December 20, 2003

Operation Futari

This was my second attempt at this one. We last tried it in July as part of our "Day of Disaster", attempting several caches in this park, but failing on all of them.

I consulted a satellite map first and thought I saw a road that would take me to the cache. When I got close enough to it, I saw that it was private property, so I had to think of another way.

I headed back down to the access point we used last time, knowing that it didn't take us in the right direction last time we tried it. I looked across at the trailhead and pondered a bit, preparing myself for some serious buckwacking when I remembered that I had a map of the park in my bag. I checked it and saw something that looked like the trail I needed to take. I jumped back in the car and parked at a different spot, then headed up the trail, which seemed very promising.

There were lots of runners on the trails this morning, despite the drizzle. It was a nice hike up and I finally got to a point where it looked like the cache was close. I'm glad I checked the logical places before I started bushwacking as my GPSr read 40 feet at the cache. I took a water ball, left a keychain flashlight and signed the log.

I'm sorry I missed the original multi-stages of this cache, but the hike was nice anyway. Once again, I'm one away from completing The Rat's local caches. Someday... Posted by jeff at December 20, 2003 09:41 AM