April 30, 2006

Coyote Creek Flume

3:20 pm - This was the last cache of my 4-hour bike ride along the Coyote Creek with MotorBug. Fun times! TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:20 PM

Fuss, Sitz, Bleib!

3:08 pm - This was a nice stop on the way back of my Coyote Creek Ride with MotorBug. We had fun, thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:08 PM

Devils' Release: The Ark

2:27 pm - We had a fun time tryin to find this one. We did more than a few turnarounds and some bushwhacking on our bikes. We finally did get there a few miles later. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:27 PM

Coyote Crossing South

12:58 pm - MotorBug and I saw this one right at the same time. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:58 PM

Secret Entrance: Coyote Creek Golf

12:43 pm - MotorBug had found this cache already, so he handed it to me. As I opened it, I found some creepy crawlies inside and tossed the cache in reaction. I hate bugs, especially ones with lots of legs. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:43 PM

Coyote Creek Fishing Pond

12:08 pm - This was the 3rd cache on our bike trip down Coyote Creek. MotorBug found this one. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:08 PM

Power Madness

11:59 am - MotorBug found this one as I "coached" him. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 11:59 AM

The Center is WHERE?

11:37 am - I had to climb around in the tree to grab the cache which was fun. Interesting location. I liked the plaque. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:37 AM

April 29, 2006

Ravenswood Trailhead

12:33 pm - At first this location looked really familiar. Haven't I done this cache before? My name wasn't on the log, so I guess not. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:33 PM

Bay Crossing

11:58 am - The pipeline here was cool! We took some time to explore it before finding the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:58 AM

Ravenswood Trail

11:48 am - We thought this might be a good trail to ride a bike on until we got to the lumpy part. Just off the trail we saw a goose hen on her nest. I got pretty close and she didn't move. Easy find. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:48 AM

Ravenswood Fishing Pier

11:34 am - We tried this one once before but there were some people fishing. Today we searched for a few minutes and found it. Dozens of sandpipers were scurrying around below. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:34 AM

April 24, 2006

Hail Caesar

Whaddya know, this is still being used by those mafia types.
(visit link)

Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

April 22, 2006

Been Here: Patrick Henry

7:51 pm - I found this one right away. Thanks for the quick one.
Posted by jeff at 07:51 PM

Dead Duck

7:32 pm - As we walked out here I noticed this levee trail that looked interesting. We went all the way around and then found ourselves on that same levee trail.

On the way back we saw some families of ducks including some very fuzzy ducklings. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 07:32 PM

Baylands Backdoor

7:08 pm - We were out for an evening walk and Anne hopped over to grab the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 07:08 PM

April 02, 2006

Tai Chi View

1:46 pm - Hey, I used to have cache in this park. I hope this one lasts longer than mine. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:46 PM

The Wall

1:36 pm - Where's the respect for bricklayers, WeBeDnD? Ever see a brick catch on fire? I think this fine wall will outlast us all! Thanks for the quickie tour.
Posted by jeff at 01:36 PM

SC Fire - Pruneridge

1:17 pm - Now here's a question - if your house is on fire and the fire station is next door, do you bother calling 911 or just walk over? Do they just leave the truck in their driveway? Either way, I'd feel pretty well protected.

I found the highly-exposed cache quickly and headed on. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 01:17 PM

Going On A Long Trip?

1:00 pm - You really can see the planes closely here. I found the cache quickly and TNLNSL as I'm all out of TBs at the moment. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Razor Sharp Catwalk

12:50 pm - At least this well-protected bridge gets lots of use. I had to stop frequently to let people pass. I was getting near the end of my patience when I saw it.

