December 19, 2004

Cat's Locker

2:17 pm - Well our hike was going pretty well until this cache. I knew it had to be on the upper trail which we would junction with soon, but it was due north of us and we came across this gentle sloping grassy hill. Why not climb the hill and go straight for the cache?

Well the hill was steep and tiring, but we made it up with minimal bushwhacking. Unfortunately we were still 400 feet away - down into a ravine and beyond. We slipped down a slippery slope and crossed a dry creek, following deer trails most of the time. At the creek the terrain went up again and this time it was a lot less clear of brush. It was so close though, so we pushed on.

When we were less than 150 feet away, all clearing went away and we were crawling up between bushes, clamoring up to the trail. Finally we made it, dirty and tired. The cache was thankfully very easy. TNLNSL.

Now we just had to get back down to the travertine trail where we left our wives and there was no way in hell we were going back the way we came. We headed west along the trail to the junction... Posted by jeff at December 19, 2004 02:17 PM