December 23, 2003

My Meridian

Wasn't getting much done at work and I saw this one come up as my closest, so I spent a few minutes looking up the answers and dashed out to see if I could claim the FTF. I'd probably bump up the difficulty to 2 on this one because I had trouble finding some of the answers. As I worked through them, I started to see the pattern though so I knew I was at least half right.

The coordinates were in in a familiar area and one that needed a cache. My GPSr wasn't liking the tree cover and kept pointing me at one of two likely spots. Despite the note not to trample through the ivy, I had to anyway because I just couldn't see it. Finally found and brought it back to the car to open it up.

The contents were very nice and all in theme. I was pleased to see that I was first in the logbook. I left the FTF prize for another cacher though as my book queue is already stacks deep. I took a postcard and a pen and left a mini-flashlight.

As I went to put it back, I realized I didn't remember where I found it between the two areas I had been looking. I first put it in one spot, only to get halfway back to the car before I remembered that it was supposed to be in the other spot. Doubled back and placed it back where it should be. Since others found it after me, I guess I chose wisely.

Thanks for the educational fun! Posted by jeff at December 23, 2003 03:51 PM