May 31, 2004

Miocene Mare

7:08 pm - We had some trouble finding the right trail for this one. After checking out the beach, we headed up to the cliffs and kept going until we found ourselves .15 miles south of the cache. There was a very small trail near rhe cliffs there, so we decided to give it a try. It thinned out to almost nothing a few times and ducking through the brush was a challenge - especially when you have a 1 year-old strapped to your back!

Eventually we found our way to a spot pretty close to the cache. From there we did some bushwacking to find the final clue and the cache. TNLNSL.

Not wanting to go back the way we came and without an obvious trail to follow back, we decided to bushwack due west back the the trail we knew about. That was another adventure in itself and we came out kinda muddy and with all kinds of foliage attached to our shoes.

That wasn't anything that couldn't be cured by grabbing some yummy steamed crabs on the way home though.
Thanks for the hunt!

Posted by jeff at 07:08 PM

Friendship Pond Nature Cache

5:33 pm - This was a very interesting spot. First of all, even patuxentgang, the locals, didn't know about this hidden trailhead.
We took the short and mossy hike down to the very green pond. It was making this odd creaking noise. It even seemed alive as it would quickly close any hole from a tossed rock with algea. Creepy. We found the cache without a problem and after playing with some of the natual objects inside we TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 05:33 PM

End Of Pavement

5:06 pm - We were here with patuxentgang on a tour of shady side. We took a quick tour of the boat lot beforehand. We used to live in Seattle and I was just recalling all the big boats we used to see there owned by Microsoft millionaires when we spotted a displaced one parked in the lot. It was named 'stock option$' and it was complete with a Windows 3.1 logo. Hilarious.

The cache was a quick and easy find. The girls stayed in the car while we made the quick grab and TNLNSL. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 05:06 PM

Forest and Fossils

3:22 pm - The rain had just let up and it was mighty humid in the forest today. There was much poison ivy to avoid. Having done most of my caching on the west coast where poison oak makes its home, I was grateful to the PatuxentGang for pointing it out. We searched in the wrong place for a bit and then had the GPSr lead us right to it.
I took a golf ball and left a train pen. We stopped to check out the cool fossils on the way out. Thanks for the cache!
Posted by jeff at 03:22 PM

Spice Creek small boat

12:16 pm - "Best geocache ever!" is what Anne declared before we even reached the island. After we poled in, walked through the mud, and dug through thr thorny brush to the cache, she still said it was her favorite.

Access sure is limited it to this cache. Luckily patuxentgang lives only a few miles down the river, so we put in their Zodiac and the adults plus an infant piled in and motored up.

The water was pretty shallow and of course we didn't check the tides before we left. The boat's motor kicked up a lot of mud, but we were able to get within 200 feet before we had to shut it off.

We paddled and poled in the rest of the way to the muddy landing. After a quick scramble (no easy feat with a 1-year old in tow) we found ourselves on top of the island. Very cool.

It took us a little while to find the cache as it was pretty buried. The log book was pretty wet. It was probably sitting in a pool of water under the tree at some point.

I took a CCCooperAgency keychain and left a smiley guy.

We got back in the boat and cruised back at 18 miles per hour. We tried to see if we could reach Spice Creek North by boat on the way out, but we ran out of depth and time.

By the time we reached the launch, the littlest patuxentgang member was sound asleep. Geocaching is exhausting! Thanks for the cache.

Posted by jeff at 12:16 PM

May 23, 2004

The No-Trash Cash-Smash Cache

We did an exhaustive search on this one. Eventually I felt something strange. It's scary how visible this one is, even from a distance.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Except Alice

12:50 pm - I'm not sure this is a 1 difficulty. It was very small and well hidden. On my first trip here I couldn't search because a couple was sitting right there. Today I brought along MotorBug to ensure a find.
I looked for a few minutes then appealed to MotorBug with the old "I have to pick up my wife at the airport" excuse. I won him over and I found it soon after. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 12:50 PM


12:33 pm - Cool nature preserve. I didn't know it was here. I still wasn't sure how to get to it when we parked, then we saw the tunnel. The cache area was minty-fresh! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:33 PM

Skyyyyy Pirate

12:07 pm - Yeah, what MotorBug said. Took a happy face ball, left a reflector and Dem Bones TB. Thanks, but please fix the coordinates on the memorial.
Posted by jeff at 12:07 PM


10:57 am - Hey, this was pretty cool. You don't really see this much outside of a cave. Inside a cave, it's too dark to see much at all! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 10:57 AM

Water You Looking For?

10:04 am - I needed a whack with a cluestick before I figured out this puzzle. I thought my coordinates might be off somehow because I thought it would be at the water tank to match the theme. I guess not.

I thought I had taken all the trails in this park, but this section was new to me. The trail was very busy today. Nice log sheet! Just as I arrived at the cache site MotorBug called and I met him back down at the parking lot for a trip up to skyline. Thanks for the cache!

Posted by jeff at 10:04 AM

May 22, 2004

Secret Walkway #5 - Shadow Oaks

8:34 pm - I came here from Hidden Walk - Wildcat Creek. My question is this: Are there any unhidden, non-secret walkways in Saratoga??

It was getting dark so I had to be quick about this one and I was. I took the Dem Bones TB. Thanks for showing me another secret walkway. Someday maybe I'll take a walk on one of them without finding a cache.

Posted by jeff at 08:34 PM

Hidden Walk- Wildcat Creek

8:25 pm - Did I mention that I need autorouting on my GPSr? More wasted fuel taking the wrong streets to this one. Continuing my bad by streak of flagrantly violating the law, I parked on the "private" road. The cache was nicely hidden and I TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:25 PM

Montalvo's Back Door

8:13 pm - I need autorouting! I need autorouting! I think I spent an hour driving around trying to get to this one from POP #3. All the tiny road seemed to stop just before I got where I needed to. As you know, gas is expensive these days and surely a 60cs would pay for itself quickly in fuel savings - right?

