My Epson 777 printer ran out of color ink today, so I dug into a drawer and found a generic replacement cartridge I bought a while ago. There are all these tabs you have to pull off, so I decided to read the instructions to see if I did everything right.

In doing so, I think I may have discovered a new dialog of English, which I am calling “Printlish”. Here’s what it said.

Guide to use of Inkjet Cartridge

1.How to obtain the best printing result?
To obtain the best printing result, run the print-head nozzle checking according to your printer manual. If the nozzle checking is not running property, please carry another print-head testing until it runs normally.

2.What can we do if the printer cannot recognize the Cartridge?
If you your printer cannot recognize the cartridge after you install it, please take the cartridge out of the print-head and re-install it, again to ensure the contact point on the cartridge would be put on exact position to the print-head.If it is stillnot successful, you may turn off the printer and then turn it on again.

3. How to carry on if the warning sign is shown up with following matters when printing?
You may get this warning sign when printing, “Installing inkjet cartridge different from original cartridge my cause different printout, do you still want to continue.” Click “yes” and carry on with your normal procedure. This maneuver would not affect your printer and printing.

4. What do we understand from the message “unknown” in your inkjet cartridge dialogue?
Owing to the fact that the utility features of the printer itself are designed to concert with those of the cartridges, you may find one or more messages with “unknown” after your install the generic compatible cartridge. This is caused byt the different data input on the chipset, and it would not have impact on the normal operation of your printer and printing effect.

Caution: In order to assure the desired printing quality, please replace another new cartridge when the ink level indicator light begins to flash.

The reverse side is in Spanish. We would be really interesting to carry on that!


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