I unroll these logs with such dread knowing all the time I'll spend rolling it back up. I eventually did and headed on. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 12:50 PM

Been Here: Walsh

12:24 pm - The cache was among all kinds of creepy crawlies this afternoon, so I signed and got out of there. Thanks again!
Posted by jeff at 12:24 PM

Surplus Cache

12:14 pm - I see this place everytime I drove the airport and I've always wanted to stop in. Today was not the da as they were closed. I got the cache though and TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:14 PM

SC Fire - Agnew Station

12:05 pm - I trampled the ivy for a while here today. While that was fun, I couldn't find the cache, even with a lifeline. It started to rain I decided that was enough for me.
Posted by jeff at 12:05 PM

Double Secret Trailhead

11:26 am - I should have gone with my first instinct on this one given the owner. The man has way too much time on his hands. I've been finding caches all over this trail this weekend. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:26 AM

Bus Bench Bugaloo #2

11:20 am - The only problem with these Bus Bench caches is that you can never park next to them! I figured the buses wouldn't come on a Sunday and did anyway. The cache was quick, I TNLNSL and then I was out of there. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:20 AM

Element #60

11:16 am - For Christmas, a bunch of my coworkers bought me a supermagnet. It's a 3" by 1" Nd disk magnet and it's frightenly powerful. We have fun hanging large things from it like chairs and threating to erase people's hard drives. Those things can give you quite a pinch as well. Fun stuff.

Found the nicely-camo'd cache without a problem. TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 11:16 AM

Been Here: Elko and Reamwood

11:09 am - I thought I might be on the wrong side of the wall, but found the cache quickly. Thanks for the quick one.
Posted by jeff at 11:09 AM

April 01, 2006

Groesbeck Hill

6:50 pm - This was my 3rd "one more cache before dinner" cache of the evening. The quickening darkness would make sure I really would stop soon. I found the cache in sad shape. It was soaked including the logbook. I had my wife's car and none of my caching stuff, so I couldn't help out. Nice view from up here at night. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:50 PM

Bubble gum toy tree

6:37 pm - It was just me and the fruit stand guy who was closing up shop on this corner today. I did a few passes before I felt it. No help from the "Women of the Moose!" Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 06:37 PM

Corde Terra

6:13 pm - I parked all wrong and had to walk back to my car and do a million left turns to get where I was supposed to be. I found it after a short search. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 06:13 PM


5:48 pm - So was this one replaced after a DNF'd it in August? Perhaps I was thrown off by the hint. Pulled out a huge piece of glass first, then got my hand on it.

There was a dead fish laying on the ground nearby. I know it gets wet here when it rains, but that wet? Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 05:48 PM

Bark, at the Dogs

5:31 pm - Usually caches hidden like this are tiny little buggers but this one was a nice size. I found it quickly and headed on. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:31 PM

Slow Motion

5:15 pm - Hmm, very familiar container... can't quite place it... oh, wait. TFTC.
Posted by jeff at 05:15 PM

Parkside Glen

4:57 pm - I didn't look too long before I saw something suspicious. Either it was the cache or something really unsanitary that I should be grabbing. Thankfully it was the former. No security guards around today and the gate was open. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:57 PM

Urban Legend: Crocagator

4:45 pm - I saw him, I saw him! I was looking around casually for a cache when the crocagator jumped up and tried to take a bite out of me. I wrastled him and subdued him only to discover that he had swallowed the cache! Now sticking my arm down the throat of a live crocagator is not something I've done in quite a while, so I was nervous. I made sure he was nice and quiet and then I quickly extracted the container. It was a little slimy, but otherwise intact. I had to kick him off a few times while I signed the log, but I left with all my limbs and digits. Thanks for the visit with such an exotic creature!
Posted by jeff at 04:45 PM

That's How the Cookie Crumbles

4:36 pm - I was a bit concerned as I couldn't quite make out one digit on the first stage. I guessed right though and found the cache OK. Hooray, another micro replaced with a regular! TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:36 PM

Moore is better

4:26 pm - Here it was just me and a kid on a bench nearby. We were both trying our best to ignore each other. When I thought he was ignoring me particularly well, I grabbed the cache, did the paperwork and threw it back. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 04:26 PM


4:15 pm - It took me 20 minutes of being scraped, poked and scratched, but I finally spotted this one. It wasn't where I expected it and there's lots of places to look. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:15 PM