I did find some cool spots though in my wanderings.

As I finally found the trail, I saw two deer, just hanging around. I parked between the no stopping signs. They meant no stopping in FRONT of the signs, right? :-)

After I parked, I completely lost my signal. I decided to wander around on foot now and I quickly spotted a place that looked like where WoW would place one. Yup, there it was. TNLNSL.

Geez, and I thought there wasn't room for any more caches in villa montalvo. I guess I was wrong! Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 08:13 PM

Saratoga History

8:06 pm - Gah, the spotty reception here had me wandering around in circles for a long time. I finally spotted the cache and only after that did I see the hint. Oy. I'll have to come back someday when they're open. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:06 PM

POP #3

7:01 pm - I needed some help with puzzle. I had my stupid hat on and it wouldn't come off. The cache itself I had no trouble with it. It was nicely hidden and should last a long time here. These POP caches are becoming quite POPular.
Posted by jeff at 07:01 PM

Assume Nothing #1

6:42 pm - Nice job on this this one. I found something suspicous within a few minutes, but it took me a while to figure out how to retreive it. TNLNSL.

I've learned to assume nothing twice now. Not that I would anyway because you know that when you assume things you make an ass out of 'u' and me. :-)

Posted by jeff at 06:42 PM

Lee Made Squid Rib

6:27 pm - Yes, I'd agree that Joani is evil. I may go so far as to say she's the antichrist. :-)

I thought about the hint a bit and found it soon after. Very clever. I appreciated the gimme on the second stage. Left a halloween puzzle and future smashed penny (a penny and 50 cents) and took the geocaching pin.

Thanks for another creative hide!

Posted by jeff at 06:27 PM

Ozzy's Cache

5:29 pm - Yikes, these caches are getting smaller and smaller. Soon we'll need microscopes to find them. Not that this one was really hidden - it just needed to be seen from the right angle.

Evil hide. Bad dog! :-)

Some big international swim meet was happenning next door and the field was being used as parking lot. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 05:29 PM


4:11 pm - Both stages were easy enough, if you can avoid the neighbors all sitting in their front yards. I took a golf ball and left keyboard swabs and a finger puppet. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 04:11 PM

Tee Off

3:52 pm - I DNF'd this a while ago but since then it's been found a bunch of times, I was determined to find it this time. I got down and dirty to find it, but that didn't work. Finally I managed to spot it. It was not in the place descibed, so I returned it back to the correct place so it's a 1/1 again. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:52 PM

12 Miles

3:06 pm - Oops, had an "emergency" and had to stop for a few minutes on the side of the road where it says no stopping. Oh, did nostrada find a cache? And he signed it for me? What a coincidence! Well, I guess we better move along now...
Posted by jeff at 03:06 PM

Cottle Station

2:58 pm - Even though I found the trolley cache already, I'm still finding these station caches. This was a quick one with Nostrada. I displayed my agility by knocking it into the air with one hand and catching it with another. OK, I probably couldn't do that twice. :-) The cache was stuffed, so Nostrada grabbed the geocoin. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:58 PM

Gearing to Go

2:48 pm - I solved this one a while back. Today Nostrada and I were in the neighborhood, so we went for the quick grab. Since Nostrada had already found this one, he watched me from the car, 100 feet away.

One way to ensure you don't find a cache quickly is to have someone "help" you. I looked in a bunch of places while Nostrada yelled at me from afar. The problem was that I couldn't understand if we was saying "NO!" or "LOW!". I finally found it as he came over to put me out of my misery. Slugs! All over the place! Thanks for the lesson and cache.

Posted by jeff at 02:48 PM

No need to be Coy Roy

2:30 pm - OK, this one was definitely not in this spot last time. It was quite obvious today. Whew. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 02:30 PM

Ride the Horse

2:20 pm - We spent a lot of time searching the interesting objects here, despite the presence of little ones. We came up empty.

That didn't bother me much though since at the last cache I realized that my wedding ring had fallen off somewhere. After a few minutes of panic, I found it in my backpack. Time to get it resized.

We settled for the virtual on this one. Yeee Haw!!

Posted by jeff at 02:20 PM

Panther's Secret Passage

1:30 pm - According to the logs and our lifeline, this one shouldn't be that hard. Nostrada and I looked for a long time. Couldn't really find the second part of the hint either.

Posted by jeff at 01:30 PM


12:10 pm - Two firsts for me - a separetely hidden pen and a new type of container. We managed to get in and out without getting mauled. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:10 PM

Guadalupe Pear

11:58 am - Nostrada and I arrived and guessed where we should look and what we were looking for. We couldn't find it, then workerofwood called and confirmed we were looking in the right place. Soon after we finally saw it, exactly where and what we were looking for. Nicely done. I opened it with my keys. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:58 AM

Ecole Terrell

11:33 am - I guess I've been caching long enough to see another generation of caches. There used to be another one right here. Nostrada made the quick find. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:33 AM

Near B-Ball

11:27 am - We tried this one from the wrong side at first. So we took a long walk to try to find Pepper and came up empty. Later, we found the right access point. Nostrada was standing right next to one spot and I asked if he checked it. He did, or at least he said it did. After checking some other places, I checked that spot for myself and there it was. I must invest in better help! :-) Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:27 AM

Salt and Pepper

11 am - Can you log a DNF for a cache you'd already found? Nostrada needed to find this one and we weren't sure of the state of "Salt", so I figured we'd try to find this one without the coordinates since I "knew" where it was and we were already very close. Well, we searched all around and couldn't find it. Even a lifeline didn't help. It's probably still there, but having the coordinates would definitely help. :-)

We spent an hour on this one and returned with only with socks and shoes full of painful stickers. Fun!

