December 26, 2003

PEZtacular view

When a pez dispenser arrived in my christmas stocking this year, I knew it was time to take care of this cache. It was pretty blustery out there at first, but it warmed up quickly.

When I got to the cache area, the coast was clear and began to search in earnest. I saw one spot that looked perfect for a cache and I began to think that the cache must be missing. Once I start thinking that, I tend to not look very well. After a few minutes of searching, I decided to go do Flyway Rest Stop and try this one again on the way back.

As I approached this one for the second time, I read the hint. Again, my lack of knowledge of flora and fauna hurt me here, but I took a guess and found it right away.

I took a Marge Simpson pez and left a Chewbacca pez. If I knew that most of the Simpson family would be in there, I would have brought more! Thanks for the cache. Posted by jeff at December 26, 2003 11:39 AM