JAFLP-Geek Heaven

3:09 pm - Well I think all the local instances of this place have a cache now or at least did at one time. I couldn't remember if I had been in this one before, so I had to go in and wander for a bit. I came out with my wallet intact, probably because I've been buying so much other crap recently. TFTC.
Posted by jeff at 03:09 PM

'Carless' Law-breakers

2:59 pm - This was one tough for me and I had to summon all the nearby objects I could find to grab it. Then I had to stop a few times for people to pass. Is that's someone's fingerprint in blood on the logsheet? My bet is that it's kablooey's. TFTC.
Posted by jeff at 02:59 PM

Valley of Hearts Delights

2:47 pm - Well, I tried to make this one way harder than it really was, climbing here and there. Gotta check the easy places first! Cache is in great shape, TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:47 PM

The Twilight Zone

2:32 pm - Man, this one has been out for 5 months already? I've really been out of it. Cleaned up a whole lot of caches out this way and this was another quick one. Had to read all the logs to see who the other victim was. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:32 PM

Semi-Secret Trailhead: STASCT

2:20 pm - Nice trail here. I enjoyed this one and the others nearby. I grabbed the cache between muggle passings and headed onwards. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:20 PM

My First "Multicache"

2:11 pm - Great story on this one and thanks for brining me to this side of the road. I'm tired of the park on the other side! Nice-sized cache. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:11 PM

It's Finally Open

2:05 pm - Having just read the title and seen the general location of this cache on a map, I thought for sure this was at the Krispy Kreme that opened recently nearby. It's good to see this cache is in a far healthier location!

The camo was effective as I saw it first, but passed on it while I checked other spots. The water sure is high today. When's it going to stop raining? TFTC!

Posted by jeff at 02:05 PM

Any Given Sunday

1:56 pm - Wow, what a flashback! I think this one is about 5 ft from where an old cache used to be. Ahh, memories. I bought my first keyhider micro at the OSH here. I found the cache when I think people weren't looking. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:56 PM

The Money Pit (aka The $100 Splinter Cache)

1:42 pm - I was elated to approach this place and find no dogs whatsoever. There was a guy sitting about 30 feet from the coordinates though. I waited for 15 minutes at a distance for him to stop spacing out to his iPod and get going. He did not. I finally decided that he wasn't going to do anything so I walked right behind him to search. Almost right away he left. It was a quick find after that. Persistence pays off! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:42 PM

Nice Park

1:19 pm - It's a nice park, but getting way too familiar. I hope the latest batch of caches here last so it's a while before I come back. I found it OK and TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:19 PM

Graduation Day

1:09 pm - I've been to this park so many times now I've lost count. Small cache, but I managed to grab it quickly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:09 PM

Just around the corner... now improved!!

1:05 pm - As I approached I noticed some cachers milling about. As I got closer I recognized them as NavySparksand theMrs whose caches I've enjoyed up the peninsula.

I joined in the hunt and started looking around where the old cache used to be here. Quickly I noticed something out of place and spotted it. I wasn't trying to show off - really! TNLNSL. Nice to meet some other cachers in the field.

Posted by jeff at 01:05 PM

Eel Trout

12:48 pm - I needed help from the owner on the puzzle as I just wasn't seeing the right manipulatins to get the numbers.

I also had help from MotorBug on the hide because he had mentioned that the location had changed. Both hints came in handy and I found it quickly. Thanks for the cache.

Posted by jeff at 12:48 PM

Lap and Cache

12:42 pm - Wow, this place was crazy busy today. I had to do a few laps before I found a place to park.

Usually I stick out because I'm the strange guy with his head in the bushes. Here I stuck out even more as the only white guy in sight with his head in the bushes. It was found without too much trouble. TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 12:42 PM


12:19 pm - Man, the BBQs firing up around here at this time smelled good. Quick find. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:19 PM

Rube's Tiki Cache

12:13 pm - I was inspecting the greenery thoroughly looking for a tricky hide when I turned around and found the cache right in front of me. It was quite obvious at that height. I signed the log and tried to put it back the way it's supposed to be and secure it properly. Cool hide! TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:13 PM