Audrey has flown around the world – twice

Audrey turns 2 tomorrow. It’s hard to believe. While it’s exciting to see her learn and grow, there’s one thing we’ll miss about her being under 2 – flying for free. It’s a perk we’ve taken advantage a lot and not just when we lived on the West coast.

I was curious how much we’ve actually flown with her, so I went through all our old itineraries and made a map.

View Audrey’s Flights in a larger map

How far has Audrey flown? Over 60,000 miles. That’s just straight line distance without connections, so the real number is even higher. That’s around the world twice. If it was all on one airline, she would have at least one free flight.

Her earliest flight was when she was 3 months and 2 days old. Her latest was at 1 year and 364 days. She’s been to 12 destination cities.

She’s been a pretty good traveler too. She loves to walk (or be walked) up and down the aisle and say hello to everyone.

I’m sure we’ll be going on many more trips with her, but I’d say she’s had a pretty good start.

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