Posted by jeff at 11:00 AM

World Flags-2

10:18 am - It sure is nice to drive. I could make Nostrada go out and grab all the quick caches and bring and sign them for me. Thanks again, Nostrada!
Posted by jeff at 10:18 AM

Modus Operandi

9:51 am - I solved this one with some help from mmp. Then I drove Nostrada to it. When we arrived, I gave him "the look" and he obliged to go grab the cache while I rested from all my challenging puzzle solving and driving. Heh. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:51 AM

Secret Walkway #4 - Los Gatos Creek Trail

9:50 am - We heard drums as we approached this one. I can only guess that they were anticipating our arrival. :-) It didn't take us too long to find it. TNLNSL. Geez, I didn't know eBay was this big! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:50 AM

Where's My Name ???

9:30 am - I had scoped out this spot for my middle name (Roy) and I happened to be in the neighborhood with a willing co-conspirator. This is in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, California. The people having the yard sale across the street didn't seem to be bothered much by us.
Posted by jeff at 09:30 AM

Los Gatos Creek Trail - Flood Control

9:16 am - We checked a few places where we thought it would be, then I decided to look from another direction and saw it quickly. I directed Nostrada and he made the grab. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:16 AM

Los Gatos Creek Trail - Hamilton Ave

9:09 am - I'm glad Nostrada took me along on this one. He found it, signed it, and returned it and it was on to the next one. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:09 AM

F.A.M.E. #2 - Los Gatos Creek Trail

8:58 am - Hmm, didn't know what the plant in the hint looked like before. I guess I learned something from this cache. Thanks for the nice big one.
Posted by jeff at 08:58 AM

The Cache Called Red

8:36 am - Hmm, the coords seemed a bit off for this one. There weren't too many hiding spots though, so I found it without too much trouble. TNLNSL. Oh, and I think Nostrada was there too.
Posted by jeff at 08:36 AM

May 21, 2004

Golden Spike

8:30 pm - I'm pretty sure I got all the info right, but I couldn't find the cache. Maybe it's because it was dark. I'll be watching this one.
Posted by jeff at 08:30 PM

Happy 35th Birthday

8:22 pm - I thought this might have been some kind of evil "revenge" cache, but it was actually pretty nice. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:22 PM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #27

8:22 pm - I multi-tasked on this one too - I was talking on the phone with my wife the whole time. Thanks for the quick one.
Posted by jeff at 08:22 PM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #25

8 pm - Ball games were in full swing. I tried, but no way, no how.

Posted by jeff at 08:00 PM

Sister Cities: Fremont

7:59 pm - I couldn't seem to find a pathway from the Joe Spaz cache nearby, so I ended up crossing the field - twice. As I approached it, the cache was very visible. TNLNSL. I tried to cover it up a little bit better when I replaced it. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:59 PM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #24

7:32 pm - This one was kinda hanging out there, not really hidden. I didn't get the hint at all.
Posted by jeff at 07:32 PM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #31

7:16 pm - Yup, this was easy enuf. Took a write shop robert stamp. Collect them all! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:16 PM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #32

7:07 pm - I figured out where this one must be pretty quickly, but there were some people playing tennis and the guy looked at me very strangely just standing there. Oh well, I'm getting pretty used to that by now. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:07 PM

Assume Nothing #2

6:57 pm - As I was sitting in the parking lot they call "I-880" trying to get to Fremont, I remembered there was a new cache a bit closer. I took the first exit, looked up the cache info on my phone, and ended up here.

It only took me a few minutes to find the cache. Amazing construction. TNLNSL. The only problem with these Assume Nothing caches is that you're looking for fake stuff - if you really wanted to be evil, you wouldn't mention the hide at all! Thanks again.

Posted by jeff at 06:57 PM

May 20, 2004

Creekside Rest

8:23 pm - All the signs on this one pointed to failure. I started on the wrong side of the creek and had to cross the wooden bridge. Then I dropped my lanyard pen in the creek. It helps to actually use the lanyard. In the fading daylight I looked in a few places, but got discouraged when my flashlight's batteries died. Finally, I checked one more logical spot and there it was. I should have looked there first. Phew. I headed straight home after that before my luck ran out. Thanks for the cache!
Posted by jeff at 08:23 PM

A Cow's Eye View

8 pm - I wavered between two spots here and ended up getting a little caught on the barbed wire checking one spot. Later I found the cache nicely tucked away. What kind of camo is that? ? TNLNSL and said goodbye to the cows. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:00 PM

Road to Adobe Closed

7:49 pm - Just as I was approaching the cache, the guy who lived in the house right next to the cache came home. He looked at me funny, but seemed not to care too much. Luckily I found the cache pretty quickly and was able to get out of there. I guess I saw the adobe over there, but as you know, the road was closed, and for good reason! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:49 PM

Well, well, well. What have we here?

7:30 pm - A short distance from parking, I realized I had forgotten my palm and all I had was the coordinates. I headed over anyway. Luckily I found it easily. On the way back I took the "high road" which was a little scary because I didn't know where it was going. Luckily it eventually put me right back on the main trail. Thanks for bringing me to this spot.
Posted by jeff at 07:30 PM

Painted Ladies

7:10 pm - This lady was pretty in pink and sitting all by herself in Alviso, California.
Posted by jeff at 07:10 PM

Murals Across America

7:08 pm - Found this nice mural illustrating native american history in Alviso, California.
Posted by jeff at 07:08 PM

Wind in the Cattails

7 pm - Ahh, much easier when it's in the right place. I probably trampled it last time. On the way out, I had to avoid a guy was flying a kite on inline skates in the parking lot. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:00 PM

May 19, 2004

Easy Does It

9:11 pm - Nice camo, easy find, precarious placement. TNLNSL. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 09:11 PM

See the POWER

8:51 pm - It was dark out, so I wasn't sure if I could do this one. I came armed with a flashlight, but I didn't need it. I walked right up to it. Strange little place here. Loved the hint. Thanks for another creative hide.
Posted by jeff at 08:51 PM

Any Happy Hybrid Rat

8:37 pm - Believe it or not, I drove here from Pie's Birthday Puzzle. I thought it might safe me time in the fading daylight. I don't think I did. Anyway, found this cache without much trouble; the coordinates were right on. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:37 PM

Pie's Birthday Puzzle

8:23 pm - I think I had more trouble with the hide than the puzzle. I figured where it must be, but it's amazing how invisbile the cache was for something that big. TNLNSL. Happy (belated) birthday, Pie!
Posted by jeff at 08:23 PM

Hyperbolic Reasoning

8:12 pm - I'm horrible at math. I get the concept and all, but I'm just bad at following through with the calculations and not making stupid mistakes. That's why I like computers.

