October 26, 2003

A Charming Spot

I worked my way through this puzzle on Friday, make some guesses on ones that I wasn't sure of and came up with some coordinates that looked pretty good. Since I've probably seen only 1/2 an episode ever, I was pretty proud of myself. I had no idea there were was such a large and devoted following to this show. I considered posting the questions on some message board and letting a ravenous fan work it all out for me.

Anyway, I confirmed my coordinates with SpiderWoman. I found myself in the area today, so I thought I'd give it a try. After spending a fruitless hour searching for Flyway Rest Stop, I though this would be a nice consolation. No such luck. Searched in the areas that seemed to be indicated by the hint and found nada. I'm sure I'll find an excuse to be around here again soon, so I'll be back. Posted by jeff at October 26, 2003 02:30 PM