Baseball is a game of 3s

I noticed last night that baseball is a game of many 3s.

Everyone knows you get 3 strikes and each team gets 3 outs per inning.
But there’s also 3 x 3 innings per game
3 x 3 defensive men are on the field a time
There are 3 x 10 ft between bases
Bases are at 3 x 3 x 10 degrees from each other
Games last about 3 hours
Most series are played in 3s
There are 3 divisions per league
There are 3 x 10 teams in the MLB
There are three levels of minor league teams, the highest being triple A
Each team plays 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 2 games per year
Including spring training, players play 3 x 3 months of the year
Babe Ruth, who many consider the best player of all time, wore number 3
If you get a hit in 1/3 of your at bats, you’re doing really well
If your team wins 2/3 of your games, you’re guaranteed to win your division
If your team loses 2/3 of your games, you’re guaranteed to lose your division

Did I miss any?


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