I wrote some code to resolve circular reasoning, then changed it a bit for elliptical, then filled in the equations for this one and it produced a nice result. Interesting puzzle. That was a week or so ago.

Is it rude to geocache while you're on the phone? I was on my cell phone while driving to this cache, during the hunt, find, sign, walk back and drive on to the next. It's a good thing it was my wife, she understands my "problem."

Thanks for the interesting challenge.

Posted by jeff at 08:12 PM

May 18, 2004

Ingvar Kamprad's Pride & Joy

8:46 pm - I was excited when they finally opened this place; I was tired of driving to Emeryville for all my low-priced modernist furnture needs. I even considered placing a cache here, but I didn't think it would get approved.

The cache was an easy find. I had more trouble finding a way to get the cache area. Afterwards I headed inside for a tasty dinner of meatballs and lingonberry juice, but sadly the restaurant closed at 8. Thanks for the cache!

Posted by jeff at 08:46 PM

High Five & Clueless

8:28 pm - I found a great parking spot on University Avenue, or so I thought. When I got to the cache area, I realized I could have chosen much better. As I arrived, I heard the elevator open and someone say "Uh oh". It was DavidT21 and Fisherwoman. We began looking for the cache and Fisherwoman found it. She didn't have a pen, so I loaned her mine, then she broke it! OK, so it falls apart all the time.

Adding greater insult to my poor parking choice, I couldn't find my car when I left. I never realized there were so many rug stores around here!? Thanks for another great camo job.

Posted by jeff at 08:28 PM

El Palo Nuevo

8:08 pm - Tweet, tweet, TWEEEET! Boy those birds were noisy. I'm bad at counting. I counted 3 times and came up with different numbers every time, so I took my best guess and found it a nice spot. Thanks for the quick history lesson.
Posted by jeff at 08:08 PM

Elk's Charter

7:43 pm - Oh my God, the fish finally placed a cache. It's a nice one too! I really enjoyed my walk in this wild preserve. It was very pretty near sunset. I had to take a lap before I found the cache. Afterwards, I read the hint which could have been helpful. Maybe you could note that it's parking hint? I did get to park next to a house where someone was in the middle of breaking dishes and gluing the pieces onto a horse statue. Sounds weird, but it looked cool.

Anyway, thanks for the nice cache.

Posted by jeff at 07:43 PM

Orange Lincoln

7:25 pm - I wasn't sure where this one was going to be, so I had to drive a half a mile down the road until I could get back. On the way in, I saw some traffic stopped by a dog just having a nice sit in the middle of the road.

I hope the neighbors are in on this one; I felt pretty suspicious, so I used the hint. Thanks for the cache.

Posted by jeff at 07:25 PM

May 16, 2004

Shark Fin Slough

4:42 pm - It was a bit smelly here today, but that just made our hunt more efficient!

I got lucky and found it in the first spot I looked. TNLNSL. I didn't know about this series; I'm looking forward to the rest. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 04:42 PM

Stairway to Heaven

4:35 pm - This cache was lots of fun. I've been looking for an excuse for this kind of adventure and this was a perfect spot for it.

I did drop the pencil, but Anne threw it back up to me. I finished with all my bones intact! Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 04:35 PM

Harbor Patrol

4:21 pm - I don't think I've ever been to an acquatic park before. Does that just mean a park with a beach?

There were quite a few people around having picnics, so we appreciated that the cache was away from all the action.

I searched for a while before I happened across the cache. I've never thought of using these kinds of containers before. Cute log book. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 04:21 PM

Don't look up into the light!

4:01 pm - Waited, waited and waited some more for the right moment to make the quick grab. I didn't actually find the cache; it more like fell out. The container was pretty much crushed and should be replaced. I think it's just too big for that spot. TNLNSL.
Posted by jeff at 04:01 PM

Numbers & Letters

3:44 pm - We really like this spot. I wish my local shopping area was in a picturesque location!

There were some people chatting where we needed to search, so we went for a walk and came back. They were still there. We gave them five minutes before we gave . Lucklily one of them got a call and they left so we could make the quick grab. Thanks for nice cache.

Posted by jeff at 03:44 PM

As Seen From the Sky!

3:00 pm - We really enjoyed this spot. I guess there's really no question about where you are when you find it! We found the cache within a few minutes and TNLNSL.

On the way out, we found a cool beach of all broken shells. Thanks for bringing us here.

Posted by jeff at 03:00 PM

The Cat's Other Hat

2:38 pm - This was a really nice spot that we hadn't seen before. When we arrived, the cache location was occupied, so we took a walk around the shoreline. They sure like their astroturf in this park.

When we returned the location was empty and tried the hint 3 times before I found it.

I walked back to the car and then realized I forgot my GPSr at the cache site for the second time today. Aaargh.

I still don't get the title, but I guess I didn't need to. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 02:38 PM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #19

11:45 am - The coords were definitely off on this one, but considering the placement, it's probably impossible to get accurate ones without doing a projection. I found it without much trouble for my last spaz cache of the day. only 14 more to go. My God, that many???
Posted by jeff at 11:45 AM

Among Us Eucalyptus

11:33 am - Wow, there are full-sized caches in Fremont?? Oh wait, I crossed into Newark. Nevermind.

