I think I survived the Summer of 2010

Tomorrow is the first day of fall and the end to what may have been the busiest summer of my life. I’m just happy to have survived it. A summary of my life events over the last 3 months:


  • Quit my job at at Yahoo! after 8.5 years
  • Took two days off
  • Began work at a startup
  • Launched our first product
  • Learned a heck of a lot of new stuff


  • Watched Elliott double in age and weight
  • Helped Audrey learn how to use a toilet (reliably)
  • Dropped off Audrey at her first day of preschool
  • Launched a new website for Audrey’s preschool


  • Spent 2 weeks traveling Europe with 4 kids (all under 4)
  • Hosted friends at our house for 3 weeks
  • Drove to New Hampshire to visit family 10 or more times
  • Replaced two MacBook screens (my Mom’s broke too!)
  • Spent a weekend on the Cape, another on Martha’s Vineyard
  • And finally, celebrated another birthday

I don’t think I’ve forgone so much sleep since college. It was challenging, but ultimately rewarding.

That said, I’m hoping for a relaxing and uneventful fall.

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