last time I DNF'd this cache was almost exactly a year ago. I remember the downtown streets being closed for the same Tapestry Festival. Thankfully, the cache was there one year later and it was a quick one. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:42 PM

SJGP: Klag

5:31 pm - I was here just a few weeks ago for the Survival Research Labs show. It took me quite a while to find this. Eventually it just took looking at the right angle. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:31 PM

The Circle of Life (La Vida Es Un Circo)

5:08 pm - This was some unexpected art. Did someone flunk their anatomy class? Easy find though, so thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:08 PM

Confluence Park

4:56 pm - I parked way far away for this one, so I had a bit of a walk. Once there I found it OK. They did a really nice job on this area. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:56 PM

Serious Attachments

4:38 pm - I found it without incident between muggle crossings. The magnet was in good shape. Thanks for the cache and racing education.
Posted by jeff at 04:38 PM

Guadalupe River Wave Berms

4:19 pm - I parked in a place that I shouldn't have which made me nervous. After walking further than I had to, I wandered around without a clear signal. Then I saw a Jeep driving down the pathway in my direction. I quickly headed across the path and up the hill out of the way. As the Jeep passed, the Ranger inside got on his bullhorn and told me to stay on the paths. Alright, fine. When he was gone I went back down the path to the cache, found it, and got out of there. Thanks for the excitement.
Posted by jeff at 04:19 PM


3:47 pm - Cool, I didn't know these guys were local. I was looking carefully for it and then I was shocked at how big it was once I saw it. Cool stuff inside, but read the booklets and TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:47 PM

Numbers Don't Matter

3:33 pm - Finding the cache wasn't too hard. Opening it took a while. I finally figured out the mechanism and got inside. Thanks for the original container!
Posted by jeff at 03:33 PM

Got Bugs? II

3:15 pm - As I approached ground zero for this one, I noticed a guy near where my GPSr was pointing me. As I got closer, I noticed he was doing one of the worst imitations of "a guy talking on a cell phone and casually looking around on the ground" I've seen. I called his bluff and reintroduced myself to CTomGeo. He did all the hard work for me and then we chatted on the way back to our cars, parked right next to each other. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:15 PM

Akebelons NEC Steps

3:00 pm - I'm sure glad you have permission to put this cache here. I felt pretty strange here. Thankfully it was a quick find. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:00 PM

Taz's Teaser

2:44 pm - After a short walk I arrived at the cache location and started poking around. In checking one of the standard hides I felt something. Ah ha! I began pulling out "the cache" and felt something strange - a sharp pinch on my finger. Then another. What I had found was actually a wasp nest. Run away! Run away!! Thankfully the wasps did not follow and my stings were not bad. Reading the hint, I found it quickly after. TNLN. Thanks for the less in where not to stick my fingers.
Posted by jeff at 02:44 PM

Cheechoo Cache

2:31 pm - I parked in one spot, realized I couldn't get there from here, then drove around to find a better spot. Found the cache with no issues. TNLN. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:31 PM

Coffee Anyone #2

2:17 pm - Wow, nice hide. I didn't know where a cache could be hidden here, but this spot fit nicely. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:17 PM

SC Fire - Agnew Station

2:04 pm - This one moved a bit since my last DNF. I was having trouble with it and then it just appeared in a most unexpected place. If it works, then why not? Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:04 PM


1:45 pm - I went to find some caches today and couldn't find my GPS. I thought my wife had it so I improvised with the Bluetooth GPS, my Treo, and CacheNav. I'll blame my poor parking for the cache on the fact that I didn't have any maps on my Treo. After a little walk I found the cache in a place that looked just right for the puzzle. The container was quite ornate. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:45 PM