July 12, 2004

Got Screams?

7:47 pm - I convinced Anne, with her ailing sprained toe, to go out for a walk. What a nice wife. We took the nice walk out to the cache and walked past it a bit while some muggles went by. We turned around and then had to stop again when a guy with two dogs appeared. We tried to walk past him, but as we did, he said to me "I'll let you do the hard part." I didn't really understand what he was talking about, so I smiled and kept walking.

After a few more steps I turned around to find the guy staring at us. When he said "I'm looking for it too" I finally got it. I guess it was the absence of a GPSr that threw me off. He introduced himself as winini. Wow, I've wondering who winini was for a long time!

I went down to grab the cache and returned with it while Anne and winini chatted. Apparently one of winini's seekers wasn't too happy that I found it before he did and tried to pee on it! I TNLNSL. Our task done, we walked back down to the car with winini, who we had actually parked right behind. He knew what we were doing the whole time. Sneaky.

Thanks for the cache and the opportunity to meet another cacher!
Posted by jeff at July 12, 2004 07:47 PM