Email from 1999

I ran across this email today which I sent out to friends and family in April of 1999. It was a start of some interesting times for me and was fun to read again.

Exactly one year ago today I emailed many of you and announced that Anne and
I were moving to Seattle as the company I was working for in Cambridge
(Firefly) was bought by Microsoft.

Not to make a habit of this, but I’m moving again.

I’ve decided to trade in my galoshes for suntan lotion and move to Santa
Monica, California (on the beach, just a few miles west of LA) to work for a
company called Launch Media. Launch is probably most known for its monthly
CD-ROM magazine which helps people find new music. Check out it on any
magazine rack.

More recently they’ve been building out their cool web site at Check it out. They’re all about building communities
around music and helping people find new music they like. The web site has a
lot of potential to make that happen. In addition, if you can’t stand
watching MTV anymore, you can watch any number of music videos on their

Why am I going to Launch? As many of you know I’ve been tinkering with a pet
project in personalized internet radio. I’ve found personalized radio so
much better than regular radio or my own CD collection that I’ve all but
thrown out my CD changer and stopped listening the radio in my car. I’m
totally convinced that that’s where the music industry is heading. I hope to
be one of the people that starts the revolution in how people listen to
music. Launch is a great place to make that happen. They hope to be the next
MTV. As an added bonus, their stock is going public this month, so that
should work out pretty well too.

Anne is just about finished with her graduate program at the University of
Washington. She will graduate on June 10 with her Masters in Social Work,
finally ready for the real world. After some family visits, she (and all our
stuff) be joining me in California later in July. Meanwhile, I’ll be scoping
out a couch somewhere in LA for a few months. No one said moving was easy.

It’s hard to believe that only after I year, I’m going to leave Seattle.
This whole opportunity came up rather unexpectedly which makes it both
exciting and overwhelming. I have one more week at Microsoft and I’ll be
going down to LA around the beginning of May. Microsoft was fun and I may
end up back here someday, but my passions are elsewhere right now. Most
people here are pretty excited for me. The weather was pretty rotten all
winter (though not so cold as the east coast), but last summer was really
nice and I’m sorry I’ll miss another summer in Seattle. Then again, I guess
I won’t be able to complain about Southern California weather.

So I’m pretty excited about things and I just wanted to let you all know. I
hope things are going well for all of you too.

If you want to get in touch with me over the next few months, email
( is probably your best bet. Other than that, check out
PlanetAll (link below) for the latest on the continuing saga of where I
physically reside.


Todd and I went to LAUNCH and created LAUNCHcast, which was pretty darn cool. LAUNCH’s stock crashed with the rest of the dotcoms, but things turned out ok for us when we were acquired by Yahoo.

I still miss PlanetAll.

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