Having too much fun with conference room names

Yahoo! has a tradition of giving its conference room names fun and creative names. Some are national parks, some are board games, others are tropical islands.

On my floor, they’re all ‘in’ words like conceivable, sane and articulate. The idea is to trick you into saying things like ‘Come here. I’m insane.” Witty. Some go beyond the cute into racy like decent, adequate and continent.

But today the conference room naming went a little too far. I asked someone about where a meeting was and he said “it’s in limbo”. I read this quickly and assumed they hadn’t decided which room it was in. I ran around at the time of the meeting and couldn’t find anyone, so I went back to my desk.

Later, I was asked why I wasn’t at the meeting. I didn’t know what room it was in of course. Then it hit me – the conference room is actually called “Limbo” to fit a floor named for remote and mythical places like Oz, Neverland and Antartica.

Perhaps we should name the next set of conference rooms with this problem in mind. We’ll call them ‘tardy’, ‘lost’ and ‘absent’.


  1. I was a big fan of the first floor of 3420. All the conference room names matched countries and were grouped by geographical placement. All the “european” conference rooms were in one area, the “asian” counterparts were in the opposite side of the building. If you knew the globe, you were never lost.

    Then some idiot in marketing decided to name the new conference room “Animal Style”.

  2. Oh, don’t get me started.

    There’s a room called “Room 222” on the 3rd floor of building B. That’s right, the *third* floor. Of course, there’s a room 222 (now called 2222) on the second floor.

    That one bit me hard a few weeks ago.

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