Nice park. Seems strangely familiar. TNLNSL. :-)

Posted by jeff at 11:33 AM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #14

11:21 am - I didn't see a park on my map, so I parked in the wrong place and walked around until I found it. The geometry worked though and I found it quickly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:21 AM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #15

11:08 am - The last person to find this one hid it well. I had to take two looks to discover it. Thanks again.
Posted by jeff at 11:08 AM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #16

10:57 am - Uhh, yeah, the coordinates were "just a bit" off on this one. I searched at the posted coordinates for a while and all I found was a full roll of caution tape, a pair of pants and some cardboard. I poked at the cardboard an a cat came racing out. Once again, the logs had better coordinates and then I found it quickly. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 10:57 AM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #17

10:19 am - I stumbled upon this one right away. Thanks for another.
Posted by jeff at 10:19 AM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #21

10:10 am - This one was hidden nicely. Be careful, there's a hornet or wasp nest not too far from the cache. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 10:10 AM

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #20

9:57 am - Well my notes say that I found this one pretty easily, but after so many Spaz caches today, I haven't the faintest memory of this one. So I'll just say thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:57 AM

Athin's Vengeance

9:45 am - Hey look, it's #900 for me! This is getting ridiculous.

Well, they say that it's not what you know but who you know that counts and that was especially true on this cache. Once I figured out what kind translation was needed I quickly made a new friend. "Moe" turned around a response much quicker than I had anticipated and the coordinates were right on. I did solve the other puzzle on my own though and someday I'll pick that up too, maybe for #1900. :-) Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 09:45 AM

TNT Beef Emergency

9:34 am - Boy those decon containers really blend in well. I had to look a few times before I spotted it. I wonder who would answer if I called that number? TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:34 AM

Working Windmill

9:12 am - Hmm, I need to go in there? Ok, I guess I well. Hey, there's a cache over here! Great. Sign. Date. Log. Bye. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 09:12 AM

Beyond Hidden Lake

8:45 am - Well, I've bene to hidden lake three times now for caches and not once have I parked in the right spot. Oh well.

It was tricky finding the right route to this one. I ended up hopping the fence, but not long after I had to walk down the train tracks. I found the cache, TNSL and left a GPSr. I well on my way back to the car when I realized I had forgotten my etrex. Back across the train tracks I went. Geez, losing my etrex would be a good reason to get a 60cs now, wouldn't it? :-) Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 08:45 AM

CITO cache - Milpitas

8:35 am - I searched in vain for 15 minutes before I decided to load up the web page and check the logs. Oh look, the cache moved! Easy find after that. It was was stocked full of kits.I took a container and a right shop robert stamp. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:35 AM

Hiding at Hidden Lake

8:16 am - I think part of finding a cache is getting into the hider's head. So far I haven't been able to do that with JoeSpaz's caches. Will it be film cannister just sitting under a log or some ingenious camo?

While I searched inbetween laps of people walking around the lake I observed some local wildlife. There was a bird in a nest in the tree by the cache. A fish or other sea monster was splashing around under the murky water.

Eventually I did find this one, but only after I read the logs and got the new coordinates. Nice camo job. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 08:16 AM

May 15, 2004


6:37 pm - Another sign that I've been doing this too long - a WeBeDnD cache seemed completely straightforward to me.

I solved the puzzle a few nights ago and today I picked the micro on the way pack from the Mountain View festival downtown.

I found the cache without too much trouble. It was nicely tucked away.
Apparently this was a very busy cache this evening. It smelled delicious in the area tonight, yum!

Thanks for the puzzle + cache.

Posted by jeff at 06:37 PM

Fantastic Field of Flowers

4:25 pm - This was a nice cache. We had to do a bit of backtracking to get here on our loop of the park, but it was quick and worth it. There were many lizards scurrying about. TNLNSL. Thanks, and I hope you place more nice caches!
Posted by jeff at 04:25 PM

Songs from the Edge

3:52 pm - We had a nice walk in this previously unknown park today. The sun was warm but there was a cool breeze coming over the mountains. We wandered around until it became obvious where the cache must be and found the large box. I took the lanyard pen and left a toy ray gun and yahoo sticker. Thanks for the nice big cache.
Posted by jeff at 03:52 PM

Serpentine Loop

3:37 pm - We weren't aiming for this cache, but it popped up on our way to Songs from the Edge so we went for it. We took the long way in from near Underpass Access. It was a nice day though and the flowers were out. We grabbed a map near here which turned out to be very useful. The cache wasn't too hard to find but was nicely hidden. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:37 PM

Underpass Access

3:15 pm - Well, this is certainly a place I never would have found if there wasn't a cache placed here. We parked just off 280 and made the short hike down. Found it easily and TNLNSL. We hadn't been to this park before, so we made an outing out of it, and did the other 3 in the park before we got tired. Thanks for the cache!
Posted by jeff at 03:15 PM

Big Canyon

2:15 pm - Whaddya know another park in San Carlos. This was our fifth and final cache in celebration of International Marky Cache day. I guess five actually isn't that many, but it seems like every other cache we ran into around here was placed by Marky. We dodged the poison oak up the trail to find the cache in a logical spot. TNLNSL. Then we made a quick trip back downtown for a burrito before more caching. Hooray!
Posted by jeff at 02:15 PM

Eaton's Other End

2:05 pm - Cache #4 of our celebration of International Marky Cache day. Anne counted the steps - 53. Not bad. We made our way up quickly but I had a hard time finding the cache because I had mixed up the description with Big Canyon and was looking for tupperware. Anyway, nice spot. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:05 PM

Maze and Labyrinth

1:36 pm - We were doing another cache nearby when we stumbled upon this labyrinth in the hills of San Carlos, California. It looks like it's just made of some bricks, but it works - we verified it!
Posted by jeff at 01:36 PM

Bay Area Multiple Hills - 1

1:34 pm - There are some great views from up here! We apparently disturbed some guy doing Tai Che and he left. I even snagged the labyrinth here for a locationless!

