July 11, 2004

Away from the pond

3:27 pm - I was with a big group of 10 people when I tried this last and we DNF'd it. How sad.

Today I put my backpack down and started searching in every direction. I pretty much completed a loop when I found it about 20 feet from my pack. I TNLNSL.

The park was full of friendly people today and I had at least 4 conversations with other hikers, many of which seemed to think I knew my way around here and asked me where the trail went.

At one point on the way back I noticed the side of the trail eroding at a suspicious rate, so I stopped to look and saw that there was something in the dirt on the side, pushing it out. I waited a while and finally a mole broke through. Neat.

When I got back to my car I found out where all the people came from. When I parked I was the only one there, but now there were six other cars there!

Thanks for the pleasant walk. Posted by jeff at July 11, 2004 03:27 PM