December 26, 2003

Sun Microsystems Geek Cache

I wasn't too familiar with this area, so I drove around a bit and ended up turning into Sun's parking lot. I was amazed by the lack of security. No gates, no roaming security trucks. The place must have been closed today as there were very few cars in the lot. I found a place to park right near the cache and headed out.

I was surprised to find gate that lead out to the trail and even more surprised to find it unlocked. I should have looked more carefully though because as it close I realized there was a combination lock on the other side. I would have to find another way back to my car, but that was a problem for later.

I made the short walk to the cache and started looking. Lots of places to look here and I couldn't find it under any of them. Finally I threw away the GPSr and looked in a place that was a little further away and found it there. Took a Docent puzzle ball and left a FreeBSD 5.1 CD.

I ended up walking all the way around to the entrance from Willow Road to enter the campus again and reach my car. On the way out I did notice a guy in a security truck, preoccupied with something in a far corner of the lot. Thanks! Posted by jeff at December 26, 2003 12:31 PM