March 26, 2006

The Scale House

3:30 pm - Couldn't find the cache despite lots of climbling, so Motorbug and I replaced it. Thanks for the interesting spot!
Posted by jeff at 03:30 PM

Stary Night

3:05 pm - We did "just a bit" of bushwhacking up here, through the PO a barbed-wire fence and back up to a perfectly easy trail. I found the cache while I caught my breath. TNLNSL.

PS. I think it's "Starry"

Posted by jeff at 03:05 PM

Snell Barn

2:36 pm - It's always good to bring a person who's taller than you geocaching. In this case it was MotorBug. He grabbed the cache in no time. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:36 PM

Ihr Kinderlein, . . .

2:22 pm - So this is where you're supposed to start? We replaced the cache a bit higher than we found it. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:22 PM

Brush Trail Bay Tree

2:06 pm - I'm pretty sure this sets a record for me in the category of decons in trees found in one day. Cool old tree. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:06 PM

Brush Trail View

1:52 pm - This was a welcome spot to rest during the "Mile of Mud". The hillside was one big puddle and it wasn't much fun sloging through it. At least the cache was dry. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:52 PM

. . . kommet, . . .

1:07 pm - MotorBug and I both guessed which leg of the tower we thought the cache would be on - we were both wrong. The magnet came unglued, but we managed to refasten it well without the magnet. We finally saw two other sets of people here - the first 4 other souls of the day. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:07 PM

Dutch Flat Trail

1:01 pm - There's a nice view of Mt. Hammy from here. It's a bummer that the snow is gone now. We tried to come a few weeks ago for a snowball fight, but they had closed the road. Found the cache and TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:01 PM

The Scale House

Found the cache with MotorBug. Thanks for the fun.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Deer Me!

Actually it was in my query. I just failed to notice it. I guess it's too late to cheat and say we found it anyway.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Finally A Flat!

12:51 pm - The acorns in trees were quite cool. To this point we still hadn't seen anybody else on the trail. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:51 PM

. . . O kommet . . .

12:40 pm - I thought to myself while I was here that I had to look up what the heck the titles of these caches meant. Now I get it. Ha! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:40 PM


12:17 pm - This area looked quite similar to the last cache we found. We found it without any problems. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:17 PM

Van Gogh Tree

12:04 pm - Ha! I get it! I think I found the other one down the trail a bit... Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:04 PM

Hurtin' Tree

11:55 am - I found the cache here while MotorBug was attempting to communicate with the cows. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:55 AM

Take A Break!

11:41 am - This one sure took us a while to find. We started with one side of the trail, then found it on the side. Lots of places to look. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:41 AM

Grant Overlook: 2,400 feet

11:25 am - MotorBug and I had fond memories of this place from when we did the Lord of the Rings series. We took a commemorative picture of whatever gadgets we could pull out. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:25 AM

. . . doch all!

11:04 am - I can't quite remember what I said to MotorBug on the way here, but he responded by splattering mud all over me. Then he claimed it was an accident. Yeah, whatever.

From up top, there was an interesting contrast between the urban development of silicon valley on one site and the barely touched valley on the other. It's neat to see that all at once. TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 11:04 AM

Heron Trail View

10:36 am - I borrowed a Bluetooth GPS module today and tried it out for the first time with Cachenav. It put me within 2 feet of the cache. I'd say that's pretty good!

On the way up MotorBug remarked at the "phoney" deer that the park had put up. Phoney? Maybe not. They started moving.

Thanks for the fun.

Posted by jeff at 10:36 AM

March 19, 2006

Nice and Ugly

6:36 pm - Plant invasion for sure - plants have even invaded the sign. It was pretty much dark at this time so I was glad to find it quickly. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:36 PM

Byxbee Park

6:31 pm - It was getting dark and the park was closed now, so I had to find this quickly. Found in the second area I looked. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:31 PM

Palo Alto Baylands - Top of the Hill

6:26 pm - The first thing we noticed when searching for this one was a strange rock in a hole. Then we noticed the rock was furry. It was actually a rabbit, not more than 3 feet away who appeared to think that if he couldn't see us, we couldn't see him. It took a while to find the cache, but we eventually came up with it. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 06:26 PM

Stroller Friendly #4: That's not my diaper!