I have no idea where these clues are heading me, but I guess I'll know once I find #2 and #3. TNLNSL. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 01:34 PM

Eaton Again

1:26 pm - Hello, cache #3 of International Marky Cache day. We went around and around before we finally found the park entrance. The walk up was steep, but quick.

At the cache location, I was first deceived by a suspicious pile of sticks until I spotted the cache. Nicely done. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 01:26 PM

The Rosek Triangle

12:48 pm - This was cache #2 of our celebration of International Marky Cache Day. This guy eluded us for quite a while before I spotted the tiny bugger. Thanks for the cache; I hope this one lasts.
Posted by jeff at 12:48 PM

Along the De Anza Trail 2 - CHP

12:36 pm - We began our celebration of International Marky cache day with this little guy after a trip to REI. I spotted him quickly, signed and we were off. Didn't know about this trail, thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:36 PM

May 14, 2004

Got Bugs?

8:07 pm - What a strange little place. I parked very close which I guess was legal, but I felt out of place there. I ran out to find the cache, found a cool suction cup ball, ran back to the car to get a mini flashlight to trade, ran back and replaced the cache. Thanks for the quick dash!
Posted by jeff at 08:07 PM

OLLI Geocaching Class Lab

7:56 pm - Well, you certainly taught them all our tricks! I found all four caches quickly except for the fourth one which eluded me for a while my GPSr went crazy. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 07:56 PM

Wind in the Cattails

7 pm - Looked all around here and even went to some places I'd didn't really want to, but couldn't find it. I talked to MotorBug who had found it and it seems like it's in a pretty easy location that I would have looked. Maybe it's missing?
Posted by jeff at 07:00 PM

Fork in the River

6:38 pm - It took a while for me to find this one. After checking the bridge for a while, I thought it might be under the bridge and spent some time getting really dirty until I realized I couldn't even get close to the coordinates. Went back up and found it with a blind grab. I've never seen these things so small before. There was an otter swimming around near the fork. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 06:38 PM

May 09, 2004

McDonald had a farm Here !!!

3:00 pm - I thought the camo'd container was funny considering the distinctly uncamo'd attachment device! Anne says people were staring at me, but I guess I was too busy searching to notice. Thanks for the quick diversion on our westward drive.
Posted by jeff at 03:00 PM

Stairway to Heaven III

1:51 pm - I checked my GPSr as I arrived at my brother in law's apartment after his graduation and saw that I was just about on top of this cache. We took a quick jaunt down a few houses and up the stairs. When I got to the top, I didn't find heaven, but I was seeing stars!
The cache was well hidden and it took a while before Mike finally saw it. I need to get me a stamp! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 01:51 PM

May 08, 2004

It's a beautiful Day

9:28 pm - More like a beautiful night! Wandered out here from the dome. Strangely the GPSr worked great in the dome, but was all wacky outside and led us through the cemetary up the hill. I was skeptical that we would be able to find it on this occasionally rainy night, but the street lights provided enough light to see the cache without a flashlight. Took a lacrosse ball but forgot to leave something. Sorry. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 09:28 PM

Robin Hood Oak

9:10 pm - Wandered out of the dome to find this great Oak. Found it Oakay. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:10 PM


7:02 pm - We were having dinner in the dome and I stole a few minutes to go grab this cache that I noticed as we came up from the parking lot. Mike found it with the help of the hint. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 07:02 PM

Christmas Rush

6:38 pm - I had some time to look for this one while my relatives dashed inside for Mother's Day cards. I looked where I thought it should be and where the hint indicated, but couldn't find it. I gave up and headed back down. On my way out I found myself on the lower level and there was a free parking spot right there, so I stopped again and found it right away. I think it fell down from where it was supposed to be. It's currently fully visible from the street. The log was a bit damp as well. Thanks for the hunt.
Posted by jeff at 06:38 PM

Diners Club

5:30 pm - I can't seem to find any diners near where I live, but I came across this one just a across from a huge factory on Wolf St. in Syracuse, NY. Unfortunately it was closed, but I bet it's yummy when it's open!
Posted by jeff at 05:30 PM

Bear Trap Transfer

5:02 pm - I took my graduating SU brother-in-law out for his first geocache, less than a half-mile from the hotel. He thought it was pretty cool. We had to wander around a bit in the wet greenery before we found it. Took nothing and left a geocoin, just as it started to rain again. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 05:02 PM

Fading Ads

2:00 pm - Dowtown Syracuse New York is full of fading ads. Here's an example of a vertical one I thought was unique. It says "Stationary Engravers". I have no idea why you'd need one of those. Sorry I can't provide any history - I'm not a native!
Posted by jeff at 02:00 PM

Two Simple Men

1:45 pm - Quickly took some pictures and notes on a tour of SU. Later saw what appeared to be some other geocachers doing the same. Thanks for the lessons.
Posted by jeff at 01:45 PM

Easy Cashe

10:14 am - I snuck out for a few quick caches while waiting for a graduation to start and found this cache. Nice view from up here! TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 10:14 AM

May 05, 2004

Happy Birthday JoeSpaz #33

10:18 pm - I had a long, frustrating DNF on this one last time, so I was happy to have backup from Workerofwood and MotorBug. Even though MotorBug had found this one before, WoW found the cache. Whew!
Posted by jeff at 10:18 PM

Touch the Twilight (Night Cache)

9:27 pm - This was a great cache. I certainly haven't been caching in the woods at night before, so this was a treat. After some ceremonial application of anti-tick spray, we headed up the hill. We're not sure why the parking was on the street - the parking lot at the trailhead was open when we arrived and when we returned.

