Red Sox vs. A’s opener by the numbers

innings spent waiting to buy hot dogs: 1.5
number of hot dogs purchased: 0
number of churros eaten: 2
number of pretzels eaten: 2
row number of the seats on our ticket stubs: 34
row we sat in from the 8th inning on: 17
game attendance: 36,067
runs scored: 3
runs scored by the Red Sox: 2
number of strikeouts by Dice-K: 9
bad fielding plays by Oakland: 3
number of “awwww”s uttered at Audrey’s full Red Sox outfit: too many to count
number of baby socks lost: 1
Red Sox winning percentage at games Audrey has attended: 1.000
number of traffic problems at 11 pm on 880 South: 2

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