Audrey FAQs

How’s she doing?

Great! She lost a little weight, which is normal. The biggest challenge is getting the hang of the feeding.

Got any more pics?

I just posted some more on Flickr.

When do you go home?

Should be Saturday.

Does she have an email address?

Of course!

Are you taking time off?

I’ll be off work until August 6 at least. Anne will need lots of help as she recovers from the c-section.

Do you have family coming out to help you?

Yup, we’ve got a pretty full house through August, starting with Anne’s Mom on August 6.

What other names did you consider?

Sidney and Ainsley were in the final three. She just looked more like an Audrey when we met her.

Are you staying at the hospital?

Yes, in the room on the world’s most uncomfortable cot. I’m tired enough that this does not matter however.

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