6:15 pm - We were on a roll during an evening stroll. I don't recall ever being on this section of the trail. I found the cache ok. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 06:15 PM

Nature Galore!

6:10 pm - There was quite a bit of nature out here this evening, including bunnies, birds and squirrels. Nature was also quite smelly - or was that the treatment plant next door? Anyway, we had no problem finding the the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:10 PM

Baylands Trail Junction

6:04 pm - It was apparently closin' time and a ranger drove by to stop and the dam and do something. We grabbed the cache, TNLNSL, and walked on. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 06:04 PM

The 528 foot hole

5:57 pm - We decided to take a brisk walk close to sunset and managed to pick up half a dozen caches. Not bad! This was our first, then we turned around for the rest. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 05:57 PM

March 18, 2006

Skeggs Point

4:43 pm - With the owner at my side, this cache was a shoo-in. It wasn't where he last left it, but not too far away. Thanks for the cache and company!
Posted by jeff at 04:43 PM

The Clearing

3:58 pm - I found this relatively quickly, so I did "the whistle dance" while we waited for MotorBug to find it. This was a new container to me. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:58 PM

This Old Stump

3:36 pm - MotorBug and I were looking determinedly in some spots when suddenly Anne, without a GPSr, called out "Are you looking for this?" Hey, we all get lucky sometimes, right?

My hands were certainly cold by this point and writing was slow. TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 03:36 PM

The Tafoni

3:09 pm - This didn't look like much as we approached and I wondered what the fuss was about. Then we got close and oh - wow! I really liked the tree formations. We found the cache and explored a bit before heading on back. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 03:09 PM

The Motherlode

2:51 pm - I wasn't searching for long when I heard MotorBug's trademark whistling. That's nice, but it doesn't mean I'm going to retrieve it for him! After MOTORBUG grabbed the cache, we signed it and headed on. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:51 PM

Triple Madrone View

2:33 pm - Nice view from up here too. We found the cache, took a bit of a rest, and started our backtrack. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:33 PM

Speed Bump Tree

2:01 pm - Hah! Great container. Cruel description. Glad I found it quickly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:01 PM

Manzanita Trail Overlook

1:54 pm - We ran into wirebndr and bytemobile on the way to this cache. I was relieved to hear that they hadn't placed any caches today.

There's quite a maze of trails up here. I found the cache while the rest of us enjoyed the view. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 01:54 PM

Fallen Giants

1:31 pm - Wham!!! That must have been quite a sound when these big boys fell. Checked a few spots while I ignored MotorBug's direction and then found it in a nice hole. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 01:31 PM

Old Growth Redwood

12:54 pm - It's interesting to know that these hills used to be covered with these giant trees. That was quite a hill coming up here from All that Jazz! Wanting to just get it over with, I powered my way up. I suppose that all that downhill we enjoyed earlier comes at a price. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:54 PM

All That Jazz

12:16 pm - We were determined to find this one, so we searched for a good 20 minutes before MotorBug spotted it. When he did, we couldn't believe that walked right by it several times. It helps to know that you're not looking for an ammo box.

I TNLNSL and took a little break for a snack before the big hill. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 12:16 PM

The Mountain Men

11:42 am - That's a fine selection of mountain man stuff here in this cache. Reception was spotty, but we (by 'we' I mean MotorBug) found it eventually. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:42 AM

The Cure For Micro Viruses

11:30 am - For once, I got to call out "Whoop! Whoop!" to MotorBug when I found the cache. Take that! TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:30 AM

Virus Bravo Three

11:24 am - Wow, the rain really came down here. We saw some impressive landslides on the way here. Lots of cleanup work to do. Found the cache ok. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:24 AM

Along the Gordon Mill Trail

10:53 am - We all had our different guesses about where the cache was for this one with the GPS reception not helping at all. MotorBug finally found it. That hint will get less accurate over time! TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 10:53 AM

Steam Donkey Junction

10:43 am - Last weekend it was so rainy and miserable we turned around even before we got to this cache. Today it was a beautiful clear day. I have to hand it to callipidder for braving that weather.

