Apple customer service

Rarely do I expect much from a company’s customer service. Usually it’s endless phone trees with occasional responses by incompetent employees.

Not Apple.

A few weeks ago I walked into my local Apple store with a Magsafe power adapter that no longer worked. This is a common issue and Apple settled a lawsuit because of them. The greeter next to the Genius Bar intercepted me and asked how he could help. I told him my power adapter didn’t work, and he looked it quizzically for 10 seconds. He then went into a cabinet, pulled out a new adapter, handed it to me, said “here you go!” and I walked out of the store. That was too easy.

For my Dad’s birthday, I bought him the SlingPlayer app for his iPad. When he tried to run it, it reported that his SlingPlayer hardware was not compatible with the app. In fact, the app only support their latest two models, not any of the ones before that. Boo! The app page actually explains this, but I missed it.

I emailed Apple via their Express Lane site and explained the problem. The confirmation page said to expect a response within 48 hours. 12 hours later, I got an email with a full refund. A day later I got a followup email asking if I had any further issues.

Now that’s customer service.

Apple, you’ll be getting more of my money in the future because you actually seem to care about my experience with your products.

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