May 05, 2004

Touch the Twilight (Night Cache)

9:27 pm - This was a great cache. I certainly haven't been caching in the woods at night before, so this was a treat. After some ceremonial application of anti-tick spray, we headed up the hill. We're not sure why the parking was on the street - the parking lot at the trailhead was open when we arrived and when we returned.

We were suprised how many people were out walking around in the dark when we arrived. We picked up eucaylptustream on the way up to break in our headlamps. Great views of the valley from up here.

We were a little confused by some of the the directions, but crossing the ditch was not difficult and we just went to the coordinates in the description. We thought we saw the first relectors, but it ended up being the eyes of a cow! He was mooing very loudly too. We cautiously walked around him and really saw the first reflectors. Very cool.

We found the activity station without difficulty. It kinda came apart when we opened it, which made it more confusing than it should have been. Once we put it back together, it made it a lot more sense. We got the final coordinates and wandered through the fields to the cache with MotorBug found. Nice job, MotorBug. Looked through the great big cache, but ended up TNLN.

The walk back to the car was mostly uneventful as the cows had moved on and all we had to worry about was dangling spiders, poison oak, and ticks. I found at least one on me back at the parking lot. We were also pretty dirty!

I'm looking forward to more quality caches such as this. Thanks a lot! Posted by jeff at May 5, 2004 09:27 PM