#1 Tic Tac Toe Site on the Web

I was looking through the access logs for boulter.com this evening and I noticed that my Tic Tac Toe site is still getting a lot of traffic. No wonder, it’s the #1 result for “Tic Tac Toe” on Google.

It’s hard to believe I built this little program nearly TWELVE years ago for a college class. I seem to remember the professor didn’t like it much either because Tic Tac Toe was “too easy”.

The about page is pretty funny:

In the future, I might implement a prettier interface (possilbly use HTML tables)

Wow, HTML tables! That’s pretty advanced stuff for 1995! Since then, they’ve gone from the crux of web page design to the most-hated markup syntax of all time. Everything old is new again, I guess. Somehow I never got around to implementing that pretty interface. Perhaps I can slap some Yahoo! Ads on there to see if it’s worth the effort.

I’m pretty sure most of the traffic I get is from bored 10-year olds, who soon hate me when they realize they can’t win. The emails they send me are often pretty funny. Over the years I’ve collected over 1700 emails. I’ll post some of the best tomorrow.

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