Audrey’s Bookshelf

Anne’s been going nuts with buying books for Audrey recently. I think the kid has more books than I do now. A few weeks ago it got to the point where we had nowhere to put them all so we went down to Ikea and bought a bookshelf. Anne went to a few more book sales and came home with even more books.

Pat the Bunny

Now people are starting to ask what books she already has so she doesn’t get duplicates. “Normal” people would just write down the list of books and email it to people. Not me. There’s a geekier way to do it.

First, I fired up Delicious Monster and scanned the ISBN codes of all Audrey’s books using the iSight camera built into my Macbook Pro. About 20% of them didn’t work for whatever reason so we had to look them up manually. Once I finished that, I found DeliciWeb, ran it against Audrey’s 146 books and uploaded them to my web server.

So there you have it, a nice list of Audrey’s books. Anne would be thrilled if she got more. I only ask that they be small ones so we don’t have to go to Ikea again too soon.

Odd factoid: the Red Fish, Blue Fish, Old Fish, New Fish book Anne picked up for 50 cents is selling for $127 on Amazon. I have no idea why. Anyone want to buy a bath book?


  1. Books make everybody look smart. Baby, mommy, daddy – everyone. Just make sure to take the wrappers off to make them look used. Also, babies don’t ever ready Tolstoy, not even in Russia, so don’t try to impress people by puting a copy of War and Peace on your child’s bookshelf. Even stupid people can see through that.

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