October 26, 2003

Resistance is (STILL) Futile...

My memory of how to solve this puzzle faded long ago from the classes I took in college. Luckily a refresher course is easily available on the web. I was also lucky to find the site used to draw the pictures in the puzzle. I solved it two ways and came up with the same answer, so I was pretty sure I got it right.

After 3 consecutive frustrating DNFs earlier in the day, I decided to go out and grab this one as a colsolation prize. As I approached the area, I grew more confident as I saw a very appropriate place for this cache. I started searching and there was an unusually high amount of traffic for this nearly-empty parking lot. One car came by very slowly and the people inside were looking at me, so I tried the cell phone trick. It turned out they were cachers and I put my cell phone away, we said hello and we began looking.

I found it soon after, though I'm not sure I would have recognized it if I hadn't found a similarly camouflaged cache. TNLNSL and chatted with the other cachers for a while before we went on our way. Thanks for the cache. Posted by jeff at October 26, 2003 04:55 PM