December 20, 2003


This was an interesting puzzle. I thought about how to solve it by hand for a little while, then decided I didn't want to think that hard. I wrote a program instead and let it churn out the answers for me. It took several hours before it got the last one.

When I put the coordinates together, I was dismayed that it was in that cursed park, the place where straight line distances have no meaning.

I headed out there this morning and tried to find an appropriate place to park. I was about to try one access point when I spotted a map and saw where the right trail should be and realized I wasn't near it. So I got back into the car and drove for a while, not finding the trail, so I made a U-turn and parked a short distance from the trail.

It was a nice morning and a good time for a brisk hike. It certainly was a lot longer than the .4 miles that my GPS said from trailhead, but I made it. I had a little trouble finding it due to the tree cover. I liberated the Yosemite Bear TB, took hint sheet #9 and left nothing.

I'm looking forward to figuring out More Digits now and if my method of solving Digits will be useulf. Thanks! Posted by jeff at December 20, 2003 08:43 AM