December 19, 2004

Travertine Troll

2:40 pm - After our fiasco at Cat's Locker, we headed down the trail to what appeared to be a junction. Looking at the map, I thought this must be were the Travertine Trail meets the Toll Road Trail.

Nostrada agreed to take my pack and stay put while I ran down to get the wives.

I headed down the "Travertine Trail" and found that it sure was poorly maintained. Downed trees everywhere, and hardly a semblance of a trail. Soon it disappeared completely and I realized that it couldn't be the trail. I bushwacked south a bit and found the trail.

I ran most of the .16 miles and found the ladies chatting away. We gathered our things and headed back up the trail to Travertine Springs. On the way we passed this one and I found it quickly, passing it over to Nostrada's better half as well. TNLNSL.

Now we just had to get to the real junction and rescue Nostrada... Posted by jeff at December 19, 2004 02:40 PM