Today’s Nonsensical Google Voice Transcription

We have our home phone forwarding to a Google Voice number on no answer. It replaces the crappy Verizon voicemail service we used before. Best of all, Verizon set up the call forwarding for free.

While it’s convenient to be able to check our voicemail via email, the transcriptions are not always helpful. Today’s example:

“Hey and and stabbed calling. I wanted to wish you guys lock today and let me know if you need anything and let me know how everything I don’t take care bye.”

The other day we had one that was even better:

“They brought up much to meet you at it. I will affect your insurance benefits. Rick diabetic supplies. We’ll but if it’s Peacock or restricted. Because of this diabetic experts has created a survey for research and educational purposes together, fax I can help diabetic if I wait your insurance benefits, during this historic debate, so if you are diabetic or know someone who it is and currently using, or would like to use insurance to pay for your diabetic supplies, please press 1 now to take part in involuntary servitude and your voice heard about benefits diabetic Snead again press one now, or press 2, to decline. Thank you.”

What they lack in usefulness, the make up for in amusement.

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