A Better Anagram Solver

You end up solving a lot of anagrams when Geocaching. Any strange-looking title is probably an anagram (and a hint). Often the hint is an anagram or parts of the description. Some caches are even entirely anagrams.

There are a number of tools out there to solve anagrams, but they all seem to try to spit out every possible combination of words which is impossibe to sort through. I got frustrated with them, so I decided to write my own, partially based on code from The Scrabble Rack.

My tool is an incremental solver, allowing you to pick likely words and refine, producing much more managable list of words to review.

It even works for me (notice the longest word).


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  2. sagmAnra vopre ot eb tiequ fidicfltu mostiemse… oS ew lla edne ephl ta mose nitpo.

    hTe kritc si ot dinf eth rensaw gostnma lal iths esms.

    ehaPspr het wreans ludco eb vero reeth, ro ti cudlo eb reeh.

    oWh skonw, ti himtg neev eb ni uory dimn redlaya…

  3. Hi. There’s this conspiracy and alternative subject matter website called AboveTopSecret.com. there is an anagram that many folks have been using your online engine for. Your throughput may have jumped noticably recently… I hope it doesn’t cost you any money. Anyway everyone is frustrated and want to see it solved.

    The URL to the puzzle as a graphic on the ATS website: http://atsmedia.cachefly.net/images/whatitis.png

    And what we have been working with for a text rendition that has syntax that must be included:

    dollnean- ngcniualcy evo, evoui shleeoig cnteint itdntion ,crtoea ayald bpisgni esstefmnf

    The solution is described as having 11 words. Known words: “continually”, “a”, “and”, as well as “ideation”.

    Likely words TAN (The AboveNetwork LLC), imagine, evolving, digital, media, content, multi and/or platform, everyone, power, unity, ethics and ecosystem.

    It is about a web event planned for Nov 5th in which ATS is promising to revolutionize their web-platform. Crowdsourcing is the main theme.

    Something like:

    TAN – imagine everyone, continually evolving a digital content and ideation ecosystem platform.

    November 5th is the launch of “whatever” in NYC where they will announce a cross-platform all media ecosystem with a Guy fawkes digital dynamite revolutionery event theme. The slogan is “Remember, remember the 5th of November”.

    Thanx if you can help… I’m sorry if they swamped your server which has worked fine for me the ten or so tries I’ve made. Folks have been working on this since October 2nd… some are going to blow a fuse… some are drinking.

    Anyway thanks much a bunch of lotses.


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