We found the cache and noticed that bytemobile had found it sometime earlier in the day. That's not a good sign - he tends to leave things behind on the trail. There are worse places for a return visit I suppose. TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 10:43 AM

March 12, 2006

Suncrest Boulder

2:35 pm - Kinda felt like I was in someone's driveway, so we found this one quickly, TNLNSL and headed on. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:35 PM

Railway Bridge

1:57 pm - I was totally pissed off when I found this one. So pissed off, I threw the cache to the ground. Why? Because when I DNF'd this 3 times before, I swear I looked in this exact spot. Today it was the first place I looked. Gaaaahh! It's over now, happy thoughts...
Posted by jeff at 01:57 PM

Alice's Restaurant

11:20 am - After an aborted hike in the rain, MotorBug and us sat down here for some soup. Good soup! I grabbed the cache, brought it back to the table. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:20 AM


11:00 am - We tried to take a hike across the street, but it was way too rainy outside. We found this one as consolation. I couldn't see the cache, so MotorBug grabbed it, and got a nasty sliver in the process. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:00 AM

March 05, 2006

Spirit of Recovery 1

3:44 pm - We DNF'd this one. We thought we just didn't spend enough time. We had 10 minutes before the last tender back to our ship was leaving, so we decided it was better not to miss the boat. Now that I read the logs, I'm glad we didn't spend that much time looking!
Posted by jeff at 03:44 PM

Grand Cayman Heroes

3:30 pm - We buzzed by this spot while we were getting ready to get back on the ship. Emailed the answers. Thanks for the caches on Cayman!
Posted by jeff at 03:30 PM

March 04, 2006

Franklin the swimmer

3:31 pm - We had a quick stop here at their new location. The coordinates probably need to be updated. Thanks for pointing this place out!
Posted by jeff at 03:31 PM

Andy's Cache

2:45 pm - We didn't realize that this cache would take us to Grand Cayman's only National Park. That was cool. It was surprising that you could drive offroad in the National Park - that's the last thing they want you to do in most U.S. Parks. We spotted some big lizards around and spotted the cache too. I rescued the Ariel travel bug while I was there.

We enjoyed the soft sandy beach. We kept running into dead ends on the way out, but finally made it. Thanks for the visit to this nice spot.

Posted by jeff at 02:45 PM


2:12 pm - The post office was closed today, which made it a quick stop. The tour book said this place was overrated. It was interesting, but there's really not much to do once you get there. Anyway, thanks for the interesting location.
Posted by jeff at 02:12 PM

The Cliffs of Dover? Not quite..... But still.....

2:10 pm - We had a nice walk out to the cache this afternoon. There's clearly still a lot of hurricane damage here. We took in the views and TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 02:10 PM

East End Lighthouse

12:36 pm - Hey, where's the house? And the light? At least there were a bunch of informative plaques. Found the cache OK and TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 12:36 PM

The Secret Lies With The Cordelia

12:28 pm - We enjoyed the location, but like the others, we couldn't find the cache. Thanks for the stop!
Posted by jeff at 12:28 PM

Stonewall... or the Cache is not the Thing

11:55 am - We had a tough day on Grand Cayman. This turned out to be one of the easier ones. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 11:55 AM

Caves of the Lost Pirate's Booty

11:26 am - We had the best time NOT finding this cache!

It was only a third of a mile from the road, but it turned out to be way more challenging than expected. First there was barely any trail and it was lined with thorny bushes on both sides. We lost the trail a few times and it was hot. I had done all the projections on my computer, so were were able to walk directly to the cache.

After crawling around in bat guano for at least half hour we gave up. By the time we reached the car our legs were all cut up and they stayed rashy for a few days. Fun times.

Very cool spot for a cache though. I wish we had more time to explore. Thanks anyway!

Posted by jeff at 11:26 AM

March 02, 2006

Christoper Columbus's 4th and Final Voyage

3:45 pm - Good ol' Chris Columbus. He sure did get around.

We had just returned from a zip line tour. We had bought tickets to jump right on a another tour, but the first tour got back too late. That gave us time to kill and walk around Puerto Limon. It was quite different from the other ports we had visited on our cruise.

We enjoyed the walk and got the picture we needed. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 03:45 PM

March 01, 2006

The 8th Wonder of the World- The Panama Canal

7:39 am - Wow, this was pretty cool. It's amazing the canal was ever built. We had to get up early to watch our ship pass through, but it was worth it. We got our picture just at the right spot. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 07:39 AM