We were suprised how many people were out walking around in the dark when we arrived. We picked up eucaylptustream on the way up to break in our headlamps. Great views of the valley from up here.

We were a little confused by some of the the directions, but crossing the ditch was not difficult and we just went to the coordinates in the description. We thought we saw the first relectors, but it ended up being the eyes of a cow! He was mooing very loudly too. We cautiously walked around him and really saw the first reflectors. Very cool.

We found the activity station without difficulty. It kinda came apart when we opened it, which made it more confusing than it should have been. Once we put it back together, it made it a lot more sense. We got the final coordinates and wandered through the fields to the cache with MotorBug found. Nice job, MotorBug. Looked through the great big cache, but ended up TNLN.

The walk back to the car was mostly uneventful as the cows had moved on and all we had to worry about was dangling spiders, poison oak, and ticks. I found at least one on me back at the parking lot. We were also pretty dirty!

I'm looking forward to more quality caches such as this. Thanks a lot!

Posted by jeff at 09:27 PM


8:49 pm - Grabbed this one on the way to Touch the Twilight. After looking in some difficult places, I read jimswim's log and found it in some much easier spots. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 08:49 PM

Four Windows

Pondered for a bit, then came up with a nice solution. Thanks for the puzzle.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

May 03, 2004

Radio K.A.O.S.

Thanks for the interesting interview. I emailed in the answers to the easy quiz.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

May 02, 2004

What's the frequency?

3:32 pm - Wow, we didn't know about this spot or this nice neighborhood. Took the quick walk over, checked out the view, then found the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 03:32 PM

Birdwatching towers around the world !

3:30 pm - Came across this tower while hanging around in Redwood Shores, CA. There's actually several of them down the shore. Pretty neat place.

Posted by jeff at 03:30 PM

Northam Robotics

3:03 pm - This is my kind of cache. It certainly could have been a lame "X Company" cache, but you made it interesting and brought us to a cool place.

I was wearing my Microsoft hat, but I must have evaded the samauri swat team anti-spy guard patrol.

We looked too hard for the cache. Once we got close, it was very visible! TNLNSL.

We loved the penguin crossing signs! Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 03:03 PM

KeepMedia Rocks!!

2:39 pm - I took the shortcut on this one while Anne took the long way around. By the time I found the cache, signed it, and put it back, she was only half-way there. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 02:39 PM

Birds, Planes and a Bair

2:25 pm - This was a cool spot. Anne prtended to direct air traffic while I looked for the cache. It took a while to spot, but we found it. TNLNSL. The waters were full of birds including some very small fuzzy ducklings. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:25 PM

Run? Voila! Humiliates 'em!

2:10 pm - I always wanted to stop here. Thanks for giving me the excuse to finally do so. I had to use the hint or I might have melted out there today. I'll definitely have to come back sometime for the tour.
Posted by jeff at 02:10 PM

Sam McDonald Had a Park

Seems like this one should be archived.
Posted by jeff at 01:00 PM

Life Should be a Picnic...

11:04 am - Some microfun for a macrowalk on our tour of the park. We cleaned it up!
Posted by jeff at 11:04 AM


10:20 am - Tried to nab this one at 7:45. Got to the gate and the sign said it didn't open until 9. Went off for some other caches, then returned on the way home.

I got lucky on this one and found it within a few minutes. Sooo many places to look. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 10:20 AM


9:53 am - When I arrived at this park, it was pretty much empty, but soon after people started showing up from nowhere. Found the cache pretty easily then sat down to sign it.

Just when I was about to put it back, a family arrived. I tried to be inconspicous then made a quick move to put the cache back. When I turned around, a guy was looking right at me. Oops.

Since I'm so late in logging, I get the benefit of knowning the cache is still there since Thefogheads have logged it. Whew. Thanks.

So what do I have to do to get a cache dedicated to me? Actually, I'm just kidding. Please don't. :-)

Posted by jeff at 09:53 AM

Just Past 2nd Base

9:37 am - I found this one, but only after a comedy of errors. I first spent about 20 minutes looking for a micro cache at the posted coordinates. I was trying to look casual while the field was being used, but failing. Finally I read the description and realized my two errors.

When I arrived at the real coordinates, I couldn't find the cache. I searched for 45 minutes, following my GPSr all over the place. Desperate times call for desperate measures and I called MotorBug to see if he had found it. He didn't answer. I gave up.

On my way back to the car, MotorBug called back. He hadn't tried this one, but he did have Workerofwood's number. Called WoW and had to listen to him laugh in glee that his camo had fooled me. I headed back to the area and as he directed me to the general spot I spotted it. Grrr, don't know how I missed it. Nice camo though. TNLNSL. Thanks for the "experience". :-)

Posted by jeff at 09:37 AM

Aargh! It's Passover!

9:28 am - Aargh! As I was walking towards this one, another guy was heading towards the equipment right next to the cache. I guess he was the 3rd person every to use it. I headed for another nearby cache and spent 45 frustrating minutes searching, only to give up.

The other guy was gone on the way back and I found it right away. I swear I looked there last time.

Posted by jeff at 09:28 AM

Wildcat Crossing

8:36 am - This was yet another self-inflicted fiasco. I had just spent a long time trying to look casual looking for "just past second base" right near here until I realized that I was looking for an ammo can, not a micro and I had failed to use th e corrected coordinates.

I tried to redeem myself on this one, but ended up making it much harder anyway, searching in all the wrong places. Nice theme. I think I saw a few cubs on the prowl. Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 08:36 AM

Oh, Porgy!

8:07 am - Hmmm, I knew absolutely nothing about Porgy. I guess that's no longer true.

I found the closest parking, then stood there for a minute while I tried to figure out how to get to the cache. I took a closer look and saw a little trail to follow. What a strange little place. I thought the cache had been plundered again because it took me a while to find it. I guess the log was recovered for the replacement container because all the original signature were there. Thanks for the cache!

