Concerts I’ve seen and should have seen

While I was busy trying to sleep last night, I starting thinking about all the concerts I went to when I didn’t have a kid and I could go to concerts. :-) It quickly became a very long list, so I thought I’d see if I could list all the artists I’ve seen live. Now many of these were opening acts or featured at multi-act venues and festivals, so I definitely wouldn’t have paid to see many of them.

Here we go, in alphabetical order. I’ve noted the ones I’ve seen mutliple times.

The Badlees
Barenaked Ladies (4)
Ben Folds Five
Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Joe Bonamassa
Marc Cohn
Counting Crows
Crash Test Dummies
Death Cab for Cutie
Dog’s Eye View
Bob Dylan
Earth, Wind and Fire
Melissa Etheridge
Foo Fighters
Getaway People
The Getaway People
Indigo Girls (2)
Taylor Hicks
Whitney Houston
Huey Lewis and the News
Lisa Loeb
Luscious Jackson
Aimee Mann
Tara Maclean
Dave Matthews Band
Sarah McLachlan (3)
Natalie Merchant
Alanis Morrisette
Jason Mraz
Billie Myers
Sinead O’Connor
Pearl Jam
Trent Reznor
Duncan Sheik
Sixpence None the Richer
Elliot Smith
Soul Coughing
Sugar Ray
Take 5
They Might Be Giants
Bruce Springsteen
James Taylor (2)
Suzanne Vega
The Violent Femmes
The Wallflowers
Gillian Welch
Brian Wilson
Neil Young

Then I got curious who I haven’t seen. The easiest way to see who I like the best is to look the the size of the MP3s I have of each artist. Here’s the top 10:

R.E.M. 445MB
Billy Joel 338MB
Toad the Wet Sprocket 287MB
Pet Shop Boys 227MB
Madonna 276MB
Tom Petty 275MB
Sting 249MB
Radiohead 245MB
Tracy Chapman 241MB
The Beatles 210MB

Clearly I need to find more music from this decade to listen to.

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