Posted by jeff at 08:07 AM

In Memoriam

7:40 am - I always wondered what this place was about. Now I know. Thanks, WoW! Found the box quickly and TNLNSL.
Posted by jeff at 07:40 AM

Spur of the Moment 2

7:30 am - It was a comedy of errors on this one. First I parked on the wrong side of the fence, then drove around the long way when I could have walked 100 feet and went around it. Then I had trouble finding the cache, looking all around until I read some of the logs and found it. Geesh! Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 07:30 AM

Elliptical Reasoning

7:10 am - I still haven't really solved circular reasoning. When I went out to claim it a year ago, I found that my calculations were off and ended up wandering around the park until I found it.

I happenned to be in the same park a while ago and conveniently took the coordinates for use in this cache.

I was finally able to finish the calculations last night. I used GeoCalc to verify my calculations, but having the GeoCalc source code was even more helpful in automating the work.

My coordinates were a bit off somehow (maybe my circular reasoning coords were off), but it was still in the third place I looked. Nice puzzle. Here's to hoping that some of my work can be reused for hyperbolic reasoning! Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 07:10 AM

May 01, 2004

Fuzzy Friends #2

2:53 pm - Cool hide on this one! Tagged along with some others, then went home to solve the puzzle. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 02:53 PM


2:43 pm - We wanted to go in and apply for membership, but the place was closed. Oh well, I guess I'll just come back in 25 years. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 02:43 PM

Black Bart

2:31 pm - Did this one backwards - picked up the micro with some friends, then went home to solve it. Thanks for the cache.
Posted by jeff at 02:31 PM

Trees Company

1:30 pm - This was certainly a creative one. It was the end of a lot of hiking and it was pretty hot, so there was plenty of grumbling as we went back and forth and back again. We didn't have all the required equipment, so we improvised with some known quantities.

Anne scraped her knee a little and Nostrada jumped to the rescue, insisting that all first aid measures be applied for a little scrape. I made the final climb and found the cache so we could all go home. :-)

TNLNSL. Thanks!

Posted by jeff at 01:30 PM

Sycamore’s N’ Logs

12:36 pm - This one probably took us the longest to find of all the caches of the day. Once again, ProtechCC's sharp eyes spotted the cache. I probably would have been more helpful if I stuck to the coordinates and didn't look in all kinds of random places. Many stickers here - ouch! TNLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 12:36 PM

SuperGenius #15-Why Not?

11:46 am - This is what you call express caching. A few cachers run ahead to the cache, find it, sign for everyone and by the time everyone else arrives, the cache is all put back and it's time for the next one. We did stop for a bit while ProtechCC inspected the cache and then it was over the hills - to somewhere else! Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:46 AM

The Big Valley

11:34 am - Nostrada took the solo route to this one, but we arrived at just about the same time. I don't remember who it was that called out "I found it!", but it was someone that wasn't me. Oy, it was getting hot out there. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 11:34 AM


11:18 am - Sent Anne climbing to grab this one. I'm glad I didn't mention the title to her first or she might have refused! She produced the cache quickly. Getting the log out was a different challenge.

Forgot to deny the non-subscribers from signing the log! :-) Thanks.

Posted by jeff at 11:18 AM

Don't Be A Drip!

10:39 am - Oh boy, it's really getting hot out here. It was nice to stop and have a drink. At this point I didn't know how badly the back of my neck was already burnt.

I think there was a cache here too, but it with so many people, it's mostly a blur! Thanks (I think!)

Posted by jeff at 10:39 AM

Hint to Black Diamond Tennis Bracelet

10:07 am - The first stage on this one was pretty easy. We were about to give up on #2 when ProtechCC announced he had found it - exactly where WeBeD and I had both looked. Beginner's luck, I say. :-D I'm glad we were able to return this cache to the living though it's a tough hide finding a film can. I think we were all looking for something more obvious.

Oh - I almost killed one of the fish when I pushed a rock and it went to tumbling down the hill. I swear it's just a matter of time before someone in these big caching groups bites it.

Now I just need to figure out where the cache is that this one is a hint for!

Posted by jeff at 10:07 AM

Alien Godparents

9:45 am - Another fine anagram. I think you should just give up and make this one alien-themed. :-) TLNSL. Thanks.
Posted by jeff at 09:45 AM

Like An Extra Virgin

9:33 am - The track log showed us going in all kinds of directions for this one. Cool area. Workerofwood and nostrada once again battled to see who could find this one first. I believe WoW produced the cache once again. Lots of poison oak around here, so I was less enthusiastic. Admired the Calif. geocoin for a bit and then took off for the next one.

Memorable quote for this cache:
"Don't talk, sign!"
- Nostrada, getting impatient

Posted by jeff at 09:33 AM

Log In

9:20 am - Workerofwood and Nostrada went up to grab this one while the rest of us admired their prowess safely from the trail.

Memorable quote for this cache:
"When all fails, smash it with a rock."
- Nostrada on strategies for getting the cache open

Posted by jeff at 09:20 AM


9:04 am - With 11 experienced cachers wandering around in various directions, these finds sure do come quickly. Workerofwood found it as I recall, then nearly took a tumble down the hill. Thanks!
Posted by jeff at 09:04 AM

Beginner's Health Nut Cache

8:30 am - This was a quick one before our long hike. Took a golf ball and left a fish flashlight.

After this, it was up the hill. Nostrada tried to lead MotorBug and I through some poison oak to the trail. Nice try.


Posted by jeff at 08:30 AM

SuperGenius #7 - Speckles

8:30 am - This was a quick one before our long hike. Took a golf ball and left a fish flashlight.

After this, it was up the hill. Nostrada tried to lead MotorBug and I through some poison oak to the trail. Nice try.


Posted by jeff at 08:30 AM